FIX: Deleting a corrupt file on a Garmin

Yesterday my Garmin 610 froze on transferring data: very annoying for something that usually works every time! And since then it’s been failing to upload my activities too. 😦

I reset it by holding the power button for about 20 seconds, then releasing it and holding it for another 20 seconds or so until it reset.

It asked if I wanted to clear the data, and of course I didn’t. After that it seemed to work ok in recording activities, but the one activity from the morning (after which it froze) was missing information.

I recorded two activities after that and each time I synced it with Garmin ANT Agent, it kept ‘failing to upload’. Arg. So I googled: Garmin ANT Agent failing to upload, and came across this:

ANT agent transfer failed (over and over)

Anyway – it turns out all i needed to do was delete the activity that was missing the information (the one before it froze)…


I just had this problem with my forerunner 610 and it turned out to be a corrupt file. This seems to be consistent with what others have been saying as well.
You don’t need to uninstall ANT Agent of even delete all your files or anything difficult at all.

All I had to do was:
1. Unplug my ANT+ stick so it would stop transfering.
2. Hold the power button and turn off my 610 watch.
3. Turn the watch back on.
4. Go to my history and look at the recent files.
5. Find the file with obviously wrong or missing data (in this case my cool down run only had a time, no GPS or heart rate data)
6. Delete the file.
7. Reconnect my ANT+ stick
8. Wait a ridiculously long time has it transfers data (in my case about an hour)
9. Watch is working as good as ever!

Hope this helps,

Phew! Back to normal. 🙂

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1 Response to FIX: Deleting a corrupt file on a Garmin

  1. iq42 says:

    Thank you very much for this post!! I struggled with this error for 5 days and nothing helped until I found your note to check if data are corrupted. Since I deleted last activities without any data inside then it uploaded new one correctly. Much appreciate it!

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