Tips for running in hot weather

It feels like it’s been warm since about April or May. Ever since the roasting day that was the London Marathon, the weather seems to have been lovely and sunny most days.

I’m definitely not complaining, but got weather can make running a little more testing. I’m always careful in running not to push it too hard when it’s hot, or at least keep an eye on my heart rate to make sure I’m not pushing it too hard.

Ahead of the women’s 10k next weekend, where it’s likely to be hot, here’s my tips for running in hot weather:

> Try and start slower and if you can pick the pace up as you go if you want to.

> For a 10k split it into 3-4 sections – 2 mile warm up and enjoy, 2 miles steady or build, 2 miles nice and strong and relaxed, last 0.2 miles everything you’ve got left.

> Look out for and aim to run in shaded areas where you can.

> When running an event, maybe reassess your goals, maybe add some time on to your goal to take account of the weather. (Add 10-20% on).

> Run to your heart rate instead of pace – to keep it easy – run at between 180-your age and that number plus 10, or plus 25 if you want to push it a bit.

> Conserve your energy, take it easy. Run at an easy pace and try not to get wound up with trying to run your fastest.

> Be careful not to overdo it. If you were planning on running in fancy dress, maybe reassess.

> Hydrate and pour water over you, down your neck and back to keep cool. If running long, wear a water pack and drink regularly.

> Drink, douse, drain, drop – throw any empty bottles to the side of the road away from the traffic of other runners.

> Take on energy, either before, during or after.

> Wear sun screen, sunglasses, shorts and a vest. Maybe a cap (wet the cap for coolness).

> If you start to find it hard, slow the pace down or walk to recover.

> You might not get a pb, but try to enjoy the experience. Relax. Look around you. Take it all in.

> Offer help and encouragement to others who are maybe struggling.

> Most of all, have fun and enjoy it. 🙂

If you’re running the Glasgow women’s 10k next week, then maybe I’ll see you there. Be sure to say hello if you see me. 👍🏻🏃‍♀️

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Scottish Half Marathon entered

I’ve entered a new race to me this year… the Scottish half marathon which takes place in the 23rd September.

It will be the weekend after our return from a 2 week holiday, but it’ll keep me focused on training well before our holiday. And I might do the Great Scottish Run a week after (as usual).

One of my good friends lives near the end of this one so it’ll be a good reason to see her and her family too. 👍🏻

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Wk21 into Wk22 & 23

Last week I did 2 runs and 2 strength sessions, and a coaching chat with someone who I’m going to help train for a marathon later in the year.

I moved my long run, 10 miles, to the Monday bank holiday, as I had my nieces on Saturday and took them to see the animals at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

We saw lots and lots of animals – giraffes, rhinos, an elephant, lemurs, penguins, sea lions, lions, monkeys. We went on a pedal boat, and the girls went down a big slide a few times. It was lovely weather and good fun. Oh. And we had some ice cream too. It was a good day out.

Anyway, back to my training… the 10 mile run yesterday was good. It warmed up as I went, but as I started at 830am, it wasn’t too warm.

I decided I’d take it easy (as I felt a bit sick a couple of miles in)… and run to Kelvingrove Park, then run the women’s 10k route to see if I could remind myself of the uphills and downhills.

If I remember rightly, it’s slightly uphill for the first mile, including a wee downhill in Kelvingrove, downhill a bit to the Clyde, Flat (and a bit windy) miles 3 into 4, then mile 5 is uphill up Finnieston.

Into the last mile there’s a bit of a short sharp uphill and right turn before you go back up to Argyll street, then flattish towards the end.

I ran 10k in about 54 minutes on Monday, average HR 154 across the 10 miles. I had a caffeine gel at mile 3 and mile 6, and somehow the sickness feeling faded shortly after I felt it come on. No idea what it was. I’d had my usual breakfast, and water before the run.

After about 5 miles I was feeling good, and at the end I felt great and very grateful to be able to run 10 miles, just like that. A wee bit of gardening, sitting in the sun, painting and food shopping finished off the bank holiday.

Wc 21 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: 7.2M easy / PM coaching chat
Wed: Deadlift Strength 4/8
Thu: 5.1M easy
Fri: Squat Strength 5/8
Sat: Rest (Blair Drummond Safari Park)
Sun: Rest

May now has me having run 65.08 miles across 10 runs. I’ve just run as I’ve felt and not focussed too much on it, making sure that I recovered from the marathon – 5 weeks on. I might get to 75 or 80 miles this month, but we’ll see.

I’m up to my 6th Strength session in this block of 8. I’ve done two a week and can feel myself get stronger. Another two sessions, then I’ll revisit my training plan and strength sessions, (which will also be after the women’s 10k.) I’ve increased my weights, and am up to 16-20 press-ups x 3.

I’m also finding it easier to get up early, it just be the warmer weather and lighter mornings – they both make such a difference. I can even Strength train outside or with the Garagym door open (with the birds signing in the background).

I’m trying for a run one day, then Strength the next, then run, then Strength. It worked last week, up to the weekend. And I’m taking Rest days when I need them too.

I’m not really getting much DOMS after Strength. But I do have a sports massage on Wednesday, so I’m sure Lorraine will find some sore bits on me.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Wc 28 May
Mon: 10M easy
Tue: Deadlift Strength 6/8
Wed: 3.1M easy, Massage & PM Coaching
Thu: 5M first half 150HR, second half 165HR
Fri: Squat Strength 7/8
Sat: 8M – 1M:2M tempo x 2 + 1M tempo, 1M cool down
Sun: Rest

And then the following week:

Wc 4 Jun
Mon: 3x1M Intervals
Tue: Deadlift Strength 8/8
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4-5M easy
Fri: 5k tempo
Sat: Rest
Sun: Women’s 10k

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It’s all falling into place – again!

Around this time 5 years ago… life was great, things were good and I wrote this little piece about everything falling into place:

At that time I was doing well in my full time job and enjoying it, I was teaching swimming and loving it, and I’d been doing running coaching for just over a year. We’d just bought our house, and were about to move in. Things were really good.

Since then, at the end of 2014, I quit swimming teaching at the weekends, mainly due to the politics, time to move on after 13 years teaching swimming on Sunday evenings. Then over the last few years my main work at the BBC had quite a few changes and challenges.

At the end of 2014, my aunt passed away and I was proud to have been there for her. I’d helped her in 2002 when my Granny passed away, and I’d learned a bit about what needs to be done then. I took ownership of my aunts arrangements.

And then at the end of 2015, we all probably know what happened in my personal life. I was thrown head long into the most challenging time of my life, after my Mum passed away. Two years of what felt a bit like a nagging injury, or a plaster being torn off, again and again and again.

What I did for my aunt was just a warm up for what those months and years had in store for me, up to November 2017. I was so pleased when it was all over.

Then I less than a month later, I got my reward… or my comeuppance…

… like all the effort and going through hell, was now being rewarded. Karma. Ying and yang… whatever you want to call it. And it seems to keep coming.

I got a new job, with a new purpose in work, and I’ve settled in well to the new role. I’m loving it.

I ran the London marathon this year, and now a month on I’m fully recovered and back training regularly – strength & running. Our garden is looking great, our home is ace, and things are good.

Now the piece I wrote is so true again, with a little tweak for 2018…

It’s all falling into place.
Little by little.
Piece by piece.
Everything is going so well.

It seems that everything is going so right.
For me in my life.
And for me and my wife. ;-P
Everything is as it’s meant to be.

It’s like nothing can go wrong.
Like anything I want, I eventually get.
Like I’m being rewarded for everything I’ve done, and for who I am.
Everything will be as I want it to be.

I’ve made little changes.
Bit by bit,
Step by step.
Everything is strangely working out really well for me.

It’s all falling into place.
Ambitions being realised.
Dreams becoming reality.
Everything is so great.

I’m feeling very fortunate.
My life is flourishing and
new opportunities are opening up.
I love my life, and I love how it’s all falling into place.

Step by step,
Little by little,
Bit by bit.
It’s all falling into place. 🙂


Funny how life is. 👍🏻

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Wks19 & 20 into Wks21-23

The last couple of weeks, or last weekend into the early part of this week three my training into a bit of a tizz… I’ve been kind of playing a bit since the marathon, now I’d like to get a focus on 3 runs a week, and two strength sessions.

I could have run more when I was on leave last week, but I was on leave, and decided I’d be better off spending time with and having fun with the other half.

So I took Rest days on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday… and a wee fun forest run on Saturday. Back into it this week, I was off work on Wednesday, and took the opportunity to do my first Strength session of the week (outside in the sun!).

Here’s what I did in the last two weeks:

Wc 7 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Strength Circuit
Wed: Run 7.5M easy
Thu: Strength 3x8s + Squats 1/8 / Coaching PM
Fri: 5k Run lunch
Sat: Rest & Walks
Sun: 40 mins trail running / 15 min BW Strength & Walks

Wc 14 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: Rest
Wed: Deadlift Strength 2/8
Thu: Intervals 8×3:3, 7.1M / Coaching 4.25M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Squat Strength 3/8 + Gardening
Sun: Rest & Walk

I ended up running twice and doing two strength sessions, plenty walking and some gardening.

The weather has been lovely which has been nice, and I had planned a long run on Sunday, but I think I’ll push it to Monday morning, and have another rest day.

Here’s what I was going to do… 9M incl 2 x 2M tempo, last 3M HR 165+, but I’ll do a version of it on Monday instead.

I’m 2-3 weeks into doing strength training again, and my body is still getting used to it, so buts are sore, and I’m not going to punish it any more with a long run today. I’m doing a variation of the circuit above which takes about 50 minutes, twice a week. Either deadlifts or squats as part of the initial set.

We did some gardening and lifting yesterday too, so there are some odd sore bits all over me. I was lifting and laying bags of stones in the afternoon.

The garden is looking nice now, I’ve bought and planted a lot of plants and seeds too. So it’s starting to all grow. I bought some plant food too, so hopefully that’ll do it all done good.

As I mentioned on my Facebook page, we have a birds nest in the bush in our garden too, and I’ve bought s few more bird feeders and fat feed to hopefully attract more little birds. See the video of the babies tweeting on here:

I’ve met my steps target each day for the last 2 weeks… I seem to be being more active every day, as opposed to running long one day and not doing much the next day or two (with marathon training). Averaging 15-16k steps a day, that’s not bad.

I’m hoping to get settled into a routine of runs on Monday, Wednesday and Sat or Sun… (maybe Thu) and strength training on Tuesday and Friday, but it’ll be flexible.

Here’s the plans for the next three weeks ahead of the women’s 10k:

Wc 21 May

Mon: 8-10M incl 2x2M tempo, last 2-3M HR 165+
Tue: 5x1000m:400m / PM coaching chat
Wed: Deadlift Strength 4/8
Thu: 45 min easy (or 10k TT)
Fri: Squat Strength 5/8
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10k Time Trial

Wc 28 May
Mon: 10M easy
Tue: Deadlift Strength 6/8
Wed: Massage & Coaching PM
Thu: 5M first half 150HR, second half 165HR
Fri: Squat Strength 7/8
Sat: 8M easy
Sun: Rest

Wc 4 Jun
Mon: 3x1M Intervals
Tue: Deadlift Strength 8/8
Wed: Rest
Thu: 4-5M easy
Fri: 5k tempo (no strength until following week)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Women’s 10k

I think I’ll do some foam rollering later on today, maybe some painting and maybe a trip to the cinema. Oh and we’re hoping to book a holiday too – to the East coast of America in September.

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OUTrun 5 miler entered…

Today I entered the OUTrun 5 mile event, which is on August 18th. A well organised 5 mile run up the Kelvin River and back.

I did it a couple of years ago with Lesley, and it was good, so I’ll do it again this year. The tshirt I got was an orange one, and this years one is a green one.

If you’d like to enter too, there are plenty spaces at the moment … for just over £15…

Here’s where you can enter:

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Morning fuelling

I’ve written already about how I’m liking grapefruit in the morning… it’s well tasty (if a bit sour)… I have it after I run / workout. A whole grapefruit, sliced. Yum.

Well here’s my other bits of fuelling… I tend to run on empty when I run in the morning, maybe some water before I go. Anything up to 8-9 miles is on empty, and I’ll fuel before and during 9 miles plus.

The idea behind running fasted, is that your body goes to fat for energy, rather than sugar / carbs / glycogen. (Or rather than available fuel you’ve just eaten, as you haven’t eaten yet.) I’m not sure how much burning fat on empty works, but I feel fine running on empty in the morning (up to about 1:15).

Strength is a bit different in that sometimes I feel like I need a bit of sugar / carbs / energy to ensure I can train at the right intensity.

Recently I’ve been having a glass of this innocent smoothie with my grapefruit after I come in from exercise. (And not coffee, as I’ve mentioned before / I’ve kinda gone aff it).

For strength workouts, I take a banana and water into the garagym, incase I feel a bit weak / peckish, and either eat it then, or later in the day for some energy.

And I have an omega 3 pill and a multi vitamin each morning too.

Right now I’m having a play about with my energy, to see what will work, and hopefully prevent me from being greedy Lorn / eating everything in sight because I think I can because I run a lot. I’ll see how that goes.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing (above)?

Safe to say I’m feeling pretty happy these days. 👍🏻

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