Last Physio session today

Today I had my 5th and last physio session, because my back, shoulders and neck are feeling better and back to normal. Yay!

I saw Kirsty at KM Woods Physiotherapy (just a mile from home), and had 5 sessions including 2 treatments of acupuncture.

I also had a work station assessment at work, have a better / supportive chair at work and am sitting more relaxed with better posture after advice.

I was doing physio exercises daily for a few weeks but for the last 10 days or so it’s felt better.

The physio suggested when I do strength, I do the following in my warm ups and cool downs at the Garagym:

Warm up – Dynamic movements
Lying Hip bridges
Lying Cross stretch
Neck crunches
Side to sides
V to press up
Run on spot
Butt kicks
Jumping jacks

Cool down – stretches
Look up, down, left, right
Head tips / neck stretches
Hamstrings / Quads / Glutes
Back & neck stretch – clasped hands in front
Arms up shoulder stretch
Chest opener

Simple! 🙂

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Nice surprise today

Today at work I got a nice surprise from someone… as a thank you for the last year… she came down to my desk, and gave me a gift …

– two little elephants and a nice card with lovely words in it, and some chocolates. (Lucky me!).

I thanked her and hugged her, then looked out the window and what did we see?

A little bright rainbow in the sky just above the SECC (it was brighter than the photo shows).

The little purple and red one will go in my car I think… the wooden one somewhere in my house.

(Only thing is – I may be becoming the crazy elephant lady. Eeeek!)

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Look what I found etched in my ice cream tub tonight!

Someone knows me well!

So I had 3.5 scoops of ice cream tonight. Lol

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11.5 miles with mile intervals

Today was the day I’d run between 10-13 miles, up and out for before 930am, I was a mile into it and I decided I’d do effort sessions for a mile every 3 miles… if you fancy mixing up you long run and giving yourself a challenge, this is a good simple way to do it. 

I was ticking along nicely through Festival Park with my HR at about 150 when I decided I’d push the second mile, then I planed to do this:

Mile 1 – HR 150
Mile 2 – HR 160-170
Miles 3 & 4 – HR 140-160
Mile 5 – HR 160-170
Miles 6 & 7 – HR 150-160
Mile 8 – HR 160-180
Miles 9 & 10 – HR 150-160
Mile 11 – HR 160-180
Mile 12 (0.5) – HR 150

And it worked out like that…

The effort miles were:
8:12 / 160 avg / 169 max
7:53 / 164 avg / 169 max
7:47 / 168 avg / 174 max
7:47 / 165 avg / 169 max

The recovery miles were around 9:00-9:25 min miles or avg HR 155. 

I had my tunes on and saw plenty Runners and dogs out – at one point a part of Pollok Park was so busy I thought it was a bit like Sauchihall Street!

Although I was kind of not really looking forward to the long run, the structured intervals gave it a bit more purpose and whilst it was hard, I felt strong whilst running it.

The last two effort mile splits were sort of downhill and I automatically went into a mode of telling myself I was ‘super strong’ (instead of saying to myself it was horrible hard.)

At the start of the run, I’d kind of resigned myself to run 10 miles, but ended up adding a loop up Ayton Road and Albert Drive to make it up to 11.5 miles and 4 x 1 mile intervals in total.

My average heart rate ended up being 156, max 174 and garmin training effect was 4.9, so I was working hard. 4 south side parks – Festival, Bella, Pollok and a loop around Maxwell.

I have to admit, it took me about 6 or so miles to get into it properly. My glutes were sore from strength training yesterday, and they still are. Ouch.

I’ve now got 17.8 miles to do in 4 days to get my 100 mile target for August, so I should get that. I’ll probably run 3 out of 4 days to get it.

That 4 x 1:2 mile interval run is a good way to mix it up a bit on long runs, with a warm up mile and cool down half mile or mile. Or you can try it out on 1/2 miles and miles on short runs.

So 2 runs this week, 2 strength sessions and lots of walking. Next week will probably be 4-5 runs (incl 2 coaching sessions) and 2 strength sessions.

And an Apprentice graduation on Thursday night, before we ‘induct’ the new ones on Monday the 4th. I have lots to do at work before then, so I’m working the bank holiday. No rest for the wicked. 😜

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100 miles again …

It was all going so well in August for my 100 mile challenge… I was ahead of target until about half way through the month, mainly due to a good 19 miler run…

Since then the running has been intermittent, but I’ve still managed to get 2 strength sessions in a week and plenty of walking.

26 days into August today and that’s 84% of the way through the month… 70.4 miles in, so I’m a bit behind.

I ran 10 miles on Saturday, then 8.6 on Tuesday (coaching) – and that’s the only run I’ve done this week. Oops.

Rest on Monday,
lots of walking on Wednesday,
strength on Thursday,
rest on Friday,
strength and plenty walking on Saturday.

Work this last week has been a little crazy, lots to do, seemingly not enough time to do everything. I’m sure I’ll get there with it. But as a result my sleep has been knocked a bit. Then I can find it hard to get up early to train.

I hate it when that happens, but it is what it is. It’s probably better for me to catch up on my missed sleep than go without, so sleep won over running most mornings.

Today I had thought about running 10 miles but decided a trip to IKEA took precedence over it. 😳 I did manage to get a strength workout in (as punishment?!) and I’ll get myself out for a run between 9-11 on Sunday – maybe 13.1 miles.

Anyway, so I have 29.3 miles to go, in 5 days.

Sun: 13.1M
Mon: Strength AM / 6M PM
Tue: 5.2M
Wed: 5M
Thu: Strength
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M
Sun: 5M

Hopefully I’ll make it. Better get my head in gear for it.

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Do you train every day?

Today, two people asked me if I ‘train every day’… (it might be because I was wearing knee length shorts with nikes at work)… but anyway – train every day? No way. Who would do that? I need my rest.

I run maybe 3-4 times a week, and aim for strength twice and 1-3 rest days. I’ve always placed an importance on rest, and more so since I started training for marathons 7 or so years ago.

It’s a bit of a way of living for me to be honest – trying to get a balance between, work, life, training, rest and play. I think rest and recovery (and fun) should be a big part of it all. 

Not only placing an importance on rest, sometimes life takes over and you can’t fit training in EVERY day, but you can plan, and train most days if you make an effort to fit it all in.

I also like to walk places, so use waking as active recovery on some of my rest days. And I take the stairs etc.

This week for example, I knew I’d be busy at work, I also knew I’d run 10 miles on Saturday so gave myself two days rest, Sunday Monday:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 8.6M coaching run
Wed: Rest, 6M walk / 16,000 steps
Thu: 50 min Strength + 5M walk, 12,000 steps
Fri: 6-8M run
Sat: 10-13M easy run
Sun: Strength

– Run 3-4 times (20-30 miles)
– Strength x2
– Walking / Steps
– Rest X1-3 days
– Sleep

It’s not hard, but it’s also good to rest and recover and get sleep!

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Wk33 into Wk34

This last week was an almost perfect week exercise wise – 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, 3 rest days.

Not the most miles with just 16.8 miles, but I did do two good running coaching sessions earlier in the week, where I was able to motivate and push two people to do a little more than they’d push themselves to do. And they enjoyed it, which is always good.

I’m still just ahead in my mileage target, I’ve done 62 miles and we were 61% of the way through the month, so that’s good too.
💯 mile 🎯 I really enjoyed my 10 mile run today, a change of scenery, and a nice wee challenge on the trails.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 4.6M Interval coaching session
Wed: AM HIIT 25 + Deadlift strength PM 2.2M hill coaching
Thu: Rest / travel & 1hr walk
Fri: HIIT 25 + KB Strength
Sat: 10M trails
Sun: Rest

My neck and shoulders seem better too. I got acupuncture last Thursday and I have anew sturdy chair at work, and it all seems to be working. I’ve not done physio strength since Friday, but I’m feeling no pain in my beck or shoulders, so fingers crossed it’s gone.

One thing that wasn’t so good was my sleep. There’s a few changes in work and it seems to be having a knock on to my thoughts and I seem to be waking up at 2:36am – ping! Or thereabouts. 5-8 hours sleep – not great!

Friday night I was in bed later than usual, then work really early after about 5 hours sleep, and couldn’t get back to sleep. So today could have been better. I’ll aim to be better with it next week.

I could really do with a holiday from work, but the next 4 weeks promise to be a little crazy at work, so I’ll need to be careful to get a balance with it all. I’ll have holidays soon, and I’ll just need to man up and get extra efficient until then.

Here’s the exercise plan for next week:

Mon: HIIT & Lower Strength
Tue: 6M Run Coaching
Wed: Rest / Edinburgh
Thu: 8M Run / Physio/acupuncture
Fri: HIIT & Upper Strength
Sat: 11-14M
Sun: Rest (maybe work)

Sleep – try to be in bed for 9 or 10 at night, up early to train.

Strength training Monday & Friday in Foxy’s Garagym, run days Tue, Thu, Sat. Rest days Wed & Sunday.

I’ll leave you with this… if you think I’m crazy with Foxy’s Garagym… look it the massive blow up unicorn I met in my friends garagym!! Funny funny. If that’s a lesson I’m not giving a sh!t about what others think, I don’t know what is!

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