Wk26 into Wk27

Last week was a good week training wise… the only thing I didn’t do was spin or cycling, but I got a good mix of everything else in.

Here’s what I did:

2 runs – which went fine
4 physio sessions, 1 yoga and 1 foam rolling session
2 good swims
1 strength and about 14 miles walking

The runs on Monday and Wednesday were fine. My leg is getting there with all the physio and cross training. My next run is tomorrow so we will see how I get on – aiming for 5k with no pain again.

I saw the physio on Wednesday and I got some new exercises, and had swimming confirmed as being good for what I’m after. The plan is to stick with what I’ve been doing and solidify my 5k steady running.

I did only one strength session last week, but it was a good one. 30 mins apple fitness strength with Kyle; then a 15 min circuit.

Here’s what I did for the 15 min circuit… easy peasy, heavyish weights.

Then on Wednesday morning I moved my run forward to that day to try it out before physio that day. Fit Girl ran with me, and I was going to run ok Friday too, but the physio said keep it to two runs a week, so that’s what I’m doing – slowly slowly catchy monkey!

Thursday was my swim day, at the Gorbals again… I think I had the lane to myself… for most of it.

I did this session:

I’m getting a swimmers high for sure after my swims – very like the runners high, but my hair gets in a mess after a swim. 😂 that’s twice this week I was swimming and I’ll aim to do it 1-2 times.

The Gorbals is good, the set up and pool and staff, but Tollcross and its 50m lanes is on another level.

I swam just over 2km this morning… and had a sis rego shake afterwards (I did that on Thursday too). Here’s what I did in the pool today:

I have a pair of fins arriving tomorrow, and Tollcross is the only place you can wear them, so I’m booked in next Sunday morning for a session there. I’ll aim to do about 2,500m, as opposed to my usual 2,000m.

The weather has been good this week, so some mornings I’ve been out the front in the sun eating my breakfast and reading before work. Thats been nice.

Work has continued to be good, and I got a massive monitor delivered on Friday, so I’ll use that next week. I’ll get used to the set up soon.

In the warm weather I’ve been enjoying an ice cream a day roughly… why not, eh?

On Saturday we had a good day out and walked about 6 miles in total. Up conic hill and around, and lunch out before the heavens opened.

I’m loving this weather… hopefully the hot and humid rainy days won’t hang around too long. I absolutely LOVE wearing shorts.

On Saturday night I had the fun of going to get my second vaccine – a Pfizer one again. Luckily i felt ok on Sunday.. a bit of a sore arm, but nothing to complain about. I had some paracetamol and water in case anything flared up, but I felt fine to swim on Sunday.

Here’s my plan for next week, which is very similar to last week:

We went a walk this afternoon between the showers, and I took my new camera. Here’s some of the shots which turned out ok.

We saw a seal over the other side of the water from here… but he was too far away for a good shot (even with the zoom).

I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow, and getting more swims in next week… and I’ll be sure to get a spin/cycle and all of my 5 physio sessions in too.

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Me and my cameras

Me and cameras go back a long way… from when I was about 8 or 9, my Dad bought me my first little compact camera… he always loved his gadgets and cameras… and that’s been passed down to me. I’ve passed some on, yet I’m sure I’ll always have a bit of a thing for them too.

Here’s my Dad in Cyprus in the early 80s with his big probably Sony video camera and VHS recorder. I wonder if this picture of me was taken that same holiday?

I remember crying a lot when my first compact camera broke… and my Dad said it was ok, he could get me a new one.

(See him with his camera below too – who was taking the picture? Probably one of my brothers with his camera perhaps?!)

I was a lucky girl… as when I was a teenager my Dad then got me a DSLR, a Nikon F50. He got my sister another type of DSLR too then.

And in 1998 or so, I bought myself my first (and one of the first) digital cameras – a Fuji film MX-700 camera.

I took my first selfies on that camera (years before that was even a word), and it helped me see my progress / recovery after my car accident when I was 19.

See more here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2013/07/05/the-day-i-nearly-died/ (beware of some horrible pictures though!).

Before iPhones came to be more used, I used to have a couple of compact cameras which transferred pictures by WiFi, so that was cool (and now a requirement) – a Panasonic one, and a Samsung one.

We used them on lots of holidays abroad for snaps, instead of our phones. Both of which I’ve passed onto my nieces.

Since then I’ve had a few cameras, but tend to use the amazing iPhone 11 Pro camera for most of my pictures now… it takes some stunners!

I now use my iPhone 11 Pro for most photos, that is, unless I’m out on a run or some activity where I wouldn’t take my phone… (in case I smash it!)…

I dabbled with a tiny muvi one for a bit years ago, but the file transfer and picture quality wasn’t great. And you couldn’t see what you were taking so it was very trial and error.

Then I came across this…

My favourite camera for running with was the Nikon key mission 80 … but unfortunately the battery died on it after a year or two. It’s so light – just 75g, and small, a front facing 12mp camera and a selfie / rear facing 8mp camera, and wireless file transfer.

More about it here: https://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2018/07/26/new-gadget-nikon-keymission-80/

And here’s a sunrise I caught on a run one morning in Stonehaven with it.

It’s a perfect little camera for running with, but it’s discontinued. Boooooo. I’ll try and get it fixed by Nikon if I can.

Then I had a bit of a trial with Canon Ivy rec, but again the lack of digital screen to see why you’re taking meant the pictures don’t come out too great, and the file transfer is a bit fiddly.

If you want my one, for your kid or whatever, let me know lorn@lornpearsontrains.co.uk I have the box and cables etc, and it’s as new. (It’ll need a micro sd card though.) it’s sitting in the loft not doing much!

After that, I did a lot of research and got a good second hand Nikon S7000. Small and light, with wireless nikon transfer, and 20mp with a good zoom too. It works well, and the picture quality is good.

And it’s only 161g, so not too heavy either, so good for on a run. Maybe a little ok the big side, especially compared to the perfect Nikon keymission 80. 😦 as it was second hand, I don’t mind if I drop it, although it’s in good knick so far.

… apart from that now the battery has become exhausted on that now too. Different to the key mission 80, the batter is separate, so I can get a new battery and it should be fine.

Then comes along what is probably camera number 12 or so. 😂

I was looking for a camera for use in or around water (and on my activities where I don’t use my phone… so not my iPhone in case I break it ) … and maybe one I can take on runs and cycles too if I want. So a robust, waterproof, small and light camera.

I had a look at many… the Nikon W300, the Olympus tough one, and even the Nikon let mission 170. But I don’t really want or need an action camera (hence not looking at the GoPros either). And yes, I tried a GoPro 5 out once, but didn’t like it so went on to sell it.

Then I came across this – the Fuji Film XP140 …

– a 16mp tough camera, that’s just a little bigger and heavier than the Nikon s7000. It’s about 11cm wide, 2.7cm deep, and 7cm high, and 208g.

At about £150 rrp it comes in a lot cheaper than some of the other models I looked at, and it does what I need. It comes in three different colours, and I’m not picky … I’m agate true best price, ideally new rather than second hand.

I’ve been looking and watching prices online, and I managed to get a great deal on Curry’s / eBay… just £87 for a brand new camera, which has a slightly damaged box, but otherwise it’s brand new.

Here’s the first picture I took with it. 😂

The file transfer is quick and easy, it has a good strap and it seems like a good wee camera. We will see how I get on with it.

It might be too big for on runs… but it’ll be good for swims… I’ll try it out for runs / cycles / hikes, and see how I get on. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Physio 3 – to get back running

Sp I have my plan going forward for my physio / rehab. It’s been going well so far, even though I’ve been active most days with little rest, my cross training seems to be helping.

I’ll keep my training as it has been, more or less as above and what I mentioned in my last post, but I’ll change the exercises up, and build on keeping consistent with hopefully running strong 5ks two times a week.

Here are the exercises I’ll be doing, 5/7 days, on my non running days.

I’ll do some trial and error and find out if I’m ok to do the two swims a week, or if one is enough. It does tire me out, so it could be better to have a rest day instead perhaps.

I’m also going to get some short fins which I’ll be able to use in Tollcross, and also do some kick sets (fins or no fins) to build up / work my leg some more. I’ll post a pic once they arrive. 🤪

My next physio session is in the middle of July, so I’m the meantime I’ll settle with the running, and listen to my body and hopefully in the next month or so I should be able to increase the mileage. I’m using a pain scale of up to 10, and at the moment it’s at 0-1 so I hope to stay somewhere around that (it’s mostly been 1-2).

All of this is as recommended by my physio, Olivia at KM Woods physio on Royal Crescent in Finnieston. She knows her stuff and I’m keen to work with her and do what I can to hopefully overcome my injury and get back running some time this year!

Wish me luck! 🤗

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Running and rehab progress

Finally! I’ve done a run or two where the pain in my hamstring / leg isn’t there! This morning was a nice easy 5k around the Clyde (again), and it seems that all of the cross training and physio exercises are working.

I have my third physio session today, so that will be good to report back. This has been since the end of May, so about 4-5 weeks of focusing on rehab and building my leg back up to running.

The plan is to spend the next two months continuing what I’ve been doing, and hopefully get back to running without any niggle whatsoever. Fingers crossed.

I expect I’ll be able to build the number of runs up to 3 a week, but I’ll be careful to listen to my body and not to overdo it.

So that’s 10 runs in June, just under 30 miles. I’ve had to be very patient and listen to my body, limiting myself to two runs a week as I know my leg has needed the break from running.

It has been a little frustrating, but it’s probably the only way forward if I want to keep running. Either that or I give up running or chop it off. I don’t want to do either of them just yet.

So currently my training week consists of:

2-3 runs (under 3.5 miles)
5 physio sessions (not on run days)
1-2 cycles
2 strength
1-2 swims
0-1 rest days
And some walking

A bit like this:

Here’s today’s run, with Fit Girl first thing:

I’ve sort of been surprised at my natural pace when I’m running on my own, about the 8:15 – 8:45 min mile pace… but saying that, I hadn’t been paying much attention to it when I’m running. My heart rate is the key thing and it’s usually around 150, or a bit higher.

Today’s run was a we but slower and I tucked along at 140 heart rate, and didn’t go above 150, so that’s good.

I’ll see what the physio says later today, but I have a feeling I just need to continue what I’m doing, maybe with some new exercises.

June, July, August – then hopefully I’ll be back running 3 times a week, we will see. It’s been a long time since my leg has worked properly (since about July 2020!)

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Birthday week, wk25 into wk26

I’m what felt like a very long and very good week… it started with my birthday on Monday… my first birthday working since I can remember, and it was followed by a great first full week in my new job, and a good solid week of training too.

I had a nice day on my birthday, an early morning walk with Fit Girl, then a lot of training and meetings at work, and some nice presents and cards too.

I got two of these cards lol. And two ice cream related cards too.

I got some new vest tops, a nice new mug with elephants on it, a changing towel, a water bottle, a nice scarf, a rainbow keyring, and an ice cream making kit too.

We went out for a good lunch on Sunday in town at bar and block. And then we went out for dinner at the Bothy on my birthday evening. Lucky I’m training a lot to burn all the food off.

I had a nice start to the week anyway, made better by a good team environment and a great culture in my new work, it seems.

Here’s what I did training wise:

2 runs, 5k each time, 2 strength sessions, physio exercises 5 days, a good spin session, 2 swims and a couple of foam rolling and stretching. Along with nearly 14 miles walking (most of it today).

My run on Tuesday was good – hardly any pain in my leg, I was hopeful that the physio and cross training was working. Then on Friday for my 5k I felt a bit of pain about 10 mins in, then it eased off and I continued to finish 5k.

Here’s my usual breakfast – Skyr yoghurt mixed with summer fruits protein powder, blue berries, raspberries and walnut pieces. V tasty. Plus a coffee or two. And sometimes a banana as a second breakfast. It was nice to have it in the sun a few days too.

Wednesday was 45 mins spin with Sherica … intervals and good chat from her. Sweaty effort from me.

I popped out for a quick lunchtime wall one day, but my favourite training was my swims this week.

Back to the pool to see how I got on with it. The Gorbals is my closest look that’s open, an it’s a reasonable £3 pay as you go, with good online booking and covid rules in place for safety too.

I was going to be a little careful in my first swim and do a mile, or 64 lengths and see how it was. But I felt I had more to give so finished it off by doing 80 all together.

Previously years ago I experienced quite odd side effects, over heating or feeling cold, perhaps dehydration, or perhaps a reaction to chlorine, who knows. But on Thursday it was fine. And again today.

I posted my swim sets in the last post …. (With a slight error on the second one… just 80 lengths, not 90, just 10 lengths warm up).

Today I added some single leg kicking with my right leg on my pull sets… above is what I tweaked it to and it was fine. I had a nice sunny walk to and from the pool too.

I received a nice present the other day, a belated birthday present from my friend… some nice Mr Men biscuits.

And this is me after my second run of the week in the garden, on Friday.

Here’s me in the garagym showing just how tight and perhaps short my hamstrings are. I can only touch my toes properly if I bend my knees. Hopefully all of the physio I’m doing will help to lengthen them.

And here was me on Saturday, doing 30 mins strength with Sam. A mixture of 2 sets of 6 exercises, including squats, deadlifts and lunges… a lot of leg work.

Lucky for me I was taken out for brunch after it… steak eggs and chips! Then I had a good afternoon helping someone apply for a blue badge and get them set up with a new smart phone, and I phoned some family too.

I am a bit tired today, but no wonder after 2k swimming and about 8 miles walking. I should sleep well tonight!

If I’m up for it tomorrow morning, I’ll do a run of between 2-3 miles. Then my training is planned as follows, with some random walks in there too:

The weather is due to improve next week, so that’ll be nice. It was so nice this morning I probably should have gone for an open water swim rather than a pool swim, but I’ll consider that some future weekends.

Hope you have a good week ahead.

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2,000m Swim Sessions

After getting back to the pool on Thursday (and not having any adverse effects from the chlorine, that I use to get), I came up with some swim sessions to do.

80 lengths of 2,000m swimming is just right for me, around 45 minutes or so, and some good exercise for one or two times a week.

The sessions are created as follows:
Warm up – between 250m-500m
Set 1 – a build set
Set 2 – a main set, or time trial
Cool down – between 100m-400m

Here’s what I’ve come up with (timings approximate):

That should do nicely! Session 2 tomorrow morning.

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First pool swim in a long time

After my little dip in a couple of lochs and the sea in the last month or so, it reminded me how much I enjoy(ed) swimming and I figured it would be good to try to get back into, in the pool again.

When I was a student, I did this, and got a real focus on it – I swam three times a week in the mornings. Starting more or less from scratch, I knew how to swim but I wanted to get good at it. So I practiced and practiced, swimming 3,000m each time I went.

Looking back that was probably a lot (120 lengths of a 25m pool), but I improved my stroke, streamlining abs tumble turns and cut 25 minutes off my overall time!

I learned to swim on holiday and in school… and then it was in uni that I really got into it. And after uni, I became a swimming teacher part time and taught lots of Glasgow kids.

Maybe 10 years ago I would do 80 lengths, or 2,000m when I went. But about 5 years ago I seemed to take a reaction to the pool / chorine after swims… so I drifted away from it.

But today, the plan was to go to the Gorbals, and go in at 7am, with the aim of swimming a mile (64 lengths) and see how that felt. I also wanted to time how long it would all take to fit in with work.

I was there 10 mins early, with no traffic, it takes about 5 mins to get there and maybe 10 mins to get back. I met a nice guy called Jim at the door, who was also early and eager, due to it being his first time back swimming in 18 months or so.

The booking system for Glasgow Life is good, and the covid set up is good too. £3 for a swim, paid online via the app when you book. You can add the booking to your calendar, and you can book a week in advance. Easy peasy.

Today I did the following set:

5x100m FC Swim / FC pull
250m FC Pull
250m FC swim
50m BS
250m FC Pull
250m FC swim
50m FC swim
64 lengths / 1600m

That took about 35 mins including rest, so I figured I might as well round it up to 80 lengths, or 2,000m, like I used to. And I would see how long that would take, and how I’d feel after it.

So it was plus:
400m FC pull / FC swim by 100ms

2,000m in around 42 mins

My 100m pace was about 1:40 ish, so back to the sort of times I used to swim.

I had about 600mls of water during the swim, and a banana after it, then my usual breakfast. And I plan to eat plenty today to refuel and hopefully I won’t have any bad side effects like I used to.

I’ve booked in again for next Thursday morning, so perhaps this can become a weekly thing, as long as it fits in with work and life.

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Progress with my running and plans

It’s about 4 weeks since I went back to get some physio from KM Woods physio… and things with my running are hopefully starting to progress.

The plan is to take 3 months to get my right leg to recover, with exercises and building my running up carefully, including cross training as well. (June July August).

The plan today was to run about 2 or 2.5 miles; or more if it felt ok, and gratefully it’s the best my leg has felt in a while. Just a 1/10 for pain / comfort… it was hardly even sore at all. So I went be beyond the 2 miles I had planned and got a comfortable 5k in. I’m pleased with that.

Here’s a picture of the Clyde if atone is missing it, working from home.

Near where the science centre is a bit blocked off so it meant I went back on myself a bit, but it was fine.

And what a lovely morning for it. Nice and sunny, and warm, with blue skies.

Afterwards I went into the garagym for a short session stretching and foam rolling (12 mins) … and had a nice breakfast of protein yoghurt, berries and walnuts, and a coffee, in the sun.

Sitting here enjoying the garden (Fit Girl made it really nice last weekend)…

Here’s my plan for this week… (5k today instead of 2.5M) still just two runs a week, but if the Friday run goes well, I’ll get out for a run on Sunday too I think.

And a swim on Thursday in an actual pool! (The Gorbals). Id better go get ready for work!

I’m so pleased that everything seems to be falling into place… now if I can work this injury away, and I’m due my second vaccine in two weeks… 2021 truly will be becoming a great year (for me). Flat calm waters, and sunny days, at long last.

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Wk24 and a Sunday bike ride

This last week I’ve kept my activity and my physio exercises up, as well as starting a new job. I had physio on Monday morning, and my physio gave me some new exercises. I’m sticking with them in the hope that my leg will build up and feel right as opposed to not feeling right when I run.

It’s still not quite there yet… but I’ll stick with trying to get it back to being right for some time yet. No point in complaining if I give up or if I don’t do something about it.

Here’s the training I did last week:

I had a slow / easy cycle with my brother (who was running) on Tuesday too. It was nice to catch up. I also got a couple of spin sessions and a couple of outdoor cycles, two strength sessions, a foam roll and a few walks.

Today I woke at the usual time (630) thanks to my body clock… and was properly away by about 730, so did my physio exercises then out for a cycle.

I did a similar route to the one I did on Tuesday, only it was better this time with less traffic on a Sunday morning. Still a bus chased me down a bus lane (it didn’t really, but it felt like it did, in reality the driver was being very patient behind me), and I managed to scare a man in Pollok Park (by mistake) by not ringing my bell in the wooded bit. Oops. I apologised.

I went mostly on cycle track to Bellahouston and did a few laps of the track and a little lap of another bit.

Then on the way out I told a guy who was running with his friend that I thought he was dressed like Superman (red top / blue on the bottom). He seemed pleased (with my heckle!) … and he shouted back that it was a pity he didn’t look like him. I wished I’d shouted back that he looked fit, as a compliment, but the moment was gone. He did, and I should have. But never mind.

Through Pollok Park it was very pretty, with lots of pink flowers in the trees… and a few people and dogs to be courteous to / aware of.

The road on St Andrews Drive has been redone so it was a pleasantly fast and smooth cycle until it got to the old bit of road Just under an hour on the bike and a good wee scoot about. Avg HR 129, max 150.

Then a wee sit in the garden, before I get ready to go out for a steak lunch in town. We’re walking in and back, so that’ll be nice too. It was just the right distance / time to get some exercise but not overdo it.

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I usually always take it off as leave, but tomorrow I’m working (as it’s my first day of training). So I’ll celebrate a bit today, and a bit tomorrow night and have some fun too.

I have a feeling being 41 will be good, and hopefully I can get rid of this injury so that everything falls into place. My new job will make a massive difference to me and my happiness, so I can’t wait to get stuck in. Yas!

As for exercise next week, I think I’ll keep it a bit fluid and see how work goes, and do as I fancy, keeping the physio up 5/7 days.

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Training, fun, friends and family

As we all probably know, Scotland is playing today… and I’ve come to the Village to meet and get to know a new colleague… but before I came here, I dropped my brother and most of his family near Hampden for the game.

So here I am…

Anyway… I thought I’d write an update to my training and rehab. I’ve had a really good few weeks off from work… a mini career break, I guess… before I start my new job on Wednesday.

I spent about a week helping to look after these two in Inverness…

…and went kayaking and swimming in Loch Ness with Pennie, a big walk up Mount Keen with Carol and a nice long walk with Jackie (and her dog Roxy) on Troon beach, and another nice long walk with Sandra and Molly (her dog).

I also went a good cycle along the Caledonian Canal, and another out the Essich Road (very hilly).

Here’s what I did training wise:

And here’s what I did last week.

I’ve been keeping up my physio exercises, most days… see physio round 1… and today I got some new exercises / progression to do, physio round 2:

My leg still isn’t right, but the pain isn’t too bad, more of a niggle at 2/10 pain at the most. I’m working with the physio to get me running where it’s fine and enjoyable, and not sore. So that might mean less running days (2 a week maybe) and short… 2 to 2.5 miles. And if it gets sore, I’ll stop or walk. I can see myself doing short loops!

Here’s my training plan for this next week:

This last weekend, the restrictions eased just in time for me to get up to Aberdeen and spend some quality time with my family, and also visit my old stomping ground (Garthdee in Aberdeen) where I went to Art School.

The morning after I went for a nice long walk along the River Dee and along past the Art School and Round Tower I stayed in during 1st year… 24 years ago. That was nice reminiscing and the weather was great too.

I had a lovely weekend with the family…

Even though my nephews are about a foot taller than me now! (14 and 16 year olds!). I hope they stop growing soon!

What a good month or so I’ve had off before I start work anyway. Full of fun, friends, family and happiness (and quite a few ice creams too!)

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