Wk15 into Wk16 training

Last week was the week of workouts and a few walks for me, one short run, 3 spin sessions and an outdoor cycle. And also a haircut – yahoo!

Here’s what I did training / exercise wise each day:

On Monday night we went out a quick walk in the evening, and got some nice pics of the local area…

… it’s the camera on my iPhone 11 Pro that makes them really… nighttime mode… but I’ll take the credit anyway.

Here’s the flats across the water reflected into the Clyde.

On Wednesday morning I did a good 11 mile cycle over to the East End and back before breakfast. It was a bit chilly but ok.

The cycle lanes and paths over that way are quite good and you feel safe segregated from the traffic (not that there is much before 8am).

On Tuesday I did strength and spin in the morning, then walked to work and back that day. I met a few colleagues in work, and gave over a glass rainbow to one. So that was nice.

I have about 14 working days left there! Eeeeek. Full time til the end of April then just 4 days in May… and by the middle of May I’ll be finished. I took this reflective picture on the way home on Tuesday afternoon.

And on Saturday, instead of driving the 2 miles to the hairdresser, I walked. The weather was nice, and it was a good walk.

Same old same old pictures though. Oops. Maybe we’ll make our way out of Glasgow soon.

Here’s the before hair… 4 months of growth…

Then the after… which takes about 2 minutes to dry!

We’re both liking the garagym set up…. the ability to do challenging strength, HIIT or bike workouts on Apple Fitness is really good.

Today I did a good half hour strength workout with Kyle – I can tell I worked hard, fitted in well into just 30 mins.

It was a quick warm up, then 4 sets of compound exercises:
Side Lunges / Romanian Deadlift / Single arm Kneeling curl to press / Squat / Renegade Row / Press up Simple, but challenging.

Then it was a simple but challenging 30 min spin with Kym – warm up then 10 x 30 secs all out, 30 secs easy recovery. Then a song for a break, and the 10 intervals repeated.

I’ve been a bit more careful about what I’ve been eating, aiming to eat more protein (30%) and good fats.

I’ve replaced the small amount of breakfast cereal (red berry flakes from asda) with raspberries and walnuts, for a yoghurt, but, blueberry, raspberry and protein powder breakfast of about 400 calories. And a black coffee and water and the usual vitamins and omega 3 capsules.

And I’ve changed my lunch a bit, instead of scrambled eggs on toast, I’ve swapped out the bread for smoked salmon, a tomato abs some cheese. Nice in the sunny weather too.

I have a high protein yoghurt around lunchtime too, but it’s all really filling.

I had a few nice days last week working in the garden, in the sun, and it looks like it’ll be similar at the end of next week. WiFi in the garden is good.

This has been the outcome weight wise of a reduction of calorie intake, over two weeks. A drop in body fat, and it looks like things are going in the right direction. Although my weight hasn’t decreased overall, it’s going the right way (less body fat).

The aim is to lose around 0.6lbs a week, with a calorie deficit each week… by exercising / activity burn and being careful not to overeat. So I’ll aim for between 1600-1800 calories a day intake, less on days when I don’t exercise.

Here’s the exercise I have planned next week…

I’m awake for about 620am… a couple of coffees and music or an audiobook to wake me up, then I’m exercising by 715-730 ish. I like to nail the exercise before work if I can, but I can use lunchtimes or after work if need be.

My sleep has been good, and here’s to it hopefully staying that way.

Oh and I nearly forgot, it was my 2 mile run the other day. Trying out my leg.

My hamstring wasn’t quite right, maybe a 2-4 out of 10 for pain. It was ok, but then after about 13 mins it didn’t feel quite right. So I’ll take another 2 weeks off it and cross train including physio exercises and see how it goes.

I don’t often wear black, but I was after my run… hopefully not mourning my leg!

Maybe I should see if I can take pics other than ones at the Clyde?! 😜 Have a good week everyone.

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Identity – what makes you you and me me

I’ve been thinking about identity recently… perhaps because I’ve lost or am about to lose a bit of my identity in the last wee while, on two counts… running and working for the BBC.

I remember when I was about 19 or so in art school… and I did some work on how jewellery and our faces and bodies make us different from each other. At that time I didn’t go into the depths of how our thoughts, values, ideas and experiences make us different too.

Having a clear idea of your identity can be a good way to help you feel grounded, or help you to live to your values and ideals.

And what we work as, what we do in our hobbies, or family and social lives also shape who we are, what we identify as. And some of that is more important than other parts, depending on who you are.

What makes us who we are? And what makes us happy, snd makes us tick?

So here’s the parts of my identity –

– I’m a runner (and a running coach)… but I’ve had to decide to change that up a bit … as I’m trying to help my injury recover… so at the moment… maybe I should tell myself I’m an athlete who enjoys exercise.

– am I a cyclist? Perhaps. Why not? I certainly look the part.

– I like to do strength workout and spin … in our garagym and strength in the garden too.

– I was a swimmer, but not so much over the last few years. I’ve not swum regularly for years now, but maybe one day I’ll pick it up again. Maybe once pools open up… but we’ll see.

– and kite flying too – I love a wee fly of a kite!

– I work for the BBC… helping people… but soon that will be over… after 13 years and 2 months… 88 password changes and about 158 pay days. Soon I’ll be an ex BBC employee.

(I know I’ve changed my password 88 times as I’ve moved the number up one each time I’ve needed to change it 😂)

It’s given me lots of skills and experience and good times and enabled me to help a lot of people. And I’ll take that forward to see how I shape my life / career going forward.

People is where its at for me, and I found great pride in many comments I’ve received from nice people I’ve been able to help in the BBC. So that was nice.

– and as per the comments I got, I’m smiley and positive, but some of that has gone in the last few years when life seemed to batter me a bit.

So I’m looking forward to getting that bit of me back – enjoying life and family and friends and smiling and having fun more.

– and I’m female, and my partner is a female, so I likely identify as being gay, but it’s not all that important to me / I don’t shout about it. It’s just who I am, and I don’t see the point in putting labels on it, unless there’s a need.

– then there’s my clothes… you might not have noticed, but I don’t often wear black, opting for bright colours instead.

Shorts in spring summer if I can, and hats (purple and grey and cream) and scarfs or buffs in autumn winter. Hoodies, body warmers and warm jackets (purple or grey) too. Even my sunglasses in summer too.

Not very often you’ll see me in a dress.

– and jewellery, 4 rings on my fingers, the same few necklaces and a collection of bracelets and watch straps. Quite a few were presents from nice people.

– elephants and rainbows too!

– I guess our environment shapes who we are too… lovely Glasgow, and Scotland I love you. And I love our holidays / adventures away too.

– And our toy crazy cats too – ha. A bit of fun 😂 Jasper & Asda.

– And finally, people probably know me as someone who likes to eat ice cream (it runs in the family I’m told), and makes bad coffee art, and for my mask / buff pics too. Ha ha.

– I also enjoy my food. Why not eh? Especially as I tend to burn it off – fuel for my adventures.

The runner identity (and the running coach) is the one I enjoy the most possibly, so I’ll do what I can to hopefully get back to it.

I’ve not done much coaching in the last year or so, due to covid and my injury, but I’ve enjoyed helping people to run and get fit / achieve goals and of course meeting people and getting to know them.

There’s a theme through out all of this… and it’s people and health, happiness and fitness… so I’ll take that forward and see what I can shape in terms of a way of living / career going forward.

As for parts of my identity that I don’t like… drunk Lorn wasn’t my favourite person, so I chose to not let her return after she was sick a lot with one final hangover in 2009 …

… and sometimes I can get a bit too engrossed in things (both of these are like someone else I used to know)

… so I don’t drink alcohol anymore and I’m careful not to let things take over at the detriment of the good stuff.

I’m at a point now where I’ll let go of what wasn’t working for me in my life, and hopefully I’ll get to start afresh with some new experiences and fun and happiness going forward.

What are your parts of your identity, that make you you who you are?

The bits you like and want to nourish? Why not nourish them some more than you are now?

And the bits you don’t like so much and you’d like to maybe change or get rid of?

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Great alternative to a Peloton

A good friend of mine recently bought a Peloton bike and before she purchased it, she asked for some feedback on Facebook.

Whilst I haven’t tried a Peloton, I first of all imagine it’s an excellent piece of kit, with a good online interface and workouts… but it’s not for me. As you’ll maybe know if I follow my workouts, I’m Apple Fitness all the way.

At about £2,000 – £2,500 for the Peloton bike and about £45 – £59 a month, I think the price is prohibitive, but I say go for it anyone who it’ll work for and can afford it, and will use it. Maybe a good alternative to a gym.

Anyone I know who has a Peloton speaks really highly of it, so that’s good, but I wouldn’t justify the cost of it, when I think I can get the same or similar for a fraction of the price, and here I’ll explain what that looks like.

First of all our spin bike – it’s an equivalent of an Life fitness ICG IC1, which I got as an ex display model from Powerhouse Fitness in Glasgow for a bargain £500. But currently (April 2021) you can get one for £845 … about 1/3 of the cost of a Peleton.


It has an onboard monitor which tracks time and cadence (and heart rate), which is all I need. It has a 18kg fly wheel and is a good solid spin bike. We have it on a couple of mats so it’s easy to move over / into position or to the side of the gym if needed.

Then there’s my shoes (which you can buy as part of the Peleton deal if you wish)…

Northwave Origin 2 cycle shoes, £80 from Chain Reaction Cycles – a solid sole, and great for on the bike (inside or outside)… (I got £10 off my first order bringing them down to £80).

… Vs about £145 for Peleton shoes.

Then there’s the workouts … first of all getting them on screen…

Peloton comes with its own screen and you can probably get them online too I’d expect (on an iPad etc).

But here’s my set up to get Apple Fitness and music playing:

– 32 inch Samsung Tv (second hand) = £50
– 4th gen Apple TV box = £50 (as I used RBS vouchers for the rest of the piece on John Lewis)

And my Apple Watch (which syncs with the more expensive / new Peleton too).

The set up allows me to have the workouts on the TV through Apple TV, but I can also have it on my phone or iPad if I want (if I’m away or whatever).

Then the actual workouts – Apple Fitness costs £80 a year, so about £7 a month. (And I’ve had it for free for 6 months after buying two new Apple watches at Christmas time!)

The Apple Fitness workouts include Cycling, Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Treadmill, Rowing, Dance, Cool downs. So you get similar in Apple fitness in what you do in Peleton, for about a 5th or a 6th of the subscription price.

I already have a subscription to Apple Music, and then that allows me access to all of the playlists for the workouts too. And I can play my tunes to through the Apple TV and Tv too if I’m just doing my own thing.

Up front cost
Bike – £845 vs £2,000 – £2,500
Shoes – £80
Set up – £100
= £1,025 vs £2,000 – £2,500

So my up front cost has been less than half of the Peleton equivalent. (Granted with Peleton you can buy it interest free).

Ongoing cost
£7 vs £59 per month
£80 vs £708 a year (£628 saving!)

I get Apple Fitness for me, but also for Fit Girl and those in my ‘family’ too. So that’s good too. (Think that might be the same for Peloton).

An overall saving of £1,475 on the bike and set up, and £628 a year.

For me the ongoing cost is the deal breaker. What a difference!

I’m sure that any formulated online workout offering will be good – Les Mills, Peleton, Apple Fitness, Joe Wicks etc…. but I know what I like (not that I’ve tried the others). It works well for me.

But if you want to and are able to pay for a Peloton and you know you’ll use it … then why not. It seems cool.

However if you’re unsure about Apple Fitness, here’s a review of Apple Fitness from DC Rainmaker (its American, but a good in depth review) – https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/12/apple-fitness-plus-review-full-details.html/amp

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Wk14 into Wk15

This last week I was less active, with less cardio and strength work, but regular walks, a full rest day on Thursday where I did nothing, and two active recovery days at the weekend (walking).

I walked around 16 miles, mostly this weekend. Did strength on 3 days, and spin / cycling 2 days. I had a bad sleep on Wednesday night, so I had a good lie in and a rest day on Thursday. All good.

The 3 days rest meant my overall active calories were down, but I planned to track my intake calories (not be greedy) and not eat too much. I averaged about 1650 calories intake a day.

I aimed for a protein intake of about 30%, and tried to eat less sugar, and calorie deficit of about 2,500 and was there or there abouts. As a result my weight reduced a bit… so I’ll keep going with it…

Protein with every meal … yoghurt, protein powder, eggs, meat, milk, cheese, protein bars…. that gets me up to 30% and means I’m fuller for longer.

Next week I’m hoping to get better sleeps… and plan the following training (still no running, although I might try a wee one at the end of the week / 1-2 miles or so).

I had a good outdoor cycle the other day… and the weather is looking good / sunny next week, so I’ll maybe do outdoor cycles instead of spin. I’ll see what I fancy on the day.

It’s nice the spring sunshine is here, pity it’s freezing! 😎

Last week I made it public that I’m leaving the BBC… I’ll have some leave in May, I with my last day mid May, and contract end 31 May. Thanks for all the nice comments about it. It’s been building for a while, so I’m ok with it and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

We had some nice walks this weekend… in the west end and southside. Glasgow is ace.

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End of an era – goodbye BBC

Today a memory came up on my Facebook… it was a link to this post that I wrote 4 years ago. It was after I’d heard about one of the first (of many) job interviews I went for at the BBC where I didn’t get the job, but I tried my best and learned from it.


I finished the post on a positive, by saying I hoped that 2017 would open up opportunities for me… and I was right… but it took another 3 job applications and 2 interviews in 2017, and about 9 months, to secure my brilliant year and a half attachment in News, from January 2018 into 2019.

News was great, everything I’d hoped for… but the attachment ended, and after that I struggled to find my place in there. I tried to be retained in a role where I’d shine, but it wasn’t to be. People in News – I miss you all!

At the start of the year, I decided it might be time to maybe give up on trying to stay and then this week I agreed with the BBC that I would leave, following my role being closed. After 13 years working there, it seems like the right time to go.

People in BBC Scotland – I’ll miss you all! 😇

I’ve worked in various roles there, and the ones I liked best were where I was able to make a difference with many people. Radio, Gaelic, News, the Apprentices…

The first 8-9 years were really good, as was my time in News, but I’ve found it hard to find my place in the organisation for about the last 4 years. It seems there’s no longer a place for me, but that’s ok.

And at the start of this year after repeated attempts of trying to remain with the BBC, I’ve decided to step outside and try my luck in the external world.

It’s sort of scary, tinged with sadness for good friends I’ll miss, and what could have been, but it’s more exciting than anything. Who knows what opportunities the outside world will hold, once it opens up a bit after lockdown!?

Fortunately, as the role is closing (sort of due to the impact covid had had), I’ll receive a redundancy package which will see me right and help me prepare for what’s next for me. Redundancy can be scary, particularly in these times, but I know I’ll be ok. It’ll be a good chance for a fresh start.

I have some good ideas, of what I’d like to do, and how I can bring my experience into develop my career going forward. But at the moment I’ll take some time out to spend it with family and friends.

This has probably been coming for a while, and even when I left to go on leave in March I had an expectation it would happen.

I’ve just brought it forward so that my last day will be in the middle of May, and as of June I’ll no longer work for the BBC. The sun will set on BBC Scotland for me for one final time.

Now in the early part of this year I’ve done a bit of soul searching, and I’ve hired a career coach – Diana Dawson, to help me to establish a positive path and future and build my confidence back up, and I have every faith that it’ll all work out.

In the meantime, I’ll spend time with my Dad, probably enjoying ice cream and steaks together, and be there for my Step Mum and others, and I’ll go spend time with people I care about. Luckily the travel restrictions will have eased just in time, so I’ll hopefully be away for some of May.

Watch this space for what I’ll come up with next as my calling. Eeeek.

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Wks12 & 13 into Wk14 and a new book

The last two weeks was a good break, leave from work… left to do as we wanted, but a little restricted by lockdown, we made the most of it with good walks, plenty eating and sleeping and some good activity too.

Here’s the exercise I did:

Quite a lot of walking, sort of to fill the time, but also to get out and about … in different parks and neighbourhoods in Glasgow. 30 miles walking last week, 22 the week before.

I did more workouts and more cycles last week than the week before, but I reduced my running as planned to give my right hamstring a rest from running.

I had the odd ice cream, but not too many, and as I was on holiday, I just ate what I wanted.

We went to a few parks, including Glasgow Green, the Botanics, Linn Park, Pollok Park, Alexandria Park and Queens Park, along with a few walks in the West End, into town and around the Clyde.

There was plenty to see, and places to get coffees and food. My favourite was Sotto near the Central Station. Yum.

A nice cup of soup, a chicken panini and a coffee. Just right between two. (Fit girl walked with me on most walks, but she doesn’t like to be in pics that are posted).

Shorts and tshirt weather on some days, until yesterday when it got so Baltic I had to wear lots of layers and have a coffee to stay warm. Booo.

I’ve taken some time out and started reading a good book… if you want to learn about weight loss and how our bodies work with the food we eat… it’s a good one. I’m about 2/3s of the way in… and the last 100 or so pages got a bit heavy, but it’s good.

I’m looking forward to reading part three of it. Here’s the background to it:

Tomorrow it’s back to work for a bit… but our body clocks have stayed waking up early sot that should be ok. I plan to do the following training:

Replacing my run days on Tue Thu and Sats with spin and physio strength, and doing strength work (and shorter spin) on other days. Some yoga, foam rolling and walking will be done too.

My sleep has been good on holiday, and hopefully it will be in when I go back to work too. Fingers crossed.

I might get to sit in the garden once things warm up a bit too… Fit Girl has been working the magic in the garden so it’s looking very tidy and good. I’ve made sure there is food for the birdies too.

April for me is about being careful about not being greedy with my food intake, to see if I can shift a wee bit of weight. I’ll learn from the book I’m reading first though.

I’ll do more strength and spin, and get some walks and some hamstring work / recovery in.

And I’ll keep an eye on how my hamstring is… but I’ll maybe stay off the running until May or June, to give it time to recover. Fingers crossed.

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30 Day Daily Deficit Weight Loss

I thought I’d share this with you… for anyone who’s keen to lose weight, David Thompson is a great PT who knows his stuff and gets great results with his clients.

I’ve followed him for a while now, and his no nonsense, simple, motivational and informative approach is great.

I learned from him last year, just from his posts – to simply track calories, be active, create a calorie deficit, and lose weight. I also translated this into me simply not being greedy… and stopping eating when I was full / not eating out of habit.

Anyway, if you would like to join David’s 30 Day Daily Deficit Weight Loss group, all the info, including pricing is on the link here:


And here’s a bit more about it.

I’m not too sure how much it is, but it might be worth it to get a good 30 day kick start and learn how to drop some lbs.

Click the link above to join ahead of Monday 5th April.

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Early Spring workout

I woke early this morning… a good sign for going back to work next week – my body clock is still set at ‘lark’ mode to get me up early to train.

So since I was awake around 7 (and the birdies were singing outside) I figured it would be a good opportunity to get in the garagym for a workout.

The coffee maker in there is a good add… I had a couple during my warm up, along with some good tunes to get me going.

I focused a lot on hamstring exercises to build and hopefully help my right one repair. A good warm up then a few circuits of simple exercises, see below what I did.

I had the heater on to start with, then after I was warmed up I turned the heater off and opened up the door for some sunlight and birdies for company.

A good way to wake up on a bright Spring morning… 55 minutes of warm up and movement, including a wee finisher of press ups and squats.

Have a nice Easter everyone … now where is that Easter egg?

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Wk11 & 12 into Wk13

A week of leave… and we didn’t do much, but it’s all good… walks, runs, eating (in mostly), sleeping, strength … lockdown a plenty.

Here’s the exercise I did in the last two weeks:

This last week I’ve not been in the gym as much, which is fine, but I have walked quite a bit – 22 miles, run 3 times – nearly 16 miles and done two good strength sessions.

I did a good long but hard ‘chipper’ strength session with Lesley on Thursday, abs the shoulders took a wee bit of time to get over that.

We’ve been to a few parks… the Botanics, Queens Park, Bella, Pollok and Alexandra Park.. and I got a good double square sausage roll and a flat white one day… £7 in the West End for both of them… but probably well worth it. I liked Alexandria Park too.. quite big and lots to see.

I have some news I should be able to share at some point… but I’m still trying to sort it all out. Watch this space.

In the meantime, I’ve tried with my running, but my hamstring just isn’t right so I have a new plan for April to give it some rest from running … get some good physio strength and cross training instead.

In March I will have:

Run: 60 miles
Walked: 70 miles
Cycled: 54 miles
Strength trained: 9 times / 7:20

More running than in previous months, but it isn’t working so back to the drawing board with it. I plan to hopefully get out on my my bike some more, and do spin and physio strength in the gym too.

Here’s my plan for next week… which will likely involve more walking too:

I’m not saying I won’t run, but I’ll maybe only do it once a week between 1-3 miles max, to see how my leg is. Rest will hopefully do it good.

On the 17th April I finally have a haircut booked, after 3 months it’s grown a bit and is getting a little annoying. I’ll just do what my hairdresser says this time – she knows best.

Earlier in the week I had a nice surprise delivery of some flowers… the same day I got some flowers delivered to a friend who helped me a lot. So that was nice.

And I got to wear my new lucky Rohan jacket quite a lot too. Very toasty warm. And I had a few wee Easter eggs too. Shhhh.

Now I’m just waiting on what I hope will be exciting times ahead… it all just needs to fall into place… and that may take a few weeks, or a month. Fresh starts and change for me anyway, I think, we will see. And let’s see if I can fix my right leg once and for all too.

In the meantime I’ll keep ticking along, getting good sleeps, physio, plenty exercise and rest and recovery. I can’t wait to be out of this lockdown, but we’ll put up with it for a bit longer.

At least I / we have everything and more than we need in our wee house, garden and garagym. Even coffee in the gym now 😂 (It was this time 8 years ago we closed the deal on it all.)

Hope you have a nice week next week.

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Latest addition to the garagym / cafe

Ok… I admit it… this may be getting silly now… but stick with me. So, sometimes, I wake up early on the weekends and want to get in the gym, or go a run first thing. But I like to have a coffee or two before I do…

The only thing is, my coffee machine makes a lot of noise, and I wouldn’t want to risk waking up the rest of the house…

I could go without, or have a chilled can of coffee, or maybe even boil a kettle and make one old style.. but I’d probably still make a racket…so I came up with a good cheap alternative.

I got this… second hand on Facebook marketplace… for just £20! A Nespresso magi mix coffee machine (a bit similar for he one I had before I got my current one).

I spent some time descaling it and cleaning it up, but this morning I got a (noisy) coffee from it; without waking anyone else up! It makes a good strong coffee, using my existing capsules, too.

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