January progress & training

My two strength sessions & bike tabata a week, plus my runs each week seem to be doing the trick. 👍🏻

I was aiming to do 3 Strength & bike workouts a week, but with work full time, I’m finding I can do 2 Strength & bike sessions and about 3 runs to make sure I get enough rest.

(Here’s one of my workouts).

And here’s the result of all of my training (and eating!)

I’ve maintained my weight exactly as it was on the 1st of January, (a smidgen under 10 stone or just over 63kg)… but the training I’ve done has given me some good results body composition wise.

1 Jan: 139.5lbs / 17.2% body fat
24lbs body fat / 115.5lbs other
79.3% lbm / 110.6lbs lbm
79.5cm waist / 47.3% wthr

In 4 weeks, I’ve reduced my body fat by 4.5 lbs, and I’ve increased my lean body mass by the same amount.

27 Jan: 139.5lbs / 14% body fat
19.5lbs body fat / 120lbs other
82.4% lbm / 114.9lbs lbm
76cm waist / 45.2% wthr

Down -3.2% body fat %
-4.5lbs body fat / +4.4lbs lbm
-3.5cm off waist

I’m not sure what the graph is doing, but the overall trend for my body fat is down, and muscle mass is up. And I must be eating enough to maintain and not lose or gain any more weight.

My goal is to keep dropping about 1% body fat until May, to aim to get to 12% or below on my Withings scales.

So how have I made the progress in the last month?

Kind of regular running… 66 miles across 12 runs so far this month…

(Although I admit that today I missed my run, because I decided at 3am when I couldn’t get to sleep that I’d get up. So I’ve been a bit of a zombie all day. Instead of doing a half marathon, I’ve done about 2,00p steps. 😳 I’ll have an early night, and get back on track tomorrow.)

And two strength sessions a week, with usually 20 mins of bike tabatas before or after the strength sessions:

Here’s the bike tabatas I’ve done:

And here’s the strength sessions, slowly building up my strength so that I can lift more weight in coming weeks:

I should get 11 strength and bike sessions this month, and maybe 15 runs covering 80 miles all going well.

In February I’m going to continue with the bike tabatas plus strength, aiming to lift more weight. And of course, I’ll keep my running ticking over. (I have two half marathon races to train for in March! – Inverness and Alloa). Wish me luck.

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Wk4 into Wk5

Last week I was sore with DOMS for a couple of days after 10 miles on Saturday and my first full body weighted strength session on Sunday. I was busy at work too, so opted to listen to my body and take a couple of days rest. Just what I needed.

I rested on Wednesday morning too, then had running coaching in the evening. Thursday I felt good, and managed to get up early for my first strength session of the week. It was icy all week up to then too, another reason for taking some rest from running.

Mon: Rest (DOMS)
Tue: Rest
Wed: 3.7M easy (coaching)
Thu: 20 min bike tabatas + KB 4×6 circuit
Fri: 5M Tempo
Sat: Runners Strength + 20 min bike tabatas
Sun: 13.1M long

It was warmer on Friday, and I enjoyed a good early morning tempo run on my own before breakfast. Saturday we got into our new routine of doing a Strength workout together first thing (Fit Girl and I). Then on Sunday I did a steady half marathon.

Three runs, totalling 21.8 miles, two strength sessions with 20 min bike tabatas and two rest days. Nice and balanced. Plenty of activity and just enough rest. My sleep has been ok too, a couple of shorter sleeps, but nothing too bad.

Away from training, I got a nice present from my friend and her baby… delivered on Saturday morning. I’m very grateful to have them in my life.

I’m also grateful that we have our Garagym – it’s so good to have it on our doorstep, kitted out well and available whenever we need it.

Next week I’m away with work, but I’m aiming for three runs, three strength sessions and one rest day. The runs will hopefully get me 90 miles for January. Not bad, even if I do say so myself.

Alternating days like this – Strength Run Strength Run Strength Run Rest – maybe moving the rest day other places or sassing some more days of rest if I need it.

Here’s the plan for next week if it all goes to plan:

Mon: 20 min bike tabatas + Full body strength / Travel
Tue: Birmingham / 4M
Wed: Bodyweight HIIT / Travel
Thu: 6.7M (= 90 miles for January)
Fri: 20 min bike tabatas + KB 4×6 circuit
Sat: Rest
Sun: 10M progressive long

I’ll probably be away in Aberdeen at some with work the following week so I’ll have a think then how I can fit in my training, coaching and rest around it.

All in all a good week last week, and even saw a nice rainbow just when I needed it. 👍🏻 to remind me to keep the faith and keep believing that good things will happen.

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Bodyweight tabatas (for hotel room)

Next week I’m going to be travelling with work for a couple of days. I’ll take my trainers and hopefully one morning I’ll run around the city centre where I’ll be staying.

I’ll be away for two nights and two days with work… and I still want to do some strength work when I’m away.

So I’ve come up with this bodyweight circuit to do. I’ve put it into my ‘Seconds’ app and set it to tabata style, and including warmup and cool down it’ll be 28 minutes for 4 rounds.

It should be good. 👍🏻 How do you fit in staying active when life / work gets busy?

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Changing the stories we tell ourselves

I’ve written before about how we speak to ourselves internally, can have a great impact on ourselves… and how changing the words we use in life can make a big difference.

Instead of saying – ‘this thing I’m going to do is going to be really hard’, if we say – ‘I’m looking forward to this challenge’. It changes it totally. And how we speak to ourselves or think of ourselves, can have a great impact on how we are, day to day.

Or you get hardly any sleep so you tell yourself that today is going to be an unproductive nightmare. Or you accept that you and hardly any sleep, but reset front he morning and focus on having a good day and getting a better sleep the following evening.
It’s changing the way you think or speak to yourself, reframing your world so it’s amore positive place to be. It’s choosing to see life and live life one way. Choosing good or positive over bad or negative.

I was speaking to someone the other day. He doesn’t exercise at all, but he said he went and bought some walking boots. He was planning on going out walking, and there were lots of nice trails around where he lives. But, and this was crucial I thought, he HATES exercise.

I said, that’s where you’re going all wrong. You THINK to yourself that you HATE exercise, but you’ve taken a step towards exercising, so if you change they way you think about exercising, and think about (or even write down) all of the benefits you’ll get from exercise, it should make it more attractive and easier to do and stick to.

Another person I was speaking to said she HATED her job, and the company she worked for. For the last couple of months it had really struck her and it’s all she could think about. How against her company she was and how angry she was at the company she spent most of her time at.

The way she was thinking was causing her so much stress (it was even causing me to feel sad), and it really wasn’t good for her. I suggested she either – reframe how she thinks, so that her thoughts are more positive and less damaging, or… and this might be better in the long run if she hates it so much, – find something else, a job and a colony more aligned to who she is and her values.

Then the another one is ‘lucky Lorn’ versus my friend who thinks she and her family are unlucky. When things go well sometimes I say funny things like, ‘that happened because I’m here’. Or I notice when something falls into place naturally and think it’s because the universe is on my side.

Things usually fall into place because I’ve prepared and planned for them to work, or I’ve left enough time for them to work and not be a disaster. Or sometimes it feels like it’s positive karma, being nice to me after I’ve been nice to others or done good.

The opposite of lucky Lorn is my friend, whose family brought her up to think that her family doesn’t get good luck. The bad luck, or no luck they have is described as the ‘Surname Luck’… Smith Luck for example. Then when she gets good luck, I say it’s because I’m with her, but really she has lots of good luck, she’s just thinking she’s got no luck.

Then another conversation I had last week was about seeing yourself as higher than you maybe think you are.the best version of you, the you you want to be.

An athlete or a runner. If you’re just starting out running, it’s important that you see yourself as a runner. It might need something to click, like running for 20 minutes non stop, but if you run you are a runner.

If, like me, you’ve been training for a long period of time, like just over 10 years. If you train 4-6 times a week, with goals, a training plan and a focus. And if other people think this of you too, what’s wrong with calling yourself an athlete? Pushing yourself up to a slightly elevated status, the cream of the crop.

Think like and athlete, train like and athlete, eat, sleep, think like an athlete. Athletes eat well, sleep well, don’t go out for drink binges. Athletes focus and do good strong workouts. They listen to their bodies and take rest. They don’t stay up all night burning the candle at both ends. they’re careful with their health so that their body can perform.

What better motivation than that to get to your peak performance, even if your peak performance is nothing like the athletes you see on TV? If thinking you’re an athlete, and telling yourself you’re an athlete helps you to achieve great things, then why not?

Whether you think you’re a walker, a runner or an athlete, or the way you’re thinking or talking to yourself is having a real negative impact on you. You can change the way you think, so that life becomes more enjoyable and fun.

Change the stories we tell ourselves and change our lives for the better. Listen to the stories you tell yourself and reframe them to be more positive so life becomes more fun and enjoyable.

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Wk3 into Wk4

Last week I did a good amount of running, nearly 22 miles across 4 runs, three of them coaching runs. I started the week off well again, getting an early morning Strength workout done on Monday morning (with Fit Girl).

Then a night out with work on Tuesday meant I didn’t get up early on Wednesday to train. Which was ok as I was run coaching with Susan in the evening, but I’m not exactly sticking to my plan of doing strength or running on alternate days. No harm done.

A good weekend with a strong 10 mile coaching session on Saturday, then on Sunday 3 x 4 min bike tabatas, and nearly 40 mins of challenging strength work. Back on track after a few good rest days.

I still got 2 good strength workouts done this last week, and I’ve planned to get up early to train with Fit Girl on Tuesday Thursday and Saturday, next week to train in the Garagym.

Here’s what I did last week, including a couple of rest days, where I still got all my activity goals because I was busy all over the place in work.

Mon: Runner Strength + 20 min bike tabata / 4M Coaching
Tue: 3.4M lunchtime run
Wed: 4M coaching
Thu: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M coaching
Sun: Full body Strength + 20 min bike tabata

I got and put this white board in the Garagym too. It’ll be well used.

Here’s the plan for next week:

Mon: 5M Easy Run
Tue: KB Strength + bike tabata
Wed: Coaching PM SK
Thu: Runner Strength + bike tabata
Fri: Rest or lunchtime run
Sat: Full Body Strength + bike tabata
Sun: 13.1M progressive with HR 155-170. Race equivalent.

My sleep is ok, I’m trying not to pay too much attention to it, but just try to get it back on track with no coffee Mon through Saturday, and if I wake up early am I try to get back to sleep.

My weight this week has gone back up, but my body fat is still lower than it was at the start of the year. Down almost 3lbs, and my lean mass is up 3lbs. It’s that time of the month, so my weight will probably drop again next week (if I know myself well.)

Next week is about getting up early in the mornings, and getting good sleeps. Then everything else should fall into place hopefully. (Training & work etc). I’ll miss the lunchtime run at work on Tuesday as I’ll be in a meeting, but my run days will be mon wed and fri / sun, so that’s ok. Strength on the alternating days.

I entered the Inverness half marathon this morning. That’s ok the 10th March, and the Alloa half I’m entered for is on the 31st March. 7 weeks until inverness, 10 weeks until Alloa (with a wee holiday in between).

Sleep, run, strength train, eat, work. That’s what I’ll be working on next week, and probably in that order. 🙂

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10 miles coaching

Today’s long run was 10 miles coaching with Tania who is training for the London marathon in April. I met Tania in November for an initial session where we did just over 8 miles and I got to know her.

And she went away and changed her nutrition and took some time out with a small back injury before starting back at her marathon training last week. She got specialist advice, listened to her body and took enough rest time to recover to start her training for London.

Today we met and did just over 10 miles steady. Catching up about her progress and how her running is going. Her change in nutrition in the last 2 months has helped her to shed 10lbs which is great progress. The change included reducing the amount of carbs, and increasing her protein intake, and keeping an eye on how many calories she takes in (via my fitness pal).

It’s worked for her so far, and as a result she’ll probably be able to run long and find it easier. I always say that if you want to make running easier, or run faster at the same effort, losing weight can really help. If your body has to carry a stone lighter than you were a year ago, it should make it easier, and you should be able to run faster.

Speed work and tempo work helps too, but of you have weight to lose, even if it’s just half a stone, it’ll all help towards your ‘racing weight’.

I’m off coffee to try to help aid my sleep, and it seems to be helping. I’ve not had a coffee for about 10 days now and I’ve seen my sleep improve. I’m still eating chocolate, and then today I had two double espresso caffeine gels (300mg caffeine) and a chocolate for goodness shake … so I’m probably flying high on endorphins and caffeine … right now. Ha. Hopefully I won’t get a come down. 😉

Here’s where we went today, from Darnley into Pollok and Bella parks and back. A nice steady pace, faster on the downhill and slower on the uphill back.

I’m impressed with Tania’s running. She’s a Bella harrier and you can tell her running with them is helping her to be an accomplished and strong runner. She’s also made a good start, not only listening to her body and taking rest when it’s needed, but focussing on her nutrition to shift some weight she wanted to.

I’m hoping to help her in the next few months to remember this and believe in herself so she can achieve her goal for the London marathon.

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(Another) addition to the Garagym

I must stop saying that I’ve finished buying things for the Garagym… at the end of last year I got a box, some 10kg dumbbells and a foldable weights bench… the year before that I got us a spin bike and all the other bits and pieces for it.

Oh, and the big mural for the wall. Added to my existing squat rack, plates, two Olympic bars, TRX and kettlebells. I’m not not entirely sure when I’ll stop getting bits and pieces for it…

Anyway, here’s the latest edition… a big white board with markers, a wiper and magnets. 🙂 To help us remember what we’re doing in our workouts.

Here it is, with a few of my workouts on it, with some for some more. Any ideas what I could put in the blank bit? Workout ideas?


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