12 week Marathon Training Plan (sneak preview)


As I’ve already mentioned, I’m planning on training for a marathon this Spring.

I aim to include around 465 miles of running over 13 weeks, and compliment my running with strength work, rest and plenty of good food, water (nutrition) and sleep.

Here’s a sneak preview of my 12-15 week training plan for the Glasgow Marathon:


There’s a bit behind it, but the idea of it is:

Running: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, (Sunday).

Strength: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Rest: There isn’t rest scheduled, but the idea is that I’ll take rest when I need it, usually on a Sunday (an easy run with the Kaizen Run Club), and on Fridays or Wednesdays if I think I need it.
And I’ll be aiming for 8-10 hours sleep a night hopefully.

Nutrition:  Hydration and food intake will be along the lines of:

SuperLeanRegime smarterscienceofslimFastFuelUseFatontheRun

And to top it all off, my 12 weeks of training for my marathon will hopefully be followed by an 84 mile walk along Hadrian’s wall at the start of April!

More details to come soon. 🙂

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