Blurry vision is back

When I finished running for 3 hours on Saturday, I immediately noticed my vision appeared to be as if there was a film over my eyes. Not only was my vision blurry, but it was also cloudy.

I’d been working hard on the run, 85% HR on average, and perhaps didn’t take on enough water throughout.

Now two days later, after a nap and a long sleep on Saturday, and a sleep on Sunday, boof! I feel like a train has hot me. It feels a little like the way I used feel when I had a two day hangover. Although I felt ok yesterday, but then I wasn’t really doing much.

Maybe I haven’t refuelled as well as I could have done. I had soup and fish cakes for my meal after the run, had quite a bit of water through out the day, and a big tasty meat feast pizza at night. Yum. I wasn’t going to be restricting my carbs for anyone on Saturday after that run!

So now. Here I am. I struggled to get up this morning, but managed an easy 5 miler with Gill before work. I felt ok on it, just hungry after it. I feel like I’ve been hungry since after my dinner last night.

I’m hoping I haven’t overdone it and that I can keep on with my training, but I want to be sensible too. I’m not sure if it’s hydration, fuel or rest that I need. Or maybe a test to see why it’s like this.

It remember it happening first to me in November 2010 after running 26.2 miles up Loch Lomond. I noticed my vision blurry on the drive home.

So that winter I went to the opticians who confirmed I have astigmatism. It seems that my eyes and vision are generally ok, and my brain adjusts my eyes to focus correctly. But when I’m tired, my brain isn’t able to get my eyes to focus, so my vision is blurry.

My optician gave me glasses and contact lenses, but as I don’t need them most of the time, I’ve seldom been wearing them (or the contacts). Most of the time my vision is fine, then boom, i get a day like this. Mmmm.

It’s all really annoying. :-/

However… the one good thing I’ve learned is that I need my rest and recovery after long runs… so this week, the week after my long run, is planned to be an easier week where I can take more rest than I might usually.  Tuesday is swim day, which I will probably change to be a full rest day, and add in Friday and probably Saturday as a rest day too.  I’ll do less running, and continue with my strength work, but not over do it.

And of course, I’ll eat plenty more carbs this week than I have in the last fortnight!  Carbs might need to be cut out if you want to lose weight, but if you are training you need carbs to fuel you and keep you going. 😀

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…and I think I know what I need to fix it… plenty of rest, food and water!!

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