Pint number 33 given

I’d been meaning to give blood over the festive period but didn’t manage to… so it was good that the blood service text me the online login to sign up for an appointment and I made an appointment for today at 11.

It would be my 33rd pint of blood I’ve given, and we decided to go into town earlyish to get a good full breakfast before it. I also had a couple of coffees and a couple of glasses of water.

I did the usual questionnaire before giving and the iron / haemoglobin prick test. To give blood, as a female your blood / iron levels need to be 12.0mg or higher (up to 15)

Sometimes I’ve scraped just above 12mg and sometimes under it (so I wasn’t able to give). But this time I was surprised to get 14.5mg! The main thing I’ve changed is I’ve stopped taking a multivitamin for a few months… (I ran out and didn’t bother getting them again). And I’ve been trying to eat a bit better for the last few weeks… maybe it was the tasty chilly (lean mince) I had for lunch all week. Ha.

Whatever, it’s good to know that my iron levels are good. Afterwards was the usual tea cake reward and a drink of black currant and a wee sit down.

Today is of course a rest day and with the weather the way it is I might maybe go for a wee nice nap later on to recover. It’s all about balance.

If you want to (and can) give blood – click the link above. It’s easy. 🙂

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