Myprotein layered bar

In the quest of simply getting more protein into my intake… I regularly eat SIS protein bars which have 20g of protein in them, not much sugar and are reasonably priced if you get them on offer (which SIS tend to do a lot).

Then I found these ones too… my protein layered protein bars. I got the Birthday Cake version and the Lemon Meringue Pie version.

A 60g bar, they have about 200 cals each, enough to give you plenty energy as a snack, 20g of protein, 16g of carbs (2.4g sugar) and 7g fat. You can see from the graph below they’re nearly 40% protein, so if I’m aiming for a third of my intake to be protein, these will help.

Both flavours taste sweet and tasty, a good snack for any time of the day. I like them anyway. nice that you feel a bit like you’re eating birthday cake or lemon meringue pie too. 😂😂 (that’s the birthday cake one below).

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