Simple things that make me happy

I thought I’d write down a list of the simple things that make me happy/ hobbies or things that make me smile … to remind myself to do them more often.

In no particular order:

– Visiting / being with friends (it seems most have kids now, which is even more fun) – Engaging with others.
– Sitting in the sun watching the world go by.
– Travelling to other places / seeing the world.
– Breakfast / lunch / eating out.
– Eating real ice cream (or let’s face it, any ice cream)
– Spending time with my Dad.
– Working out in our gym.
– Running with others.
– Completing events and the accomplishment / medals that go with it. – Flying a kite (weather dependent).
– Spending time with Fit Girl.
– Spending time with family / nieces / nephews / Uncle / Aunt. – Running with my big brother.
– Going for nice leisurely walks in parks.
– Helping / coaching others to run / achieve.
– Gardening(!)
– Getting good sleeps and naps sometimes too.
– Hanging washing out on a nice day.
– Having a nice home and garden.
– Running on my own, listening to music.
– Running in the rain.
– Listening to music / audiobooks.
– Reading / relaxing.
– Eating a good steak / good food.
– Climbing Munro’s / getting out into the countryside (haven’t done this for a while). – A long walk on a beach.
– Planning and making stuff – ie the Garagym / garden.
– Driving.

That’s quite a lot really, and maybe it’s a bit different to your list.

What would you put on your happy list?
Is there anything else you’d suggest might be fun for me?

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