Wk31 into Wk32 & The Ivy for breakfast

Last week I got 4 good runs in and covered nearly 26 miles. I had two rest days and did a bike and strength session too. I did speedwork on Monday and whilst it felt good at the time, I could feel it in my calves for the next couple of days.

I did a good easy 6.7 miles on Wednesday to round up my July mileage to 95 miles, then 4.5 miles on Thursday and a long 9 miles on Sunday. On Saturday I woke up early and felt good as I didn’t even really need to think to do a strength workout. It just felt right.

Mon 29: 5.4M intervals / 45 mins 8×2:2
Tue: Rest
Wed: 6.7M wi DMc
Thu: 4.5M wi FG
Fri: Rest
Sat: Bike & Runner’s Strength
Sun: 9M

4 runs (25.6M), 1 strength, 2 Rest

My sleep is better most nights and I’m waking at the same time most days, around 545, which gives me time to wake up properly and go exercise before work. And I had a good nap on Saturday too.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M incl 3 tempo
Wed: Bike & Strength / PM Physio
Thu: 10M
Fri: Rest / 5k or 4.3M
Sat: 6.2M wi FG
Sun: Bike & Strength

I’ll aim for 4 runs again next week, long run on Thursday morning before work. A tempo run on Tuesday and 2-3 Bike and strength sessions.

The bike sessions will be a quick warm up 2 mins then 8 x 20 secs @100rpm, 10 secs @80rpm, then 2 min cool down.

Then for strength I’ll do one of the following:

1. Barbell Squats / Barbell Clean n Press 4×6 / KB Swings 4×20 2. Barbell Deadlifts / Barbell Rows 4×6 / Atomic Press Ups 4×20

Then 25-30 mins of tabata or KB strength. Should be about 45-50 mins in total.

Last thing about last week was that on Saturday Fit Girl and I treated ourselves to breakfast at the new Ivy on Buchanan Street.

We pre booked for 1015am and were a bit early. We sat for a bit at the bar and waited a while on a couple of coffees, but after that it all got better.

The food was good, the service ended up being good too. I had avocado benedict, a coffee and a grapefruit juice. Fit Girl had a full breakfast and shared some of it with me.

The food was priced ok, maybe a bit more than usual places (£9 avocado benedict / £14 full breakfast), but the drinks were a bit of a rip off at about £4-5 a (soft / hot) drink.

The atmosphere was good though, the server / service was great, and the place is done up lovely / toilets are pink and all separate cubicles.

If you fancy a treat, then go for it, but make sure you save up for it (or expect it to be ££££ – £45 for two breakfasts including a tip!)

Make sure you go on their website and book ahead though as I don’t think they take walk ins.

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