Wk44 into Wk45

This last week I got to my 100 mile goal on Wednesday, and felt I needed a rest day in the Thursday and Friday.

I was back up for a run on Saturday, then had a good rest day on Sunday – plenty sleep this weekend, and a nice walk in the West End today.

29: Lower Body Strength
30: 8.5M + 5k lunchtime
31: 4M easy
1: Rest
2: Rest / Travel
3: 4.5M
4: Rest

I only did one Strength session, but I feel good that I’ve given my body a bit of a rest from it all. After 4 weeks of strength training, I’m going to ease off it a bit and get back into it after next week. Another regular 12 sessions coming up soon.

This week I’ve done on average 15k steps a day, and I feel like I’ve had a balance between work, life and training.

Next week, here’s my plan – quite a bit of travelling, and seeing friends and family … so the end of next week will have less training as well.

5: Full Body Strength / Coaching
6: 5M / 5k
7: KB 80/20 / Coaching
8: Rest / Inverness AM
9: Rest / Friends
10: Family / 8M
11: Rest / Travel

Let’s see if I can get up early in the mornings this week and get training, better aim for an early night!

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