Our work running group

At the end of September I got in touch with some people in work who I knew were runners, and asked if they wanted to join a private running group on Facebook… mainly as a way for me to be motivated and get out and run, but also for me to get to run with others, and get others out running too.

We’d meet in reception of our work, at 12:30 in Tuesdays and go a run. In October we ended up running about 7 times at lunchtime – Tuesdays brought the biggest crowd, of about 5-7 runners. And on other days a few people ran.

I used the small group of people we had to test out the Facebook page – put simply – BBC Scotland Runs, making it a private group, and encouraging people to post on it if they fancied some company.

It got me motivated to run, and ended up helping me get to 100 miles running in October, when I’d planned 85 miles. Most of the runs were easy, and we did one speedwork session mid month.

We mixed our routes up, one around the Clyde, one to the transport museum and back, another up to Kelvingrove Park and back. Half an hour ish, easy done in lunchtime, and in the daylight.

It was nice to see others motivated too, and we all probably met people we hadn’t known before we ran together.

Then on Friday, our wee group got communicated across our work… in an interval comms … I was away from base on Friday but all of a sudden in the afternoon, I started seeing member requests come through.

Great! The membership grew to 50 people… and then today around 11 people turned up for a run. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it as I was really busy with work (and I’d run in the morning too), but I popped down to reception to get their photo and suggest a route which some of them knew anyway. (A couple missed the photo opp).

They ran up to Kelvingrove and back, just under 5k, and a couple of runners did a flatter route around the Clyde.

So that was BBC Scotland Runs #8 with 11 runners. I hope the group will grow in membership but also in the days and times that people run. I’ve set up the group, but I’m keen for people to post on there when they would like to run, and for others to Jim them.

At the moment it’s just in Glasgow, but there’s nothing stopping other runners from other sites posting on there too. And I’m saying it’s a group rather than a club, so people aren’t put off joining the Runs, but it’ll hopefully develop into whatever the runners want it to be.

So if you work at BBC Scotland, and you want to come along on some runs, search BBC Scotland Runs and join in the fun and the runs. 😃

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    Hey Lorn I am not a BBC employee but enjoy reading your blog from time to time. Love these little chatty running groups. We have one up in Strathaven as a subset of the Striders. Meeting at 6am Thursday morning which is a bit out of my comfort zone as I like my bed but I like the chat and run with company more.

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