8 miles to craziness

Last year, my monthly 100 mile target started to get annoying about 6 months in… some months I was chasing the goal all month, some months I was ahead… and I even made up my own rules to do more miles in July and offset them with less miles in September.

You’ll know if you read my blog, that I did it – I chased and got my 100 mile running goal throughout 2017 – 1,200 miles, averaging 100 a month. Now I’m off the target, and simply training for the London marathon (and a couple of other events).

Then imagine my delight on Saturday after my long run… when I realised that if I ran as I planned to up to the end of January… I’d be just 8 miles shy of 100 miles for January. How could I?…

How annoying… or how could I resist?

So tonight, when I really didn’t fancy it… in the cold, dark and wet January night after work… I got wrapped up warm in my running gear and was out the door for a run, just after 6pm.

It was freezing cold, wintery and windy. I ran up to Byres Road, along Great Western Road, then down towards the Clyde. I ran east for a bit then turned back for the home stretch.

As I crossed the river on the way home, I saw a group of about 10 runners start off from the Squiggley Bridge. I thought if I hung in behind them I’d get some shelter from the wind and rain… but it so happened the friendly runners invited me to join them and we ran and chatted for a bit.

So I joined them for part of their run on my way home … and it turns out they were the Bellahouston Harriers – my favourite running club in Glasgow!

(I met Paul from the Harriers the morning before, when I was in the middle of an interval session – I took the opportunity to stop my garmin / take a break – we had a good chat and he asked when I’d join the harriers).

Meeting them sure did take the cold and grind out of the last mile …

So here I am… 96.9 miles into January… and a 5k tomorrow first thing – and it’ll be 100 miles for January (almost by mistake, with a little push at the end). 😜

Crazy? Perhaps?

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