Wk4 into Wk5

I was easing myself back in to training last week after not running for about 11 days (except for 1 coaching session).

I started a new job, and felt like I needed a bit of a rest, so took Tuesday / Wednesday off as rest days. Sunday was a Rest day too – so 3 Rest days in total.

I wasn’t sore today after my 18.2 long run miles yesterday which felt strong throughout. I felt it a little in my calves when I woke up, but other than that I wasn’t sore at all. But something I noticed was that I was a bit GRUMPY on Sunday after my long run (again)… unable to make decisions and a bit tired.

What a lovely after effect … you feel great, super, amazing after your long run, then the next day – boom, you’re a moody B. I noticed it so tried to lighten up and keep a lid on it. Nap time later on in the afternoon too. 😜

Here’s what I did last week:

2 runs, 2 strength, 3 Rest days.

Mon: Squat Strength 3.5
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thu: 6.2M easy HR 161 / 9:11
Fri: PT Deadlift Strength 3.6
Sat: 18.2M@9:06
Sun: Rest

And here’s what I’m planning next week:

Mon: Intervals 3×1600 5.6M / 8M incl 4M 8:03 tempo
Tue: Squat Strength 3.7
Wed: 3.1M Coaching (or PM 8M)
Thu: Coaching PM
Fri: Deadlift Strength 3.8
Sat: 20M long run
Sun: Rest

I’m annoyingly close to getting to 100 miles this month, and I have Monday off work on leave, so I’m going to try to get my monthly mileage up to 100. I’ll either run on Monday night or Wednesday night – we’ll see what happens. 😜

This week will also be week 4 of my Strength training plan (block 3). I’ve Strength trained consistently for 12 weeks and I’m feeling good on it. We’ve been working on doing Strength Work which will compliment my running. I’ve built up good strength and I’m pretty sure it’s working. Yahoo.

It’ll hopefully all help towards training for the London marathon, but I better get some more good runs in.

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