100 miles for March

I’ve never claimed to be normal, and when I came across this last night, I liked it. 😉

Anyway, on with my 100 mile a month challenge and in March I managed to fit the miles in a bit better, finishing off the last week with 3 runs, 10.2 miles, 6.2 miles and 6.21(!) miles – each run with rest days in between.

I had a bit of a lull in the middle of the month, when I started a bit of a cold, but it’s gone now and I’ve been back on form since the Loch Katrine 10k on the 19th. It was only a bit of a light nasal cold so I fought it with lemsips and found that running easy seemed to ease kg off.

Here’s my last run of the month – 6.21 miles up my first proper route I ever ran in Glasgow (with a hangover) way back in 2008. It was a 5 mile route and I added on a bit along the Clyde to make 6.21 miles / 100 miles for march. 💯🎯

Today my heart rate felt a bit high, 157 on average and 167 on the hills. With an average pace of 9 min miles I did try to slow down / ease off a bit, but all was fine at the end.

The splits were led by the terrain, uphill / slower on the way out, downhill/flat / faster on the way back.

So 20 activities, 100 miles, again this month – 3 months in a row. March felt like a bit of an easier month, longer for one, and also I didn’t need to cram all the miles in at the end.

In April I might try and run every odd date to keep the motivation up (i.e. 1,3,5,7….) but we’ll see. I’ll aim for 100 again.

My monthly running mileage graph on Garmin is starting to look cool: 🙂

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