Setting me up for the day

Today I ran a nice wee 10k before breakfast…

The for breakfast, I stuffed myself full…

Rasperberries, chocolate protein, coffee, milk, cherry juice…all whizzed up.

Then the food, berries and flaked almonds and oatcakes and bananas….

Topped with scrambled eggs with banana and berries through them. Finished off with water and black coffee. Some fish oil pills and a multivitamin.

Safe to say I was stuffed!! :-)

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Wk46 into Wk47

A good but quite long week this week, Friday was spent feeling pretty tired after a long but good day in Salford with work on Thursday.

3 good runs this week, including what was going to be 10 miles, then the route i planned was 11 miles, and what I actually ran was 12.5 miles. Running up through Pollok Park against the flow of the Park Run runners. I thumbed up a few runners and played Eminem to keep me going.

Here’s what I did this week:

Wk46 – wc 17 Nov
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5.1M run wi Gill
Wed: Strength Training Squats
Thu: 4M run (away with work)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12.5M easy long run
Sun: Strength Training Deadlifting

I lowered the weight a bit on the strength training on Wednesday, and as s result I wasn’t so sore for so long. Just a little sore on the Thursday. The plan is to do my second strength workout of the week tomorrow, my 1 o’clock appointment again. :-)

Then the rest of the week will look like this:

Wk47 – wc 24 Nov
Mon: Swim
Tue: 6M run wi Gill
Wed: Strength Training Squats
Thu: 5M run wi Gill
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10M or so easy long run wi JA
Sun: Strength Training Deadlifts

Should be good. :-)

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11 mile route

Here’s an 11 mile route I push in doing on Saturday morning. I’ll do the first 4-5 miles wi Fit Girl, then I’ll go on and do the rest myself.

Her ongoing knee injury prevents her running more than 4-5 mikes so I’ve made the route close to home and do she can cut it short for her if she needs to.

The weather doesn’t look too clever before 9 or 10 then it clears up, so we’ll go out about then. :-)

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Choice or fate?

I’ve written about choices before, and how the choices you make can affect who you are, what you do and how you look.

We were talking about fate last night at the dinner table, and everyone within earshot said they agreed with the idea of fate.

I do too – what’s for you won’t go by you, and all that, but I also believe that you can have some definite input into how your life turns out.

From how happy you are, to the career you end up following, and how fit and healthy you are, down to how you look and come across to others. You can make choices in life to help improve the outcome.

Health and activity
You can choose to be active, and as a result of this, you’re more likely to be of a healthy weight. And you’re more likely to eat well and take care of yourself. You can choose to get up early to run in the dark, or not. The sane goes for many other choices in life.

Take for example the man who stands out on the street when I’m getting ready for work (true story). He’s a rather large, young guy. Maybe 30 stone in weight. To make matters worse, he smokes.

When I’m getting ready for work, I see him standing outside, smoking and waiting. Waiting for a lift or a taxi. The other morning I was getting ready at about 8:15am, and saw him out if the window. Then at 9am I went out to walk the 10 minute walk to work, and he was still there, standing waiting.

Now I don’t know where he’s going, but if that was me, I would have had 45 minutes to WALK somewhere. I could have walked about 3 miles in 45 minutes. I would have set myself up for the day, and chosen exercise over standing (and smoking).

Instead, that morning, I’d already chosen to be up in the dark at 630am to do a 45 minute strength workout, because I know it’s good for me. And I get the benefits from the workout as a result.

You are what you eat
You can also choose the foods and drinks that go into your mouth. What, how much and how often you eat, it’s all up to you. You can choose to eat crap white processed food all the time, or you can choose to eat better options.

Natural foods, with colours and nutrients. You can choose to fuel your body with all the nutrients you can, or you can just eat what you like.

The same applies to drink, sure, go drink 2 litres of diet coke or irn bru a day, but you’re not doing your body any favours. You wouldn’t feed your baby irn bru, so why is it ok for you to guzzle it down in excess? Why even have it at all? It’s all your choice.

If getting a great body, or getting down to a healthy weight, really are that important to you, you need to choose the right foods and drinks to eat. You need to decide to reduce or eliminate alcohol. You need to make better food choices when out for meals.

Ditch the curry, beer and side platter and go for a smoked salon salad and water, or sparking water.

In every day circumstances, prepare your food where you can. I choose to prepare breakfast, lunch and snack for each day. Taking a bit of timeout to make sure the majority of the time, what I consume is controlled by me.

No need to go to the canteen and be tempted by crap, or no need to reach for the Mars bar to help a mid afternoon slump, because I’ve usually got good food to keep me going.

How you think and come across
Now this is a big one for me – how you think and how you come across. Think positively and good things tend to happen, be grateful and happy and happiness tends to surround you. Complain and moan all the time, and clouds can sometimes surround you.

Your outlook can really affect you and your life, and you can choose to think and come across anyway you want.

As an example, on a decent train journey down south yesterday, the train was slow capacity, nice enough, the journey was fine, the train was on time and we all had a pre booked seat. It was fine. Even the toilet was fine.

But after we got off the train and into the next train, on of my colleagues started saying how smelly the train was, and how it was a journey from hell. It wasn’t. It’s just that’s how she saw it. With a little bit of perspective (say think about how trains are in India or Africa), that train journey was luxury.

She vocally highlighted the fact that the train journey was crap, and that negativity spread, other people started to wonder if that train journey really was that bad after all. She told others who weren’t on the train journey hoe bad it was, and they thought our train journey was crap.

Same goes for how you feel, if you keep going on about a sore head or sore legs, instead if dealing with it and maybe taking sone medication or addressing the issue, you’re just highlighting the fact that it’s sore.

Positivity and negativity spreads. As can calmness or anxiety. My rather laid back friend Rhona is so laid back she’s almost horizontal, so I knew she’d be ideal to be with me for my aunts funeral. A possibly stressful situation, made worse on the day with the road closures and weather warnings, but Rhona managed to instill a calmness and confidence in her that we’d get there on time, and we did.

Now if she was driving and fretting and saying ‘I don’t think we’ll get there on time……ahhhh’ I might not have been so relaxed myself. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t day it. Appreciate what you have and who you’ve become.

Now in work I’m being described as calm and controlled, people would love to have me ‘in a crisis’ with them. I’m lucky that I have quite a bit of perspective in my life. The majority of life is good, and only occasionally it throws curve balls at you that you have to deal with.

See I choose not to complain (unless absolutely necessary, or required). How you think and how you act can have a big impact on your life and on others around you. There’s no point in complaining, unless your going to get something worthwhile out of it.

If you want to learn how to become more happy, why not listen to audiobooks, like 95 ways of happy people (or just put in happy, or stop negative thinking and see what comes up).

Forget the past and look to the future
There’s no point on dwelling on the past and you can work on your happiness and how you perforce things in life. Some people put their hand on the stove and forget to take it off, I took my hand off the stove a long time ago and look forward to my future instead.

You also don’t have any control over how I here act to you or what people do if have done to you. But if someone is being bad to you, or has been bad to you, you have the choice to remove them from your life if you want.

Same goes for someone who’s always negative around you or bullying you. You can choose to ignore them, or remove them, or not care one little bit about them. I’ve removed one very prominent person in my life, and I’d never go back to how it was.

I choose what my future will look like with the many choices I make. I’m grateful for little things, like the sun in the sky as I walk to work, chats with friends, my health, the silence on a run… and many many other things in life. I’m nice to others, listen to others and I smile, a lot.

I’ll finish off with this list, a link to a page with my best decisions I’ve made:

They’re all pretty simple, but they’re little decisions which have turned into lifestyle choices and have helped shaped me into who I am today. :-)

And here’s a post about how you can get to be the person you want to be:

Maybe choice does have a lot to do with my life, after all, but in ways you wouldn’t necessarily think.

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Elite athlete??

It’s funny how people perceive and describe you sometimes. Sometimes people can overwhelm you with how they describe you, using words you’d never think to use to describe yourself. Or words you’d think weren’t really quite right to describe you.

Tonight at the work dinner table, I was being described by my lovely colleague Annie, to some people who didn’t know me.

The description kind of surprised me, and almost made me feel like shrivelling up… a little bit embarrassed … (or very flattered probably better describes how it made me feel.)

Tonight Annie said:

‘Lorn is an elite athlete, she runs lots and runs ultra marathons’.

I sat there thinking, me? And elite athlete? Aye right. I suppose I have run ultras, and marathons, and I do run a lot. I’m fit, but I’m not elite. Am I even an athlete? I’m not so sure about that.

Right now I feel more like someone who’s trying so hard to get a balance and be well. Trying to get my strength training, running and rest right. Taking things week by week, day by day and wanting things to go right like they seemed to do before.

Trying to get enough sleep, trying to get a balance between work rest and play. With a silent internal struggle that probably doesn’t really need to be there.

Nevertheless, it seems to be how Annie sees me, and it’s great to be described that way. And now the two women she was talking to maybe think I’m an elite athlete too! ;-)

Maybe it’s time I started believing it too?
(even if I’m not elite or competing?).

You never know what might happen when you believe!

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My 3,000th post

This is my 3,000th post on my blog! Big thanks to everyone who has viewed them. :-)

To celebrate I thought I’d give a summary of the top visited posts of all time, so here they are:

Title Views
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Almost 320,000 views, thanks for the visits. :-)

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Garmin coach – 5.0

It’s not often I do this, but the distance I ran yesterday, coupled with the effort (avg HR 85%, max 93%) led to a Garmin training effect of 5.0. I like it when I get a five. It means I know I’ve pushed it, I know I’ve run hard, or as Janice said I ‘beasted it’. ;-)

My longest run for a while, I’ve done a couple of 7 milers since I’ve been getting back on track, but each one has given me a niggle. The last one, last week on Tuesday, 7.15 miles and I got an annoying sore knee at about 5 miles in. Hip flexor was the issue a few weeks before that. But yesterday was different. Yesterday it just worked.

I felt strong at the start, and pushed out a much faster than normal first mile. My avg hr was higher than normal, but I let it be and continued, slowing down a bit as I went. Uphill miles 2-5, the downhill the rest of the way. The magic kicked in about 45 minutes in, just as I was running down Byres road. The downhill definitely helped.

It might sound strange, but I could almost feel the endorphins flowing through my body. Imagine this magic stuff, flowing through your veins, pumping fast, making you feel great. Better than any drug or alcohol. You feel amazing, strong, fit, magic. My cape was flowing behind me, the sun was looking lovely as it started to dip into the autumnal afternoon sky. The smile was on.

I’m back. I’m not as fit as I have been, but I’m back. Before a run like that wouldn’t have been so hard or as much of an effort. But yesterday, a run like that and my Garmin suggested a recovery time of 72 hours, or three days. Lol. Now I’ll take my rest, then I’m looking forward to building my fitness up again.

See my vo2 max since I got my watch above. The peak is 55 for just before my marathon in may after plenty of training (and a 3:32 marathon :-O), it dipped to 53 for my half marathon pb at the end of June, then in July into August it dipped right down to 49. Still quite high compared to the average human, ;-) now it’s up a bit to 51.

So at 6am this morning, my Garmin was suggesting 58 hours recovery, that would take me to around 4pm on Wednesday. Mmmm. I’ll see. I’ll maybe swim tonight, or maybe not. Then run easy on Tuesday and take it from there, see how I feel.

I had three days rest last week, then finished the week strongly. We’ll see what this week brings. One thing is for sure, I’ll be keeping an eye on what my Garmin coach says.

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