GSR: 10 + 6+ long run route(s)

The weather has been a bit strange in the last week, thunder & lightning, hot but cloudy, not sunny.

I’m coaching my couple of runners tomorrow and I’m taking them on the Great Scottish Run half marathon route for a 10k easy time trial at 11:30.

And look at what the weather forecast was earlier this week:

Lucky for us it’s changed since then, instead of heavy rain, it looks like cloudy and warm (with rain later on maybe):

Here’s my plan, to get a long run in before meeting them at 11:30.

I’ll drive to our meeting point, so my car is there, then run just over 10 miles to Newton Mearns and back. Water pack and gels:

Then here’s the 10k easy time trial route:

We’ll get on the route at St Andrews drive, into Pollok Park and onto Haggs road (before the actual route turns into Bella Park), then back to our meeting point.

Here’s the full GSR half marathon route below:

You can download a pdf of the route here:

Looking forward to my first long run Sunday in a while. :-) 17 miler-ish? Going to try to keep it easy for my first bit then see how it goes with them on their run.

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Book: Instant Motivation

This book I’m reading, Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns, is good so far, here’s an excerpt from it:

> ‘Have you ever noticed that when your head is clear, and you’re in a lighter feeling, things seem easier, simpler be more manageable? And in this feeling state, life seems more beautiful. People are great, funny, interesting. You appreciate the small things and you feel more at ease. >
> In contrast, when your head is full and cluttered, or you’re in a low mood, things often seem more difficult or more complex. People are annoying, selfish or irritating. Life is less beautiful and feeling of appreciation are replaced with the uncanny ability to notice all that is wrong with your life, with others or the world.’

I can relate the above to someone at work this week, and even to myself over the last year. When things in life just felt a bit hard, compared to normal.

Our thoughts motivate our feelings, our moods and our behaviour.

Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

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Excusitus 0 Me 1

There was a bit of a mental struggle for me to get up and out run king this morning. Here’s how it went.

600am Fit Girl’s alarm went off.
Excuses were coming into my head to get me out of my morning run. I could lie in or even go to work early.

I told myself I’d get up at 615am.
615am came and went.
I went downstairs and got some water and my phone.
Back to bed.

I told myself I’d get up at 630am.
I knew it was going to be a nice sunny day, ideal conditions for running in the morning. But still, I didn’t get up.
I was lying there trying to tell myself I’d feel great during and after it.

630am came and I thought, maybe I could do a lunchtime run?
So I logged into my work calendar and there were no meetings. Then I looked at the weather on my phone.
It was going to be RAOSTING at lunchtime. :-/. No good.

8 miles seemed like a big chunk to bite off, so maybe I could run 4 or 5? So I said I’d get up at 645am, and out the door for 7am.
Finally, I just said to myself, ‘stop being a lazy ba$tard’ and I got up.

So I was out the door just before 7am.
I planned 8 miles, but was enjoying it half way through so did 10 miles instead.

I should really learn just to go and enjoy it!

10 miles done anyway. :-) Excusitus 0 Me 1.

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Front Garden Project – so far

Note: I know this is a health and fitness blog and this post is about gardening (!!) but it’s a biddy bit of my life, hence this post – for me to remember what it was like before and after… :-)

So here is our front garden project… This little front bit, used to have a big green bush in it, but we got it taken out a few months ago.

Here’s the area / big bush behind me, last autumn, (I was standing in the morning sun, one Saturday here I think.)

North is behind me, so the sun sets on the left of the photo and streams into the area with the bush in it. So the front garden gets sun from about 3pm onwards. And we thought we could do something nice with it.


We took the big bush out of it (or we paid a man to…)… and now here’s the plan:

A seating area / small decking area with bench (maybe an arbour), with a path leading up to it.

Surrounded by stone chipping on the ground (purple and yellow/gold), a couple of flower beds and a few trees and plants. A small fence to shade / hide us from the neighbours.

And a bird table hopefully too. :-D anyone got a good one they’d recommend?

I spent a few hours the other day hacking away at roots and levelling it all off (upper workout ands half), and I was sore for about 3 days after lol).

Here’s my shopping list for my garden… quite a long one:
– purple slate chippings (2.5mx2.5mx4cm)
– golden chippings (1.5mx1.5mx4cm)
– 5 bags of sharp sand
– 1 small bag of cement
– bricks for the side of the path
– a nice bird table
– a small plynth for the bench to sit on (Scott to build)
– trees, 2 green, 2 red
– plants, hostas and heucheras (like Liz suggested), and bedding plants.
– something to build 2 raised gardens – either bricks or wood.
– compost for planters.
– (maybe an arbour one day, but I’ll use my bench just now.)

Already got the fence, and the bits for the path, and I laid the weed membrane for under the chippings / raised seating area, tonight.


It’s getting there. I’m hopefully going to get the stone chippings, sand and concrete from Gerry at Jordanhill Garden Supplies to help finish it off.

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Wk25 into Wk26

I’ve been a bit quiet, mainly because I’ve not being doing much training. 3 runs up to Thursday, plus a 3 hour (what wasn’t meant to be a) workout in the garden on Monday, and for some reason I was gubbed by the weekend.

So much so I didn’t fancy my 12 miler I’d planned, nor did I get my ass out the door for a shorter run. I figure I’ll get back to it next week after a good weekend resting.

But I did have a very busy 4 day week in work (working 5 days across 4), and by the time the weekend came, I wanted to just take some time out.

My boss was off on leave and we’ve got a big project to deliver next week, which I was getting ready for. As well as the day job and being out all day doing interviews on Friday. I stayed late at work, Tue, Wed, Fri. :-S

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon: Rest (on leave) – garden upper workout!
Tue: am 10M fast finish run
Wed: rest
Thu: 2x 4M – am / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

The two runs on Thursday were meant to have another in there at lunch time, which I’ll aim to do this week. I was just too busy at work to get a lunch break away from my desk. The 2 runs were good anyway.

The 10 miler on Tuesday felt great though, and I felt great all day. I thought, I must remember this feeling. It really set me up for the day and made me smile all day.

I didn’t do strength on Wednesday because I was sore after Monday, ripping up roots in my garden. That’s my next plan. Doing it up on the weekend. Hopefully it won’t take that long and it’ll turn into a nice place to sit.

This weekend I haven’t felt great, kind of sicky, and a bit lethargic. I hate feeling like this, but it’s here so I’m dealing with it and trying not to moan. I’ve been getting lots of sleep:

10 hours on Friday night, plus a nap = almost 12 hours sleep…

Then just over 10 hours sleep in Saturday night, which is telling me I’m needing it.

Anyway, hopefully it’ll all have helped me feel better for the new week, here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 5M run (PT)
Tue: am 12M fast finish run
Wed: Strength
Thu: 3x 4M – am / lunch / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10-15M long base run
Sun: Rest (gardening?)

I’ll maybe do the long run on Friday morning if I want the whole weekend free (or fancy the gym on Saturday morning).

Oh and one last thing, we’re getting a new kitchen installed in July.

We’ve been looking for a bit, and we signed for it yesterday from Lomond Kitchens … the tiles are still TBC.

A lot of things happening, is it any wonder my body doesn’t want to exercise as much as I’m planning it to? Roll on next week, see what happens.

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Wk22-24 into Wk25

I’ve not written weekly summaries for a bit, but I have been keeping a track of my training… and have been planning it and changing it accordingly.

Week 22 / wc 1 Jun
Mon: 4.5M fast finish (last mile) run
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh, 5M walk)
Wed: Strength (full body)
Thu: 6M easy / base run (wi Eileen)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M long run
Sun: Rest

Around 3-4 runs a week, 1 strength session and 2 rest days. And bits of walking here and there. It’s been working well.

Week 23 / wc 8th Jun
Mon: Rest
Tue: am 7M base run / pm 3.3M base run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M fast finish (last mile) run
Fri: 10M long run, fast finish (2.5 miles)
Sat: Strength (full body)
Sun: Rest

I started my 2 runs a day but I didn’t quite manage the same distance morning and night. My mileage that week was good though, 4 runs, around 27 miles. And gym strength on the Saturday to finish off a good week.

Week 24 / wc 15th June
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M fast finish (last mile) run
Wed: Rest (PT strength / tabatas)
Thu: 2x 6M runs (am/pm)
Fri: Rest (full body massage!)
Sat: Rest (in the garden a bit)
Sun: Rest (bday!)

Then this last week, it’s been a bit of a quiet one… 3 runs across 2 days, plus an hour of PT strength where I was watching (form) rather than doing, which was fine.

The double run on Thursday was good, 6 miles in the morning, 6 miles at night. It was ok, but the next day I was a bit tired, so I’ll always aim to have a rest day after I do double or triple run days.

I had a really good 1.5 hour massage from Clare on Friday night. I was sore on my shoulders and legs a bit during and after it, but I’m fresh as a daisy now. Then a long weekend full of rest, sleep, eating and recovery. Just what I needed.

Next week was in the plan was a rest and recovery week, but I’ve done it a week early, so I’m going to plough on with effort this coming week.

Week 24 / wc 22nd Jun
Mon: Rest (on leave)
Tue: am 9M fast finish run
Wed: Full body strength
Thu: 3x 4M – am / lunch / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12M long base run
Sun: Rest (gardening?)

I might do the longer run on Tuesday morning but I’ll see. (That might mean getting up at 530am which I might not be good at after a long weekend off!)

These last few days I’ve been getting some great sleeps, between 9-10 hours which has been nice.

Top that off with the massage and some nice walks yesterday, some good food, and some gardening on Saturday, and a lot of being spoilt on Sunday and today, and it’s been a good long weekend.

Now I have a plan of doing up my front garden too. It’s still very much in the early stages, but I can see Sundays now becoming ‘gardening’ days for a bit, whilst I / we do it up.

The other day I spent a few hours cutting down some bushes. And the weekend before I did a rough plan… for a nice sheltered sitting area, with an arbour, raised gardens, trees and maybe a wooden bridge / path, over a gravel rainbow. TBC. We’ll see.

First things first is to get a fence panel up to hide the area, then get done top soil etc.

It’s now 4 full weeks to the Thunder Run 24, so I’ll pick up the training anyway and get myself used to 3 runs a day (once a week) and some long runs too.

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All over for another year

I had a good birthday, after I opened my lots of presents we ended up going a drive (showers and sunshine) and ended up in Drymen for lunch…

… at the Drymen Inn, where I had a tasty smoked salmon salad for lunch. And an Ice cream cone for afters.

… then we went on to Aberfoyle and had a riverside walk where I dropped an elephant (for my granny.) and had a play on a zip slide.

Back home for a kids dinner of pizza, (coffee and walnut) cake and ice cream. Yum. That’ll do nicely.

The album with more photos is here:

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :-)

A good wee day for me. Ta.

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