Free pizza for us

Not so long ago we went out for a wee cheeky Thursday night meal at pizza express. The service was pretty awful (but the food was good).

The service took ages and one of the guys serving could have done with washing in the week prior to our visit… we did and online feedback form… and we just got this through the post:

A £20 pizza express voucher. I think we’ll try a different pizza express next time. ;-)

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Be you, be amazing, and smile

This week, things have been a bit crazy busy at work. I’m not sure what’s happening, but as much as I’m getting lots of work done, I’m clearly staying too late, and to be honest, I maybe need a wee holiday.

I’m probably overworking, over thinking and I’m tired and probably emotional. But in work, I’m fine. I’m busy and I’m getting on with it. Nearly the edge of being overwhelmed, I’m in control, but on the verge of having things slip through my fingers.

Forgetting major daily routine things at times (like eating and drinking!), but reacting quickly to many other things. Being very productive and overly helpful and chatty. Wanting to help, wanting to fix things and fixing things with ease.

Wanting to exercise but realising that sleep is more important and that exercise can wait. Rest and we’ll bring is more important. I’ve done all of this before.

I’ve not been sleeping well, which is a sure sign things aren’t going the best, but I’m trying my best to keep it all together (and I think I am).

A few weeks ago I felt like I needed a holiday, a chance to take a break from it all. Maybe that’s what I need.

I’m good, I’m dealing with things and taking it all step by step. I’m chatting things through and I’m not getting upset (what’s the point in worrying?).

Tomorrow, I have a half day (I’m taking back some of the extra time worked this week), and in travelling to Edinburgh to see two of my best friends for one of their hen day and night on Saturday.

I’m going to be going back to my youth with 2 friends from my childhood. And I’m really looking forward to it. A well deserved time out.

We’re going to ‘nae limits’ in Perth on Saturday, to do River Tubing … I may turn blue, and I’m sure I’ll get soaking wet. Then we’re having a night out in Edinburgh.

Now, strangely, today I noticed (from a blog I did), that this time last year, I was in a similar place with things. But I was even more over whelmed. I hadn’t slept well all week, and I wrote the post in the link below:

I’ve been here before. I know what the signs are. I know what to do to make things good, make things better. :-)

Maybe it’s a ‘clocks go back’ time of the year thing? lol. Or a full moon thing? (Is it even a full moon??) ;-)

Anyway, here were the final sentences of the post I wrote last year, lost or in control. I think I need to re read it, be me and smile. :-)

You can spend time being down or feeling unbalanced and helpless.

Or you can enjoy life and take control of it.

You can do what you want and you can be who you want to be.

Don’t let the darkness consume you.
Open your eyes to the stars in the night sky,
And the bright sun and the rainbows in sky.
Be you, be amazing, and smile.

I’m looking forward to a good weekend. :-) life is too short and I’m ready for some chilled out and adventurous fun.

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Revising training plans

Sometimes you have a plan, then life or work takes over. And I’m ok with that. :-)

Today I was meant to swim after work (before work really, but I changed my mind this morning), but ended up at work (11 hours) from about 8am-9pm. So a swim was out of the question.

Lucky for me, dinner was going to be ready / on the table around 730pm, so I decided there was no point in swimming and that today would be a rest day. At least it was a good busy productive work day.

When this happens, like it sometimes does, all I do is take another look at my training, decide what’s most important training wise, and start afresh / mix it up.

I don’t like missing my training time because of work, so it makes me even more motivated and determined to do it for the rest of the week.

So here’s my revised training plan for this week:

Mon: 2000m swim
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: Rest (work day!)
Thu: 2000m swim
Fri: Deadlift Strength / work / travel to Ed.
Sat: Hen day / night
Sun: maybe run / try out foot.

So less cardio overall, but not by much and the important things, swim x2 and strength x2 will hopefully happen.

I’ve been resting my foot, but it’s still not quite right. I’ll swim Thursday morning, strength Friday morning before going to Edinburgh for my friends Hen day / night.

Maybe need to fit in some shopping on Thursday night and pack etc.

Now, here’s a funny one… A new Facebook page has appeared which is called Hillhead Photos. Hillhead was my primary school and it’s been funny seeing old photos of people which have been shared.

Here’s the first one I’ve seen of me with my face on it. Holding hands with my friend from the time. Nice haircut 6 year old me. ;-)

(I was meant to be Indiana Jones – the hat is tied around my neck).

Now, hopefully if I can get a swim in tomorrow, I’ll get another good productive day at work tomorrow too.

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Wk9 into Wk10

Last week was another good one, 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, quite a bit of walking and 2 rest days. I had one day in Edinburgh with work, and that day, I was in the BBC Get Inspired video which was cool.

I had a holiday on Friday, which we spent having coffee, then lunch in Balloch, then we got stuff for our garden. Saturday was a great day, strength first, then walking around the west end with dinner out.

I could get used to 3 day weekends! (although I’ll have s few emails to get through when I go into work tomorrow – booooo).

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 8.5M run
Tue: Squat strength
Wed: 6M run (lunchtime)
Thu: Rest (3.7M walk)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Deadlift strength & 7.4M walk
Sun: 4M run

2 strength sessions – I didn’t manage my 3 a week, and won’t manage 3 next week as I have a hen day and night on Saturday, but maybe after that I’ll get settled into 3 strength a week.

I had planned on running and doing my strength training first thing in the morning, but a couple of sleep disturbed nights meant I either trained after work or at lunchtime mostly. Must do better!

The only thing is with this week, is that on Monday I felt a bit of a niggle in my right ankle / foot. It’s an old injury I picked when I went over my ankle playing basketball and it’s back. But I’m ok with it.

A mixture between plantar fasciitis and a sore ankle, it’s not sore when I run, but doesn’t feel quite right. And afterwards it can feel sore, especially first thing in the morning. It needs a good self massage I think too.

I’m hoping it’s not to do with my new minimalist trainers I got… (but it might well be) I’m just walking in them, but they might not have the support I need. So I’ll stay out of them for a bit, and I’m also going to stay off running for a bit, for around 2 weeks, with a little run next weekend to see how I’m going.

I’m good with possible injuries like this. All I do is agree with my body that there’s something not quite right, then mix it up a bit and swap my cardio running, to cardio something else. No harm done, a rest from running will do me good. (And fingers crossed my foot / leg is ok within 2-4 weeks).

I was coaching swimming the other week and realised I miss it, so I’ll do a bit of that, and also get my focus in on my strength training. And a good spin session or two in the gym is always good too.

I’ll swim 80 lengths each time, front crawl mostly, I’ll probably do:

10 lengths FC pull, 10 lengths FC swim
5 x 2 lengths FC sprint
10 lengths FC pull
30 lengths FC swim, steady
10 lengths FC swim down

Here’s what I’m planning this week:

Mon: Swim
Tue: Squat Strength
Wed: Swim
Thu: Deadlift Strength
Fri: Spin
Sat: Rest
Sun: Run

Let’s hope I can get out of my bed early (unlike last week!). I’ll try some new rules in trying to wind down and get to and stay asleep I think.

Re strength- I’ve been building my strength up as a base phase for the last 2-3 weeks, and have 1 week left of this phase, 1 squat session and 1 deadlift session:

I used to get really sore in the two days after strength training, but I seem to be ok now. Today I have sore forearms after deadlift strength, but my legs are good (even in the run the day after).

I’ve just got 2 more strength sessions of the above to go, then I’ll move onto the hypertrophy phase, 3 times a week:

Friday night this week in traveling to Edinburgh for my good friend’s gen day and night on Saturday. We’re off to Perth to do water tubing (in wetsuits, hopefully it’s not too cold!) then a night out in Edinburgh.

I went shopping for some stuff for it today and bought myself this top today too. (Not teaching swimming on Sundays is costing me money!)

The other thing we did today was have a really tasty lunch at Moyra Jane’s at the bottom of Nithsdale road.

They have a new menu, and whilst I could had gone for the Mac cheese or steak pie, I really like to eat tasty salads when I’m out. (honest). I had a hot smoked salmon salad which had a poached egg on top. It was well tasty.

And since I’d run this morning and I’d had a good healthy lunch, I decided it’d be good to share the tastiest homemade lemon meringue pie in the world ever, with Fit Girl. Yum.

Tonight I did my food prep for next week, whilst we made a beef casserole for dinner. Yum again.

Food for next week is:
– Berry breakfast
– Banana and peanut butter shake snack
– Chicken salad lunch: chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, orange pepper, cheese, chilli, sun flower seeds, greek yoghurt, apple. – cheese and cherry tomatoes
– pear
– coconut

I’m looking forward to a week of s’s: swims, strength & spin. No runs til at least Sunday, see how my foot is. :-)

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Need motivation? – part 3 of 3

How can you get motivated to improve and become the best version of you?

Following on from my 7 out of 10 steps this week on how to get motivated, here are some steps you can follow, steps 8-10 today:

8. Start each day as a new day (‘reset’)
We can’t always be saints all of the time. Sometimes we have a bad week or a bad day. Life takes over sometimes, and before you know it you’ve missed your workout and you’ve eaten crap all day.

What’s done is done. Let it go and move on. Recognise why you didn’t do as well as you did that day, and reset the next day. What will you do differently?

You choose what you do and what you make time for. You choose what you eat and drink. Make good positive choices to help you achieve your goal.

9. Continually assess your progress
As you go along with your plan, assess how you’re doing with it. I review my training and progress once a week and try to improve what I’ve been doing based on how I did the week before. It helps me make sure I’m on target and still motivated to continue.

(I’m also putting my plans out there, so that if I’m tempted to skive off, I’ve just told hundreds of people I’m going to do something, so I’d better do it!)

You don’t need to do a weekly blog like I do (although you can if you want)… you could write it down in a journal, or discuss it and make plans with your partner or friend.

Remember to make sure your goal is still important and your plan is working. If you can’t fit your exercise in, change your plan or workout a time when you can fit it in next week. If you’re not eating right, or not losing weight, change your plan. Change what you eat, drink more water. Bit by bit you can find what works for you.

10. Review your goals to make sure they’re still working
Sometimes motivation can be lost because the goal we had looses importance, life takes over or we fall back into old ways.

Review your goals regularly and help them make a change in your life and lifestyle forever. If you’re not sure about goals, find a coach or personal trainer to help you. Check out Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the muscle, Google it or ask a friend who’s done it for some help.

Or type ‘goals’ in the search bar of my blog, or go here:

More info:


1. Here’s a list of books I’d recommend to help you make your change:
– Burn the fat, feed the muscle by Tom Venuto
– How to take charge of your life by Richard Bandler
(See summary here:
– The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor
– A good day at the office by Dr John Briffa
– The new rules of lifting supercharged by Lou Schuler
– The Happiness Code by Dominique Bertolucci
– Small move, big change by Caroline Arnold

2. Take my super human test to see what you could improve upon.

3. Get your cape on. :-). You can do this!

Here’s part 1 and 2:

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Breakfast for champs

I’ve come to realise that, for me, breakfast is he most important meal of the day. Get it right and you’ll be full until around 1pm and the (approx 500 calorie) berry based breakfast I usually have, does just that.

So here goes. I use my breville blender to make the yoghurt mix:

1. Put around 50mls of coconut milk and 5-10 frozen raspberries in the mixer bottle.

2. Add 2 scoops of my Protein Total breakfast, a sweet tasting carb, protein and caffeine packed mix.

3. Add 3 tablespoons of low fat greek yoghurt, put the lid on and whizz it all up until smooth (and pink).

4. In a bowl, add around 80g fresh raspberries, 60g fresh blueberries and 2 tablespoons of chopped walnuts (or some pine nuts).

5. Pour the pink yoghurt mix over the berries and nuts.

6. Get a thick stockans oatcake and crumble it over the top of the bowl.

7. Finish off with an Americano coffee, a water, and a centrum multivitamin and a super omega 3 capsule.

A very filling and tasty breakfast. It honestly keeps me full until lunchtime and is a great post workout meal too. It keeps me so full, that I have a shake at lunchtime, then my lunch at around 3pm!

If there’s too much, you can always put it in a Tupperware tub and take it to work for an after lunch treat.

Fresh berries are expensive, but I’m ok in investing in my health to eat good food like this (and my protein usually have good deals on too for the total breakfast).

If you want to buy Total Breakfast you can get it on my protein .com here:

Use my code of you buy it (please)


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Put your trainers on and go!

I couldn’t find the full BBC Get Inspired video earlier, but here it is… here’s hopefully a bit of inspiration for women to get involved in exercise or activity.

Click on the link here, then watch the video:

A few famous faces, and a few other inspiring women… one of which is my friend Janice below… she comes along after me at one point, speaks well, laughs like she always laughs and has a good parting line. I had a few lines too. :-)

’20 years from now, You won’t regret what you have done, but you will regret what you haven’t done. Put your trainers on and go.’

:-) (I like how Janice and I got contacted separately even though they didn’t know we knew each other.)

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