Wk25 into Wk26

I’ve been a bit quiet, mainly because I’ve not being doing much training. 3 runs up to Thursday, plus a 3 hour (what wasn’t meant to be a) workout in the garden on Monday, and for some reason I was gubbed by the weekend.

So much so I didn’t fancy my 12 miler I’d planned, nor did I get my ass out the door for a shorter run. I figure I’ll get back to it next week after a good weekend resting.

But I did have a very busy 4 day week in work (working 5 days across 4), and by the time the weekend came, I wanted to just take some time out.

My boss was off on leave and we’ve got a big project to deliver next week, which I was getting ready for. As well as the day job and being out all day doing interviews on Friday. I stayed late at work, Tue, Wed, Fri. :-S

Here’s what I did last week anyway:

Mon: Rest (on leave) – garden upper workout!
Tue: am 10M fast finish run
Wed: rest
Thu: 2x 4M – am / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

The two runs on Thursday were meant to have another in there at lunch time, which I’ll aim to do this week. I was just too busy at work to get a lunch break away from my desk. The 2 runs were good anyway.

The 10 miler on Tuesday felt great though, and I felt great all day. I thought, I must remember this feeling. It really set me up for the day and made me smile all day.

I didn’t do strength on Wednesday because I was sore after Monday, ripping up roots in my garden. That’s my next plan. Doing it up on the weekend. Hopefully it won’t take that long and it’ll turn into a nice place to sit.

This weekend I haven’t felt great, kind of sicky, and a bit lethargic. I hate feeling like this, but it’s here so I’m dealing with it and trying not to moan. I’ve been getting lots of sleep:

10 hours on Friday night, plus a nap = almost 12 hours sleep…

Then just over 10 hours sleep in Saturday night, which is telling me I’m needing it.

Anyway, hopefully it’ll all have helped me feel better for the new week, here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: 5M run (PT)
Tue: am 12M fast finish run
Wed: Strength
Thu: 3x 4M – am / lunch / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 10-15M long base run
Sun: Rest (gardening?)

I’ll maybe do the long run on Friday morning if I want the whole weekend free (or fancy the gym on Saturday morning).

Oh and one last thing, we’re getting a new kitchen installed in July.

We’ve been looking for a bit, and we signed for it yesterday from Lomond Kitchens … the tiles are still TBC.

A lot of things happening, is it any wonder my body doesn’t want to exercise as much as I’m planning it to? Roll on next week, see what happens.

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Wk22-24 into Wk25

I’ve not written weekly summaries for a bit, but I have been keeping a track of my training… and have been planning it and changing it accordingly.

Week 22 / wc 1 Jun
Mon: 4.5M fast finish (last mile) run
Tue: Rest (Edinburgh, 5M walk)
Wed: Strength (full body)
Thu: 6M easy / base run (wi Eileen)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 8M long run
Sun: Rest

Around 3-4 runs a week, 1 strength session and 2 rest days. And bits of walking here and there. It’s been working well.

Week 23 / wc 8th Jun
Mon: Rest
Tue: am 7M base run / pm 3.3M base run
Wed: Rest
Thu: 7M fast finish (last mile) run
Fri: 10M long run, fast finish (2.5 miles)
Sat: Strength (full body)
Sun: Rest

I started my 2 runs a day but I didn’t quite manage the same distance morning and night. My mileage that week was good though, 4 runs, around 27 miles. And gym strength on the Saturday to finish off a good week.

Week 24 / wc 15th June
Mon: Rest
Tue: 5M fast finish (last mile) run
Wed: Rest (PT strength / tabatas)
Thu: 2x 6M runs (am/pm)
Fri: Rest (full body massage!)
Sat: Rest (in the garden a bit)
Sun: Rest (bday!)

Then this last week, it’s been a bit of a quiet one… 3 runs across 2 days, plus an hour of PT strength where I was watching (form) rather than doing, which was fine.

The double run on Thursday was good, 6 miles in the morning, 6 miles at night. It was ok, but the next day I was a bit tired, so I’ll always aim to have a rest day after I do double or triple run days.

I had a really good 1.5 hour massage from Clare on Friday night. I was sore on my shoulders and legs a bit during and after it, but I’m fresh as a daisy now. Then a long weekend full of rest, sleep, eating and recovery. Just what I needed.

Next week was in the plan was a rest and recovery week, but I’ve done it a week early, so I’m going to plough on with effort this coming week.

Week 24 / wc 22nd Jun
Mon: Rest (on leave)
Tue: am 9M fast finish run
Wed: Full body strength
Thu: 3x 4M – am / lunch / pm
Fri: Rest
Sat: 12M long base run
Sun: Rest (gardening?)

I might do the longer run on Tuesday morning but I’ll see. (That might mean getting up at 530am which I might not be good at after a long weekend off!)

These last few days I’ve been getting some great sleeps, between 9-10 hours which has been nice.

Top that off with the massage and some nice walks yesterday, some good food, and some gardening on Saturday, and a lot of being spoilt on Sunday and today, and it’s been a good long weekend.

Now I have a plan of doing up my front garden too. It’s still very much in the early stages, but I can see Sundays now becoming ‘gardening’ days for a bit, whilst I / we do it up.

The other day I spent a few hours cutting down some bushes. And the weekend before I did a rough plan… for a nice sheltered sitting area, with an arbour, raised gardens, trees and maybe a wooden bridge / path, over a gravel rainbow. TBC. We’ll see.

First things first is to get a fence panel up to hide the area, then get done top soil etc.

It’s now 4 full weeks to the Thunder Run 24, so I’ll pick up the training anyway and get myself used to 3 runs a day (once a week) and some long runs too.

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All over for another year

I had a good birthday, after I opened my lots of presents we ended up going a drive (showers and sunshine) and ended up in Drymen for lunch…

… at the Drymen Inn, where I had a tasty smoked salmon salad for lunch. And an Ice cream cone for afters.

… then we went on to Aberfoyle and had a riverside walk where I dropped an elephant (for my granny.) and had a play on a zip slide.

Back home for a kids dinner of pizza, (coffee and walnut) cake and ice cream. Yum. That’ll do nicely.

The album with more photos is here:


Thanks for all the birthday wishes. :-)

A good wee day for me. Ta.

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Lucky me on my birthday…

I took a long weekend off work for my birthday (which is today)… The closer it came the more I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go.

We’ve been away quite a bit in the last few months, and the weather is meant to be cloudy and showers, so I figured a nice wee relaxing day with Fit Girl would be good.

Starting with a lie in and opening presents…

I got this nice heart shaped word bubbles, which includes just about all the words about me… (I could think of a few more, but these almost brought a tear to my eye):

Then there’s the books:

Instant Motivation by Chantal Burns – the surprising truth behind what drives top performance.

Creative ice cream – a book on how to make ice cream (oops).

The 4 hour work week


The 4 hour body

Both written by Tim Ferris … I can’t decide which to read first – maybe the work one, (but don’t let me give up my job after reading it!)

I’ll maybe start with the ‘instant motivation’ one first then see what happens.

I got a new pair of shorts, some socks, a coffee pod dispenser, some iTunes vouchers, a gift card for M&S, a scratch card… and £90 in cash which will pay for most of my Garmin Vivoactive! Phew!

I got quite a few cards… and have had many happy birthday wished on text, email and FB.

And a few obligatory mars bars, snickers and some more sugar in the form of lion bar granola. Oh and sons healthy snacks from my work colleagues and a bag of mini mars bars.

I’ll be spending the rest of my birthday with Fit Girl, late lunch out, maybe a nice dinner somewhere and away for a drive somewhere to adventurise / go for a walk. :-) (and if it’s windy enough, the kite might get out).

That’s me 35, and that’s the nights drawing in from now on (so my brother always remind me). Winter is on its way. Lol

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Keeping gadgets charged up

Do you ever suffer from ‘decharge’ syndrome…? (It’s a word I’ve made up and it means: )

> ‘You’re about to go on your run, and you get to your Garmin / iPod and the battery is dead.’

Aaaaaaagghhhh!!! It’s almost my worst nightmare! ;-) (ha).

I cringed last night when someone was telling me:

> ‘I forget to charge my Garmin, then I get to it the next day and it’s dead, so I can’t use it for my run. It’s because I come in from a run and just plonk my Garmin down. Then when I’m looking for it to run with the next time, it’s away down at 24%, and there’s no point in running with it.’

I’ve got lots of gadgets, too many perhaps, but they’re usually nearly always charged.

If it (a run or activity) ain’t recorded on Garmin, it didn’t happen – right? ;-)

So I’m a bit particular about always having my garmin(s) charged and always running with them (even if I don’t look at them on the run). They record the activity. My phone and iPod usually always has a charge too.

So how can you make sure your gadgets are alway charged?
I used to charge my phone in my bedroom every night, but I realised I was on it when I shouldn’t be, and decided that it wasn’t healthy, and that it would be better to put it on charge downstairs every night instead.
So I set up a small charging station in our livingroom. Hidden behind our sideboard, out of the way, so no one will notice it. Blutacked up to the back of the sideboard for easy access, with a switch to turn it on or off. :-)

It could be that the wires could go up into a drawer so the devices are hidden away, but this does just fine for me.

A socket with my Garmin Vivoactive and iPhone chargers in it.

Then for my Garmin 620, iPod and my fuel band, the wires are connected to my computer with easy access to charge them when I need to.

Easy peasy. Nice and tidy and organised.

However I’ve just realised I might have caught some of Fit Girl’s OCD. Ah well. Works for me. :-)

Could it work for you?

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Fuzzy head fuzzy eyes

I was walking to work this morning.
And I felt a little gubbed.
Recovery is part of my plan, so when I feel like this, I stop and take time out. :-)

This morning was:
Fuzzy head, fuzzy eyes – feeling a bit fatigued.
And I knew why:

less sleep that I needed + lots of running yesterday (2×6 mile runs) = tired Lorn

I’ve not done a review of my weekly training in a bit, but I’ve been keeping a track of it.

I’ve also been using my Garmin Vivoactive to record my hours of sleep.

13th: 10 hrs 1 min (incl nap!)
14th: 9:49
15th: 8:27

It was all going well until Monday, then I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep (for thinking about work) so I got up.

16th: 6:14

17th: 5:29

Same again, but this time I got up to run early too. :-/

18th: 7:20

Getting a bit better, but not quite up to 8:30-9:30 that I want.

Then last night I got a good 8:40 sleep… and that included a lie in til 7:30am / rest day.

My sleep this week has simply not been good enough. So I’ve felt tired (duh!!) And I’m going to take some time out this weekend to have some down time, some fun (and maybe some cake!) and some happy things.

I’m off for a massage tonight at Fitness Therapy Glasgow, then I’ll be back to training when I feel well rested. (Maybe Tuesday, earlier if I fancy it).

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2 runs a day training for me

I’m training for the Thunder Run 24 which is at the end of July. I did it last year, and getting up to run 3 x 6 mile runs 7-8 hours apart across 24 hours was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to motivate myself to do.

(You’re in a team of 8, staying on a campsite near the route, taking turns to run. Last year I ran at 1pm, 9pm and 5am Arg!!!).

Anyway. This year I want to be (more) ready for it. So I’ve set up my training plan with 3-4 run days week, and one strength session a week.

1-2 base run days
1 long run day
1 day where I run twice a day (in June) and three times a day (in July).

Today was my second ‘two runs a day’ day of my training. I did two 6 milers. One at 6:15am (tired) and one at 6:30pm (after a day at work, a baked potato and runs for lunch and a banana before I left work, plus a few snacks – and a bit of birthday cake !! Shhhh!).

Unfortunately I seem to have lost my Garmin data from this morning’s run, but I do remember the time and heart rates. My heart rate was pretty high and I felt I was going too fast, and overall it felt like a hard run. It was a bit windy and I was probably just running too fast (with Gill).

Here’s the second 6 miler. Which felt easier, more enjoyable and I felt strong at points (even though it was one of the last things I wanted to do, come 5pm!)

Here’s the stats from both runs:

1st one, felt like a level 4/5:
6:15am, Avg HR: 155, Max HR: 165. 53:25. A bit windy.

2nd one, felt like a level 3/5: 6:30pm, Avg HR: 146, Max HR: 157. GTE: 3.2. Ok weather.

In effort terms, where 1 is walking and 5 is beasting it, a 4 and a 3 was how they felt.

Strange that the second 6 miler was not much slower, just 8 seconds a mile slower, but it felt way easier. I think it might be because I was tired this morning, or that it was maybe a bit windier this morning?

So 12 miles in one day, around 26,000 steps (and a full day, plus an hour extra at work).

Not bad eh? I should sleep well tonight!

(And hopefully this will get my body and mind in gear for the event).

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