Coach Calorie: 10 forgotten rules of weight loss

I downloaded this free ebook a while back. If you haven’t heard of Coach Calorie, and you want to know how you can be the best you can be, Coach Calorie can be a great help / source of information.

Here’s his ebook, in PDF: some of it is common sense, and a lot of sensible and wise words to help you achieve your weight loss goals. No fads, no crap or confusion, just simple straight forward advice to help you change your life for the better.

Here are my favourite parts from it:






Don’t take my word for it though. :-) Download it from the link above and read the whole thing for yourself. It took me about 30 mins to read it all. Easy peasy.

You can visit his website and like his Facebook page too if you like what you read.

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Day 5 off caffeine

I’m now on day 5 off caffeine, and it’s been relatively easy. The times it’s testing is in the morning when I’d habitually have my usual cup of coffee. But it’s ok, I’ve just been having water with breakfast instead.

And for my snack at 11 or 12, instead of a mocha shake, I’ve been having a bit of fruit or nuts. Easy. Using substitution to replace the coffee / caffeine in my life.

There’s been no noticeable side effects, I’m as alert as ever and feel fine. It has been a little bit testing, denying myself of it, but it’s just been a case of being determined and knowing that it’s off my list just now. I’m sure it’ll be worth it. :-)

I’ll do this until my marathon day on the 5th May, and take on pro plus about 30 mins before I start, then a caffeine gel about every 50 mins to an hour. Hopefully I’ll reap the benefits on my run.

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My VO2 Max estimate is…

My VO2 Max estimate is… 54!

Today after my run, my Garmin 620 recorded a new VO2 max estimate for me. 54! :-)

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No DOMS today

Well, I’m glad to say that after yesterday’s 14 miler (and 5 miles of walking)…I have no DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) to speak much of.

I do have slightly tense shoulders, and I did wake up this morning thinking my lower back was sore, but it isn’t. And my legs (and arms) are fine.

This is the plan for my marathon, to keep my effort levels not too high throughout… (150 HR or 80% Max HR) … so that hopefully I avoid as much DOMS as possible. (Notice I don’t say, go slow or go fast, my pace will be a result of my HR / effort).

I remember when I did my first marathon distance back in November 2010. I practically stopped and could hardly walk afterwards. And going to the toilet was a laugh, I couldn’t squat, my legs simply wouldn’t work. They were broken for days, even weeks after that.

Now 10 marathons on… for my last marathon, in Sept 2013, I ran with my heart rate around 165, or 90% of my max HR. Afterwards, my legs were sore for maybe 4-5 days after. I’ve learned that the less effort you use (ie, the slower you go, the lesser you push yourself), the less sore you’ll be the next day / week.

So along with trying to eat plenty of recovery foods after my long runs, for this marathon I plan to run with my HR at 150, pushing it higher towards the end (last 5k) if I feel strong.

Today I’m still feeling dehydrated. Stupid school girl error not taking on enough liquid yesterday during or before the run. Hey ho, I’ll try again next week and on the day of the marathon.

Do you get sore after hard intense runs?

Would you prefer to take it easy, enjoy the views and not feel sore the next day?

I wonder if it’ll work for me?

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Wk15 – 14 sunny running miles

The plan today was for me to run about 8 miles with Fit Girl and about 5 miles on my own. We were going to run to the Women’s 10k route, run the whole route then run home. Then id run on to make my long run up to about 13.1 miles.

We woke early and were about the door for 7:50am. I had my water pack with me, but for some reason I didn’t drink a lot on the run. It took a while to get into it too – about 3-4 miles.

We ended up running 9.5 mikes together – the longest Fit Girl has ever run, which was good. She’s started using a new knee strap which seems to be helping. The pace was pretty steady and after I few miles I was starting to enjoy it. Fit Girl wants to run the woman’s 10k in under 50 mins, so she’s training for that now

We did an easy 10k in around 53 minutes, which she was happy with. The next step in her training is to pick up the pace on shorter distances.

No gels today, no caffeine, and I just had some breakfast of Alpen and half a banana before we left. I left Fit Girl at home after 9.5 miles and decided to drop my water pack off as it was running a bit. Then I finished off with 4.5 miles, with my heart rate around 150 or just above.

The last mile was downhill from Finneston, building up to 168, and resulted in my fastest mile for a while. 7:21. My Garmin chimed away when I stopped: Fastest mile, Fastest Half Marathon, 25 hours recovery needed.

When I finished I had some coconut water, lucozade and water, but by that point the damage was done and I was already dehydrated. :-/

Cue sore head for most if the rest of the day, despite eating and drinking plenty, and taking neurofen too. Plenty sun screen on though, so I managed to avoid getting sun burnt.

I need to do better with hydration before, during and after my long runs, but apart from that it was a good run today.

After the run, it was only 10am, so se got ready and took a nice walk up to the west end. :-) 5 miles walking in all, then a nap.

And I got two donations on our just giving page, which was nice to wake up to after my nap this afternoon:

I feel pretty rough now. Sore head and in need of sleep. Think I’ll have an early night and a long lie in.

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8 + 5.1 miles & caffeine fasting

Tomorrow morning my long run…

8 miles with Fit Girl… most of it on the women’s 10k route… we’ll do it from home instead of from Bella.

Then I’ll add on about 5 miles, running with my HR at 150. :-)

I’ll have a good breakfast, and I’ll take my water pack with me, but no energy on the run, just afterwards.

I can’t find my sunglasses though – it’s really annoying!

I’ve started my caffeine fast today too. The Idea behind the caffeine fast is that if you’re a regular caffeine user like me: 2-3 cups a day – you fast from it for two weeks. And then when you take it before your event / marathon … you fly. ;-)

> ‘During exercise caffeine accelerates the transmission of signals from the brain to the muscles, reduces perceived effort, and enhances athletic performance.’

I’ll stay off it until the 5th May, and before I race I’ll have a coffee and pro plus an hour before the marathon, and three to four caffeine gels throughout the marathon.

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Next week is looking busy!

This week has been a bit of a washout training wise. With three weeks to go to the marathon, work has taken over. And now I have just over 2 weeks to go, and a long weekend off work. :-/

(Hey ho, it’s not the end if the world and the rest might actually do me some good!)

This week, I only managed to fit in one run (Tues) and one strength session (Mon) so far, with lots of hours of work in Stornoway and Glasgow. Busy busy.

I had planned to run today (Thursday) but I was tired from travelling and my legs felt like they needed another days rest after strength and running. So I rested and worked hard again.

Tonight was a nice meal out. :-)

We went out for dinner at the Alea Casino which was good: a reasonable and tasty three course meal, and I got my ice cream for free. ;-)

Then we went downstairs and I left the Mrs to gamble £30 on red. We ended up coming away £70 up (minus the meal).

I’m bad at betting (get too addicted and lose!), so I tend to just watch, but it was good fun and good to come away on top. :-)

I’m off work for Easter, Friday and Monday – woohoo and will go a nice walk tomorrow and spend some time with the Mrs. Then do my long run on Saturday, most if it with her.

But I need to think about how I fit training in over the next few weeks before the 5th May.

I want to do around two more longish runs (10-13 miles), no strength training, but some swimming, and I’ll start my 2 week taper for sure:

- Less training, shorter runs, no weights, some swimming.

- Less calories
- Fat load
- Caffeine fast
- Carb load

This is what my diary looks like next week in work: busy busy with travel to Edinburgh, assessments, a launch of a project I’m working on the following week (28th), and another work event I’m pulling together (3rd May.)


So my next few weeks training will look like this (with possibly done running coaching added in):

Fri 18: Rest
Sat 19: 13.1M
Sun 20: Rest & Swim Teach

Mon 21: 4M
Tue 22: Rest (Edinburgh)
Wed 23: Swim
Thu 24: 10M
Fri 25: Rest
Sat 26: 5M
Sun 27: Rest & Swim Teach

Mon 28: 4M
Tue 29: 6M
Wed 30: Swim
Thu 1: 4M
Fri 2: Rest
Sat 3: Rest
Sun 4: Travel / Rest

Mon 5: Marathon!!

Wish me luck! :-) I may need it.

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