Sunday food prep

Last week was a 2 day week at work, and as a result I wasn’t to organised food wise. I found I was hungry most of the time, and craving food / sugar later on in the day.

I ate good breakfasts and lunches, but they weren’t enough. But I really think I need to EAT MORE and eat well too.

Today I was off swimming teaching (training day / holiday from learn to swim), and I spent the day with Fit Girl, reading and in the last hour or so prepping food.

People have asked me what I’ll do when I don’t have swimming teaching every Sunday, now I know. Probably, rest, recover, read, spend time with Fit Girl and prep food for the next week.

Here are my lunches for next week. Chicken, chilli, salad bowls with grapes, sesame seeds and extra virgin olive oil. :-)

I’ve prepped some snacks too, and will start the day with water, a swim and a breakfast of eggs and berries. :-)

I’m still off the coffee (green tea when I was out today, strawberry smoothie yesterday), and I’m still off running. My leg / hip flexor still isn’t right, so I’ll stay off running at least until Thursday, if not a little longer.

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Time to be brave

Time to be brave and stand tall.
Chest up, head held high.
I’ll be there, whatever it takes.

In the sun rays and the rainbows,
I’ll remember and be there for you.
And I’ll remember my cape too.

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One more star in the sky tonight

One more star in the sky tonight…

Today I found out that after a few years of being not too well, my aunt passed away, peacefully in her sleep, after a nice and eventful day out.

Time for me to stand tall, be there and remember her: Cape time.
I’m sure everything will be ‘awight’. ;-)

Night night Aunt Sheila, I hope I helped to brighten your world. X

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Wk40 into Wk41 – Too much too soon

Hands up. I made a rookie mistake. Too much too soon after no training for a few weeks.

Doh. Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re not a super human. ;-)

My runs were going ok this week, unusually sore calves on Tuesday morning after my 6 mile easy run on Monday. So rest day Tuesday.

Then Wednesday a few easy runs, totalling 10 miles and a 4 mile run on Thursday. A rest day on Friday meant I’d done 4 runs in 5 days. I felt ok on the runs, but had clearly lost some level of fitness.

Then Saturday I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a longish run with my brother Ewen. And about 6 miles in I started to feel a niggle in my right hip flexor. I can run through niggles, so I kept going. Problem was it turned into a pain. I can run through pain too. I know I shouldn’t, but I did.

So now my right hip flexor is sore and in need of some rest. With the Southside 6 in 2 weeks time, 15.4 miles, it’s not ideal. I’ll just need to take done rest from running and see how it goes.

Despite the pain today, it was a good hard run. I pushed myself more than I normally would and got a 5.0 Garmin training effect. HR was 158 on average.

I’ll take some rest from running at the start of next week, and instead get into other stuff like swimming and a bit of strength work.

Sun: Rest (or Strength)
Mon: Swim
Tue: Strength
Wed: Swim
Thu AM: 4M easy Run PM: 4M easy if ok
Fri: Swim (or Strength)
Sat: Long Run 8-10M
Sun: Rest

If it’s not right on Thursday and into the weekend I’ll probably need to seriously reconsider my entry into the SS6 and maybe give it up. I’m not up for running 15.4 miles if I haven’t trained for it and I’m either injured or not ready. It’s just not worth it.

We’ll see how it goes. :-)

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7.45M / 12k route wi my bro

One of my other brothers, Ewen, is in Glasgow on Saturday and he’s asked me to go on a run with him: 12km. I don’t really do km, so it’s 7.45 miles.

I made a route for us:

Thankfully he’s not as fast as my other brother Neil, and it should be quite a nice run and a chance to catch up.

I’ll be showing him the sights of Festival and Pollok Park past the cows etc, St Andrews Drive and Shields Road. Not too many hills. Should be good. :-)

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Taking a lunch (and the rest)

I noticed before I went on leave, I was always having my lunch at my desk, and was also tending to stay late far too often.

Towards the last week or so before my leave, I managed to leave on time and had a few lunches with others (away from my desk).

Now I’m back, I’m going to make sure I get away from my desk for lunch (even for 20 mins to half an hour) and I’m going to start to pack up / finish up / write a to do list half an hour before home time. (I’m not promising I’m going to leave on time, but I’m going to try.)

Best practice at work. :-)

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1 elephant dropped, 2 more bought

As any of you who reads my blog will know, every now and then I like to buy a small elephant ornament in a shop when I see one. I keep it for a bit, then when I’m ready, I drop it somewhere special in memory of my granny.

When my grandad (who I never met) was away being a Dr in India in the Second World War, he took back a big wooden elephant for my granny. And elephants always reminded me of her.

It’s a long story, but The week my granny died in 2002, I sent her a small white elephant for her Christmas, but she died before she could open it. All wrapped up, it was now in limbo having been given as a gift, but not unwrapped. I unwrapped it and asked if it could put it down on the coffin with my granny when she got lowered into the ground.

The morning of the funeral, my little one year old niece came along to my granny’s house. Just toddling, she knocked the now unwrapped elephant off the table, and broke it. My brother was worried I’d be really upset, but instead I was very touched by it all.

I’d given my granny the elephant, but she didn’t get it. My niece broke it, and I fixed it. Then that day I helped lower my granny and the little elephant into their resting place.

Now I like to buy a small elephant wherever I see one, keep it for a bit. Then when it takes my fancy I spend a bit of time thinking of and remembering my granny, and I drop the elephant. I try to do one a year somewhere, sometimes more often if I fancy it.

The date doesn’t matter, just some time out and an elephant. (I’m sure my granny would be slightly perturbed at me spending all of this money on elephants, but it’s well worth it). I’ve dropped elephants all over the world, and I’ll continue to.

The elephant I dropped was on the bay front of San Diego as Fit Girl and I sat together and watched the sun set. This year I thought of my granny and making her proud and I also had a thought for Norma Witten too.

Then these are the two new elephants I bought from San Diego. They’ll stay with me for a bit, then I’ll drop them when and where I feel like it.

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