Super Songs to make me Strong

Music helps me A LOT.  I listen to it daily when I run and walk on my own, and in times which test me – like the start of this week – it can really help me to get my head together.

A year or so I got together a playlist that I called my ‘Super Powers Playlist’ – a list of all of my favourite and upbeat songs.  Good to run to, or good to listen to, the list contained over 150 songs.  From Rudimental to the Script, from Foo Fighters to Florence & the machine and from the Prodigy to Peter Paul & Mary – over 10 hours of feel good music.


Then, not so long ago, I picked out some songs that were special to me, and put them into a Super Powers 10 list.  It was meant to contain 10 songs – but it ended up with 17 songs / just over an hour of my favourite and most motivational music – (to hopefully help to fill me full of Super Powers.)

On Monday, I played the tunes, and many of them helped me to feel strong and powerful, confident and content.  Some mention rainbows, some sunshine and titanium… Some made me cry, but in the most part – they helped me bring my chin up and hold my head high. Chest up,  eyes to the sky, big and strong – cape on. Body and mind filled with pride, Super Powers well and truly – ON. :-)

Here they are, in this order:

Not Giving In – Rudimental

Happy by Pharrell

No More Rain by Kylie

Tiger by Emeli Sande

Lifetime by Emeli Sande

Why Worry by Dire Straits

Titanium by David Guetta

Sunshine David Guetta (and Avicii)

Sunshine by Gabrielle (my Granny)

Everything is AWESOME – Lego Movie (my brother Ewen & nephews)

Runaway by Jamiroquai (Asda’s song)

Fine by Kylie

C O O L by Le Youth  (Fit Girl)

Addicted to you by Avicii

Every chance we get we run by David Guetta

I Got U by Duke Dumont / Jax Jones

Youth by Foxes

What songs do you like to help make you strong?

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Building back into it plan Winter 2014

IMG_9318So, after the bump, and the rather challenging start to the week I’ve had, I’ve decided to take some time out from training – a week to be precise.  A chance for me to settle down and get plenty of sleep and see if I can help get my BP back to a normal level for me and make sure I’m feeling ok.  

It’ll be nice to have a wee weekend wi Fit Girl after the waste that was last Saturday.  We had planned to go out for lunch here – Epicures of Hyndland, but the bump and hospital visit took over instead, so I spent the afternoon in bed instead. 

This weekend will consist of a lie in, eating out and relaxing before going for an easy run with my big brother on Sunday morning.  I’m going to show him how to run to his HR and keep it DOWN (keeping mine below 140, or 150 at the max). 



I’ve got an appointment with the Dr on Monday of next week, a wee check up to make sure all is ok.  I’m sure it will be.  My BP is up a bit and back to normal for me today – 106/67.  And I’m back on coffee and drinking and eating plenty.

I’m hoping he’ll maybe check my bloods, make sure everything is ok, and by then my blood pressure should be ok too hopefully.

LP-training-plan-keyAnyway, after the last few months of on and off training, I’m going to build back into it with the following plan.  No big long runs, but a main build up to 6 miles and them 8 miles by the end of the year.  Plus 2-3 strength sessions a week and the odd swim.  1-2 rest days a week:


Long run day will be either Saturday or Sunday, and if I run on the Saturday, I’ll not do strength, then take a rest day on the Sunday.  Friday will be my usual rest day unless I’m travelling with work (then I’ll make it Tuesday and mix it up a bit).

 The Strength training will be full body workouts, following these strength plans I’ve done before. Squats, Rows, Deadlifts, Shoulder Presses etc.

A nice week 8-9 week plan for me to follow and build everything back up in the lead up to Christmas. :-)  Now, where’s my lunch?

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The bump before the storm

It’s funny how people react when you have a black eye. Or dare I say, it’s funny how people can judge you when you have a black eye. (Warning, some of the pics might not be too nice).

This all kind of got missed from being posted on my blog due to other bits of life (and death) taking over, but on Saturday I fainted and hit my head in the gym. Oops. The bump before the storm at the start of the week.

I put a few pictures on Facebook, and mostly there was concern and well wishes – with the odd – ‘you were over doing it’comment or ‘told you so’ type comments. Some people don’t say anything at all, but just look and smile (or even laugh a little). And it’s funny in shops – people are REALLY nice to you. I could get used to it. ;-)

Now that people are seeing my black eye and are finding out I did it in the gym, a standard question in reply is – ‘Were you over doing it?’, ‘Had you eaten breakfast?’ I don’t mind that too much, a question, which allows me to answer them.

However a few people are simply making a statement back instead, telling me ‘You were overdoing it.’ Or ‘You weren’t eating enough.’ Or ‘it’s about time you started listening to your body‘. Without really knowing me or much about what happened. They’ve just assumed and are trying to tell me off.

I listen to my body and I know my body, hence the reason I knew what my BP usually is, and I knew it was lower than normal after I fainted.

Someone even said that they’d heard someone saying they thought I might be anorexic…. mmmm.

Anyone that knows me well, knows there’s absolutely no chance of me being anorexic – I eat to fuel myself and I eat A LOT. :-)


Here’s what actually happened – Saturday morning:

Breakfast 730am – banana and water (which usually sustains me for an hour workout comfortably).

Hydration – 250mls water before workout + 500mls water during workout

I was off coffee, and had been for two weeks – as a caffeine fast before the Southside 6 event on the 2nd November(idea being, you come off caffeine for a few weeks, then take it on the day of the event and you fly – I’ve done it before and it works well).

Workout 8am – an hour in the gym

Warm up Row – 5 minutes / 1000m / level 5

Weights 40 minutes / 4 supersets 8-10 reps with Barbells:

Squats 20kg / Shoulder Press 15kg

Bench Press 20kg / Bent Over Row 25kg

Deadlift 35kg / Lunges (no weight)

KB swings / KB side moves

I felt ok after the weights, I took it easy with lighter weights than normal, and the next few days I was hardly sore.

Bike intervals – then I went to the bike an decided I’d finish with a short intense workout on the Watt bike – it consisted of just over 12 minutes in total:

5 min warm up – level 5

10 x 20:10 secs intervals – 100+ rpm on the efforts

2 min cool down

The intervals started to feel tough, but not too tough, after the 9th one, which was just right, and I knew then that I was finished my workout.

My heart rate peaked at 85% or 158, so it wasn’t as if I was going all out. I was going to cool down for 5 minutes, but felt a little odd, so stopped pedalling and took some time to recover. (See my HR graph above, my HR dropped to 60 after dropping to the ground).

Maybe the workout was a little of what I’m not used to, and I’ll remember that next time. And remember to build things gradually. But I honestly felt fine, right up to the last few minutes on the bike.

I recovered firstly sitting on the bike, then after a minute or so, I got off the bike to stand up. I remember looking at my water bottle thinking I could do with some water to make me feel better – then I woke up on my side. All of the staff who were spare in the gym (that I teach swimming at, so they all know me), were there, giving me first aid and making sure I was ok.

I couldn’t hear anything at first, but I could see the leisure centre manager crouched in front of me, and then my hearing slowly came back through a muffle, then fully. I realised I’d fainted, felt a rather large bump on my head, and then relaxed – knowing that all I needed to do now was lie down until I felt better. I knew I was in good hands.

I’d fainted before and I knew it would be ok, but I’d also had a bump to the head like that before too – and I had a feeling I’d be sporting a pretty impressive black eye soon too. Just what I needed for the funeral on Monday! Aw man.

Stars in my eyes, for about 10 minutes… it felt worse than it had ever felt before. After a bit the staff looking after me asked me to try to get up slowly, I tried, but I still felt bad, so an ambulance was called. One of the Leisure Attendants (LAs) Kevin was good with me, and stayed with me the whole time. Lying on the hard floor, looking after me, cracking jokes and making me laugh.

The stars went on for quite a bit, and I started to get upset, a little worried that I’d really hurt myself. I lay back down again, and my feet were elevated on a chair to coax the blood back into my head. Kevin the LA pleaded with me not to get upset, so I composed myself and lay back down, waiting for gravity to do its thing.

When the ambulance came, they measured my blood pressure at 90/60 (where 120/80 is meant to be normal). I knew what my blood pressure usually is – and it’s usually somewhere around 100/70 or 110/70, so I knew there was something not quite right.

I was checked over and all seemed ok, I managed to stand up in the end. Shaken and dazed, I let them put me in a wheelchair and wheel me out to the ambulance for more checks. They suggested I get checked over at the hospital, and I still didn’t feel quite right, so went along with them to get checked out. We got to the hospital and just as we did, I felt really unwell and was sick. Now I was concerned.

Lying there in the hospital, still a little dazed and confused, all of my vitals were checked again, and my blood pressure was coming up slightly (95/68). They did a CT scan just to be sure, and once that was confirmed as ok (they’d even found a brain in there too!), they let me go home. Luckily A&E was pretty quiet on that Saturday morning, so I was out by around half 12.

Back home for a sleep and later a pizza, ice cream and coke… I felt better by Sunday and had things to do. I felt betteron Sunday morning and wanted to plan for the funeral and make sure my Aunt was remembered well, and I felt well enough to go to swimming teaching in the afternoon, so did.


Anyone that knows me well, knows that I actually eat a lot, drink plenty water and I’m careful about how hard I train. I put a lot of emphasis on rest and know how important rest is. The week before I’d just done 1 easy run and a swim, and plenty of rest – so I wasn’t overtraining.

I also monitor lots of measures includingheart rate, blood pressure, resting heart rate, weight, body fat… and the reason I do this is because I’m careful about being healthy and being the best I can be. I even know what my iron levels are usually ok, as I note it down each time I go to give blood (and it’s always above 12.5).

Those who know me well, didn’t question me, tell me I didn’t eat enough, or tell me I was over doing it – and one good friend gave me a good bit of advice, backed up by her medical knowledge as a nurse and her experience herself of having low blood pressure. She suggested – ‘Try some arnica to reduce the bruising, and get back on the caffeine to help raise your blood pressure.’

That was it… that was why my blood pressure was lower than normal (plus maybe being a little dehydrated perhaps… but I did have 500mls of water during my workout). I sensibly pulled out of the Southside 6 the following weekend, and I started to check my BP to see if it was ok. Drinking plenty of water, eating lots (as usual), getting plenty of sleep and simply taking care.

My Dad (retired GP) said a rather straight forward description of what happened too:

‘You have low blood pressure. Most of your blood was in your muscles. You stood up and the blood didn’t get to your brain. So you fainted and fell over, and the unfortunate part is – you bumped your head on the way down. You’re fit, and fit people have low blood pressure and low heart rates. There’s not a lot else you could or should have done.’

(then he told me a story I’ve heard a hundred times before about how he has to hold on sometimes when he stands up as he gets dizzy).

My understanding of the situation:

1. My blood pressure was lower than normal, possibly due to not having caffeine for 2 weeks.

2. I could have maybe been more hydrated perhaps.

3. I’d not been training as regularly as possible so what I thought was an ok workout (intervals on the bike), might have been a more of a challenge than normal – (but I was checking my HR and it wasn’t going too high).

So what’s next?

1. Get back on caffeine – yay!

2. Be careful about drinking lots of water, staying hydrated and eat plenty.

3. Monitor blood pressure and resting heart rate to see if it goes up.

4. Get a check over at the GP just to make sure (but some say it’ll be a waste of time, best to be safe).

5. Create a simple progressive training plan to take me up to Christmas with mostly easy workouts, building strength and distance up to 6-8 miles.

6. Get plenty sleep, and rest included in the training plan.


Anyway, my eye is changing colour day by day – and it won’t be gone by Halloween, so I might just go out trick or treating. ;-)

I do appreciate the concern, and understand why people would think I’m overdoing it, or not eating enough. But I am eating, and I’m not overdoing it. I promise.

Those who are very close to me know that too, and have confirmed with me that I’m not in denial, and I am doing everything ok.

Taking care and being healthy is one of my top priorities. I like to be healthy and I workout and eat well to be healthy.

It’s not healthy to faint, so I’ll do everything I can to prevent it. I am going to get checked out at the Drs, and I am going to do all I can to try to raise my blood pressure, so that I can be healthy enough to train, work and live.

It’s as simple as that. :-) No anorexia, no over doing it… just good health and continuing to take care of my body and well being.

Maybe those who are telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing, should try it too, instead of telling me why I fainted?! :-O

On a brighter note, look what greeted me in the sky as soon as I left the hospital:


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All is well and remembered well

All went well on Monday. Despite everything that was thrown at me, it all went well and she was remembered well.  My Aunt is remembered well and laid to rest, and we got there with just 4 minutes to spare.

From black eyes, weather warnings, landslides, heavy rain and wind, to road closures, emotional roller coasters, 160 mile detours, single track roads and sheep – We got it all thrown at us. We got through it all, and it all worked out just fine in the end.

I’d arranged for my best friend and laid-back-lucky-charm-Rhona to come all the way from Inverness to meet me in Fort William, then we’d drove the 60 mile, single track detour to Lochaline in one car.

On Sunday night I realised the A82 was closed due to a massive landslide and Rhona had already decided on a detour for me to take. My 3.5 hour journey to Lochaline would eventually turn into 5.5 hours.

With a good breakfast in me, I left early, around half past 8 after toying with the idea that maybe it wasn’t the best idea for Rhona to drive all that way, on such terrible weather conditions. I’m glad she did. She helped a lot, (and I’m not sure she even tried much!)

The day was mostly grey and wet, and at about 10 past 10, it brightened a little and I thought, ‘This looks like rainbow weather‘. That second, my Dad text me, and the first and only rainbow of the day, appeared in front of me. Spooky.

I cried.

I drove up the A9, across to Laggan and got stuck behind 3 broken down lorries for a while, before eventually the traffic eased off and I continued the detour to Fort William. Things seemed to be falling into place too easily. With the detours we had ahead of us, I knew I was really pushing it for time.

I had my little red elephant (to drop) with me, and a few passengers too to keep me company. Sysco the Tiger, Juno the Giraffe, and Elephant in the passenger seat. (Jasper and Asda didn’t wang to go). ;-)

I was up and down on the journey, teary at points and smiling at other points. Listening to my tunes and Radio Scotland for the travel updates. At 11 o’clock, MacAualy & Co came on Radio Scotland and the co host I’d helped get into work at the BBC came on with Fred. I smiled.

I got to Fort William just after 12, stopped for a quick pee and some petrol before going to find Rhona where she’d been waiting since travelling down. I pulled up and parked and she offered to drive me in her 4×4 (and fast) black Audi along the 60 mile detour to Fort William. I gratefully agreed.

Time could have been against us, but with Rhona driving me I felt a strange and unspoken confidence that we’d get there on time.

The service started at 2pm and I knew we were cutting it fine. I text the Minister to let him know we were on our way, hoping there was enough network to let my message get through.

After the windy roads, rain and wind, traffic and plenty of sheep, eventually we got to Lochaline and took a right past my Granny’s (and Sheila’s) old house. I saw my uncle was in the garden clearing something up. We drove on to the church and arrived with 4 minutes to spare. 13:56.

With no spaces to be had, we parked up on the only space left up on the grass verge, got out of the car, and headed into the church.

Dressed all in black except for a purple scarf, a purple under layer you could just see, and the shiner on my left eye, I went in first and was greeted by the Minister a few locals.

I saw my Mum a few rows from the back. She cowered down low, and I confidently walked up to the front of the church. Rhona and I took our seats alone but together on the front seats, with my Aunt Sheila in her coffin to our left.

The service began, and I felt proud and strong when the words I’d written the day before about my Aunt’s life, were read out by the Minister. Her life story, there for us all to hear and remember. The hymns I’d chosen were sung, and the ‘Remember’ poem I’d written was read out.

Prayers were said, and whilst I’m not religious at all, I felt my Granny’s pride and presence surround and engulf me.

I remembered my Granny’s funeral, held in the very same church, and I remembered leaving that day, telling her I’d make her proud. Today I did that.

My Aunt Sheila didn’t have much, but today she was remembered for who she was, how she lived and how she laughed. How she cared and how she eventually passed.

Rhona was right next to me holding my hand. I was wearing my cape necklace she’d given me, and I was smothered in capes I’d been lent by others. I shed a tear, but felt calm and relaxed, and remembered her well.

We got out to the grave yard, to finish the ceremony. The wind was blowing a gale and the rain was lashing down. I wrapped up in my black Rohan jacket was protected well. We stood for a while, before the coffin came down. I was almost laughing at how bad the weather was. Thinking she’d laughing at us too.

I took the chord at the head of the coffin and lifted and lowered her into the ground, with help from others who knew her.  She was laid to rest close to my where my Grandad and Granny lie. Sheila was laid to rest, remembered and all was now at peace.

After the funeral, we were asked by Sheila’s friend Sandra to join them at her house nearby. We went along, rhona, the Minister, another local man and a relation of Sandra’s. We chatted about Sheila and about people we all knew (it’s a small world afterall).

Before we left, I went back to the graveyard, and dropped my little elephant, behind my granny and granddad’s grave stones under a leaf and a rose. All done.

We left before darkness took hold, and got to Ardgour (where the Corran Ferry goes from) at just after 5pm.

Just after we got there, we heard on the radio that the road to Fort William had reopened again, so no need to go back the detour way we’d come. We lined up to get the Ferry across and it pulled right up. Magic.

Straight onto the Ferry, as the darkness came down. We were chatting quietly, and ‘Sunshine’ by Gabrielle was playing. No shining stars tonight, but plenty of sunshine and I felt a magic inside for sure. I felt like I had some sort if forcefield around me making sure everything would be fine.

(Then we were rudely awoken by the cringeworthy Lego theme tune ‘Everything is AWESOME’. I thought of my brother Ewen, and my nephews) and I smiled again.) lol.

We got to Fort William and I decided I’d be best to stay the night. I called the owners of a B&B (Scot & Heather) Fit Girl and I had got to know as friends, and asked if I could stay the night.

They said of course, so I had dinner with Rhona before she drove back to Inverness, then Scot & Heather put me up in their bunkhouse (free of charge) and we spent the night chatting away.

A long, but very good day.

If I was put on this earth to do one thing, this was it.

Chapter closed.

Ps: Thanks to all of those who helped me (you can have your capes back now), and to all of those I made proud.

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My aunt is having a laugh

So I get home tonight to some not do good news. The road, the A82 from Onich to Fort William is closed due to a landslide. The road I need to take, to get to the Corran Ferry and then onto Lochaline for my aunts funeral at 2pm on Monday.

Weather warnings issued, the weather isn’t going to be nice. I’m almost thinking someone is telling me not to go! Lol

Lochaline is just near Kirsteen’s eat, under the weather warning sign and heavy rain.

I’ll get up early tomorrow and see if there’s an update, otherwise it’s a big long detour for me x2.

On another more positive note, this morning I got in touch with the minister who is doing my aunts service, and I told him everything I know about her. It sounds like he didn’t hear from any of the rest of my family, so I’m glad I’ve been able to help inform him. He also has my poem which he’ll be reading out.

I have a feeling my sung would be laughing a lot at this situation with the road closures and weather. Lol. Best get to bed.

Ps: 7 more swimming lessons to go, then I’m finished!

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Remembering her

A few days ago I found out the sad news that my Aunt Sheila passed away. My Granny’s daughter, I always kept in touch with Sheila and seemed to have a nice and unspoken kinship with her.

Sheila had a bit of a sad few last years, a brain haemorrhage left her not really herself and in a bit of a bad way. Just 66 at the time, she was hospitalised, and eventually put into palliative care in a care home.

She did well there, and improved in many ways, but eventually her lifestyle and everything finally all caught up with her and on Friday 17th October, aged 68, she slipped away.

Sheila was very close with my granny, they lived together in Lochaline (near Mull) for about the last 20 years of my granny’s life.

Granny died in 2002, and I went to stay with Sheila to help her prepare for the funeral. I spent 5 days with her and I really helped her, and I think my granny would have been well proud of me.

See more here:

Since my granny died, I kept in touch with Sheila and always sent her birthday and Christmas cards and presents. I’d send her a home made hamper with stuff I knew she’d appreciate in it, and kept in touch. It was good to be able to do stuff for her.

In 2002, when I drove home from my granny’s funeral, day became night and on the way I saw some rainbows and sunshine which really stuck with me. Now when I see rainbows, I smile.

The other day in work when I looked up, I saw this rainbow in the distance. And it made me smile and be grateful.

Sheila’s funeral is on Monday 27th, in Lochaline. She didn’t have too wide a social network, so I don’t think there will be many people there, so I want to make it special if I can.

At my granny’s funeral, Henry Scott Holland’s poem was read out. And it made it really special. And if you’re a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll know I regularly ‘drop elephant ornaments’ in memory of my granny.

Well, I wanted to get a special poem for Sheila. Something to remember her by. Something the reverend could read out. Sheila always liked a good joke and a good laugh, so I wanted to get one with a bit of humour if I could. But still capture who she was and how I’d remember her.

So I wrote this:


Remember me, whist I forever sleep.
My love in your heart, to always keep.
That distant laugh, that hidden smile,
Will bring me back, to you a while.

Remember the laughs, the smiles and jokes.
And don’t forget, that I liked my smokes.
Stand tall, be proud and be yourself for all to see.
Be strong, be nice and be who you want to be.

Remember the chats and laughs we shared.
Unspoken strength throughout despair.
Throughout the darkness, let the brightness shine.
Feel now no grief, and know you’ll be just fine.

Remember us and all we are.
In the sunshine, rainbows and twinkling stars.
Remember all of the good times we had,
Just smile, remember and please don’t be sad.

Remember too that I am close,
just by your side when needed most.
And through this time that we’re apart
know that I’m there, deep in your heart.

Monday will be hard for me, for reasons I won’t go into on here…

…So I’ll need my cape, and I’m lucky to have a good friend travel a very long way to be with me and help me on the day. I’m very lucky to have her.

And I’ll be wearing my ‘remember your cape’ necklace she gave me too. :-)

Anyway, I’ve come up with something I’m going to do, to remember my Aunt (and her mum, my Granny).

Here’s where the little elephant ornament I bought in San Diego comes in handy.

It just so happens that it’s head hinges open so that something can be put inside his body.

So I printed out my poem for Sheila, and the ‘All is Well’ poem for Granny and folded then small, and put then inside it.

The next step is to drop this colourful little elephant that came all the way from San Diego.

I’ll drop it at some point on Monday, probably after the funeral, at Keil Cemetery. Or around Lochaline somewhere.

Hopefully it will be a nice personal thing to do to remember her by, and hopefully her friends will like the poem too.

Ps: if you have a cape you can lend me on Monday, I’d appreciate a shot of it. ;-)

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A swim and some Pool rage

Oops. I upset someone today. This morning before 7am! I made him really really angry. And maybe even ruined his day. All in a wee spot of pool rage very early in the morning at Bellahouston.

The ‘fast’ lane was busy, with around 6 people, 4 guys, 2 women. I always get in at the deep end of the pool so that I’m just swimming and not stopping (or chatting) in the shallow end.

Swimming away, I caught up with some people a few times, and sometimes one or two people caught up with me. When this happened, I was aware, stopped at the end, and let them pass.

Swimming in lanes is a bit like driving. You need to be aware of those around you, if there’s restricted space, you can let others know you’re there (tapping on toes), and if other swimmers are catching up with you, it’s best practice to move over and let them get on their way.

I’ve written about ‘Pool ettiquette’ before here:

Anyway, so I was swimming away, and as I got towards the shallow end I started to catch up with a swimmer and could see bubbles from his feet. Not quite close enough to tap his feet to let him know I was there, I slowed a bit. But not fast enough.

He slowed right down and his legs spread a little, more like breast stroke than front crawl. And as a result I caught his leg with my arm. Because he’d taken up so much room stopping, there wasn’t room to turn.

So I stood up, turned and got back on with my swim. (This may have looked like I was angry, but there’s imply wasn’t room to turn, so I stood and got on with it). Then about half way down the lane I noticed someone touching my leg, then he yanked on my leg.

I stood up and he said:
‘When you see bubbles, you’re meant to back off’.

I’d obviously upset him. Oops. ;-)

I didn’t reply and just let him get on with it. I swam to the the end, and there he said something else in a rage. It really wasn’t worth fighting over on a Wednesday morning!

I could have said, ‘Actually, bubbles mean I’m catching up with you, and you should be aware of who’s around you, and catching up with you, and let faster swimmers past you’.

But I didn’t want to prod a monster, so just left him to his rather angry early morning swim. If I was proved wrong, I wouldn’t even mind, but he seemed very adamant to make his point. And seemed very angry indeed.

I think I might just have ruined his day! Lol.

Swimming a should be relaxing, calming and enjoyable. But it maybe just ruined his day. Hey ho.

I might try another swim tomorrow morning, see if I can do it without upsetting someone. Lol.

2000m in 42:29, a bit slower than normal, but then I’ve not had pool rage inflicted on me before. ;-)

Here’s what I did anyway:

250m FC swim
250m FC arms only
5 x 100m FC swim
750m FC arms only / swim / arms only by 250m
250m FC swim

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