Thumbs up runners

This morning as I was running along the outside of Bellahouston park, at about 7:20am and about 6 miles into my 8.5 mile run… I saw another runner, running in the same direction as me inside the park.

I could tell by the way she was moving that she looked like a pretty new, beginner or cautious runner. And as I ran into the park I noticed she’d stopped to walk for a short bit. Then she started again.

It was going to take me off my route a little, but I decided I’d run towards her, give her a thumbs up and a well done and then get back on my route.

She had her headphones in, and so did I. I took one out, and got her attention and eye contact. I have her a big thumbs up and mouthed / said good effort. She smiled and laughed and said thank you. :-) smile beaming from ear to ear.

You see it doesn’t matter how fast or slow anyone goes, it’s getting started and having the motivation to keep going that might change your life, forever. A smile, nod, wave or thumbs up can help others to be motivated and enthused to keep going and remind them to enjoy themselves and if how well they’re doing.

After I gave her the encouraging thumbs up, I turned around and ran back to my route and in front of her. I remembered me just starting out. Sticking to running on the treadmill at first, before I found the joy and fun of running adventures outside.

Now I’m 2 stone lighter, and able to run as far as I want. Running is a big part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just wish more people would find and enjoy running the way I’ve found and enjoy it too. :-)

So next time you see a beginner runner, or a runner who’s struggling or grimacing, why don’t you give them the thumbs up, give them a smile or a high five. You might find they like and remember it. :-)

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What do people think of you?

Have you ever asked people what they think of you, or been provided with feedback about you by people you know?

Sometimes it’s nice to hear what people think of you, a bit of feedback can go a long way.

It can be a good way to help you to realise who you are, what you’re good at and give you confidence that you’re as super as you maybe hope to be. (Or it can be an opportunity to improve and change to become an improved / super version of you).

Every year at work at the BBC, we go through an appraisal process where we have a discussion and some feedback about how last year went, and discuss and set objectives for the next year.

This year, a few people provided my manager with feedback about me, and I have to say, the contents were very flattering and heart warming indeed.

Here are just a few of the words people used to describe me at my work:

‘Outstanding’ and ‘impressive’, ‘easy to work with’, ‘efficient’ are other words people have used.

The feedback I received and the words used above, really make it all worthwhile and make me very grateful that I seem to have found a job that suits me well and I have such nice people to work with. :-)

Roll on 2015 for some more fun at work.

My cape is still on and I’m hopefully going to be getting the chance to help and shield many others with it. :-)

Ps: Someone said that I …

‘instil confidence and calm’?


And she also said,

‘I’d love to have her with me in a crisis!’

Ha ha – you know who you are!

I’m the crazy one - if I’m instilling calm and confidence in you, may dog help you all! Lol. ;-)

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God is a runner…

Tonight on my 10 miler after work, I listened to Faithless mostly… 7 miles in, endorphins pumping… This song struck a chord with me:

Faithless: God is a DJ

This is my Church
This is where I heal my hurts

It’s in natural grace
Or watching young lives shape
It’s in minor keys
Solutions and remedies
Enemies becoming friends
When bitterness ends

This is my Church
This is my Church

This is my Church
This is where I heal my hurts

It’s in the world I’ve become
Containded in the hum between voice and drum
It’s in change
The poetic justice of cause and effect
Respect, Love, Compassion
This is my Church
This is where I heal my hurts
For tonight God Is A DJ
For tonight God Is A DJ

This is my Church

Running up Great Western Road tonight, heart pumping, legs moving, feet taking step after step, even with the fumes from the cars, I felt like this was my church. Running is my church. :-) It makes me feel so good. So strong and like I can do anything.

You might know that I’m not religious in any way, but running has the ability to give me the strength, therapy and good feelings I need to be me, and be settled. Cape on, Super Lorn. ;-)

On Sunday we got up early for a run, and were lucky enough to spend 40 minutes running as the sun came up.

Then tonight, after work, as I ran west towards the squinty bridge, with Sunshine by Gabrielle on my iPod, I watched as the sun set over my work (BBC), and the sky turned pink. It was very pretty.

My god is a runner, endorphins, smiles, nods and waves from other runners, and my music and chats with friends as I run, all help too. :-

Ps: BBC Scotland is looking pretty cool (if a little gay) this week. Again, I feel fortunate to be working there. :-)

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Wk36 into Wk37

Last week was another strange one for me. I managed to get out of bed early for a few early training sessions, 3 runs, a swim, a walking day and a couple of rest days.

Mon: 5M walk
Tue: 5.4M run
Wed: 2000m swim
Thu: 9M run
Fri: Rest & Travel
Sat: Rest & Wedding!
Sun: 4M run

Thursday was a good day, when an intended 4 mile run turned into 6 miles, then 9 miles. :-) felt good during it and after it. The swim on Wednesday was good too, although I was dehydrated and had sore legs and shoulders after it.

This week I’m kind of filled with excitement when I’m in work (all of the activity and set up in a ‘The Street’ at BBC Scotland is very impressive. But if I’m honest I’m fed up with all the posts and opinions, reporting, bad feeling, bad behaviour and stupid comments. I just want this thing (the Referendum) over and done with. So roll on Friday, whatever the result.

Yes No Maybe. Reasons to vote yes / be independent – reasons to go no / stay together.

My best friend out it a good way, either way it goes, we’ll be ok. But one thing which won’t be good is that almost half of the Scottish population won’t be happy with the result, whatever it is. :-S I know what I’m voting but I don’t need to blog or post about it. So I’ll shut up now. Lol

Anyway, back to this week. We have two weeks, or 14 days to be precise, before we fly out to San Diego and I can’t wait!

Now that I’m back to being back to health (viral infection gone) here’s the plan:

2 – 15/9 – Inv on Sat (dance)
Mon: Rest
Tue: Run PM: Strength
Wed: Swim (PM: Admin)
Thu: AM: Strength + 30 min run
Fri: Run
Sat: Travel Inverness dance
Sun: Rest

1 – 22/9 – 1 week before hols
Mon: Swim PM: Run
Tue: Run
Wed: Swim
Thu: AM: Strength + 30 min run
Fri: Run
Sat: Strength + 30 min run
Sun: Rest

0 – 29/9 – Holiday!

It’s good to have a plan so I have something to try to stick to.

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Princess for a day… :-)

So there it was… Saturday 13th September, my best friend Rhona got married and I was lucky enough to be a part of it and be her bridesmaid.  She’d joked from when we were teenagers that she’d get me in a pink frilly dress… but lucky for me, the dress she chose was dark blue – and stunning. :-)

Wedding 2

The wedding was held in Drummuir Caslte, a small number of guests (just 40)… we arrived at 11am… had some snacks and then got ready for the ceremony at 4pm.  Hair, make up, false eye lashes(!), heels, dress, flowers… then the cermony where Rhona became Mrs Gunn.  Then a very tasty three course meal, followed by plenty of dancing and fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m sure you’ve all had more than enough chat / posts about high heels and dresses… so I thought I’d share the slideshow above, and that’ll be the end of that.


We had a lovely day, in an amazing castle (Drummuir) with a lovely bunch of friends and with a family I love (the Wilsons).  :-)  Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Gunn…

Girlie challenge completed – now… where’s my trainers?!

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Something to remember…

It’s been a lovely day so far, photos will follow – the bride looks stunning. :-)

Here is a little present for me from the bride:

A nice silver necklace…

With ‘Remember your cape’ on it.

I have to say, it made me cry, in a good way. :-)

We’ve had a lovely day, and a very tasty meal, now for the dance.

Heels are still on… ;-)

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Today is the day…

Today is the day all of my training in high heels comes to use… the day of my best friends wedding where I’ll be bridesmaid. The day I turn into a lady for the first time!

We’re about an hour away and should get to Drummuir Castle where I’ve been told I’ll turn into a princess in my dress… I’m not sure about that, but they have hair and make up people ready to ‘attack me’.

We’ll have a nice lunch when we get there I think, then I’m looking forward to a nice day. Proud of my best friend and her man finally tying the knot in true fairy tale style. I had a good tasty dinner last night to prepare for today. A Sirloin steak treat.

I’m sure photos of today will follow for any of those who are interested, for those who are not interested in my heels and transformation into a lady, I apologise now for all the posts. Lol

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