A nice little thank you for my pacing

BoS-Great-Scottish-Run-2014-10k-Course-MapToday in work (after me pacing 2:20 on the GSR half marathon)… one of my colleagues caught me and said…

‘Lorn, I was spectating yesterday at STV (the 11 mile mark of the Great Scottish Run half marathon’… and it was kind of quiet as all of the runners were going past doing the half marathon..then all of a sudden all I could hear was you – shouting – Come On!! You can’t walk now, let’s go, let’s get running! – at the top of your voice.  You were basically shouting at people not to walk! ;-)

Pictures Martin Shields Herald and Times Group. Great Scottish Run  Runners in the Half Marathon  on the Kingston Bridge

(A little embarrassed), I remembered, and indeed, by that point I had got to a point where I was really encouraging (aka shouting) the runners to keep running … but what he didn’t know, was that by then, I’d been working with the runners for quite a few miles. I’d got to know many by name and I’d been ‘encouraging’ them for miles by then.

(And I have to add that I was being careful with who I was ‘shouting at to not walk’ – I was checking if people were a. injured or b. in need of a walking break or c. just walking for walking’s sake – and in need of a little push from me).

Sean the club runner, Elaine, Karen, Julie … and one guy in particular, Stephen.  In a purple t-shirt, raising money for a charity – he was doing great a lot of the way, and he impressed me with keeping going, just a bit in front of me.

Stephen looked to me to have a lot of potential and he seemed to be helped along after I spoke to him and after a few more miles when he started to walk a hundred feet in front of me and I’d tell him I could see him walking. That was enough motivation to keep him going and get him running again.  I’d shout, he’d thumbs up and he’d keep going. That continued for quite a few miles. lol

img 3472

Well tonight, I received a nice message from Stephen himself, here it goes:

Hi Lorn

Someone told me your name on Sunday after the race and I just wanted to get in touch to say thanks for getting me over the last few miles in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon. I am Stephen the struggler :) remember me? I think you mentioned my name in your blog.

I managed to beat my time from last year by about eight minutes or so which was aided by your constant “cmon Stephen I can see you walking ” shout at me Ha Ha!! It did work by the way.

There was about 20 of us running for my son Sean’s school. It was organised by myself and my older son Ryan. The school (Redburn in Cumbernauld) is for complex needs kids and Sean has severe autism and epilepsy. The school is amazing and our aim was to raise about £5k to help towards purchasing a minibus for the amazing kids and staff.  We got there anyway and we have raised about £6500.

I also bumped into Frank (remember him?) who is an old work colleague and friend so you seemed to motivate both of us to get round.

So thanks again Lorn you really kept me and everyone going who bumped into you all the way round. Next year I will train for it, promise. Hopefully I will find it easier.

Kind Regards

What a nice message, and Stephen and the many others I met en route are the reason I love to pace any pace in an event.  It’s brilliant to be able to connect with people and encourage them to push themselves and do well.  :-)

img 3473

Stephen finished in just under 2:19 (and 8 minutes faster than last year) – so it looks like I did my pacing job bang on with him! ;-)

I feel very fortunate to have been able to help and encourage so many people on the day and at every event I’ve paced at.

I’ve sent him a copy of my simple 7 week half marathon plan for next year / his next half marathon, to see if he might want to follow it. :-)

Here’s my garmin route from the day, and here are the 2015 results pages.

I paced 2:20, not 1:35 (not that I could run 1:35!) or 1:45 or 2 hours.  And tonight, I shared this on my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page – an old blog I wrote about why I don’t think times matter… and why I’m sometimes more impressed by those at the back of the pack who run for ages (rather than just the elites / the fast ones!)

You can like my Lorn Pearson Trains Facebook page if you want to, here: www.facebook.com/lornpearsontrains

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Great Scottish Run 2015 – pacing 2:20

Today we were up early to walk to the start line of the Great Scottish Run half marathon. I met a few people I knew when I got there, and I picked up my pacer pack (which was nice and light).

2 hours 20 would mean me aiming for around 10:41 minute mikes, and I started in the pink section.

Here’s me at the baggage buses getting ready (I was starting to need a pee). The whites and elites went off at 1130, then the greens at 1140.

Then it was the pinks turn at 1150. I’d met the two women I’m coaching, Jo and Louise. We planned it so that they’d run the first part with me, then they’d go off on their own. They’ve done really well in their training.

I met them a few months ago and their goal was to complete the half marathon. They built up to be able to run the distance, and a few weeks ago they did the half marathon distance on a route I took them on. Today they did great and finished together in 2:16.

They did great and I’m well impressed with their dedication and effort they put in. They also raised lots of money for charity too.

(See my flag in this picture, and I’m peaking out a bit too).

Other impressive results from people I know today, in no particular order: – my work Twinnie, 1:58
– Fit Girl, a half m pb in her 2nd official half, 1:51
– Susan, one of my Thunder Run 24 team, 1:59 (her goal was sub 2) – Lauren Mackay from work, 1:54
– Jonathon Mcdonald 1:24 (198th)!
– Greg Beveridge 1:44ish
– Cris Walsh, 34 minutes for the 10k, 26th overall and 1st I his age group. – Rebecca Hutchison, 10k 55ish minutes for her first! (And over £835 raised) – Kathi Miller who helped Deborah complete her first half marathon.

I planned to follow the pace strategy above, I started out faster than the average pace, then slowed after half way. (With the idea that people would be getting tired).

My Garmin registered 2:20 at 13.1 miles and I slowed towards the end to try to encourage people to run past me to finish.

Here’s my pacing for the run:

I met and encouraged lots of people, one in particular, Brigitte Maily. She was French and said that her previous half result was 2:36… She stuck with me almost to the end and I found she did 2:21.

Running further back in the pack, I found myself getting lots of people to run when j passed them walking. I’d say ‘let’s go, come on, let’s go’… And they’d look at me and sometimes smile, and start running.

I could tell that some people were injured, or some people were just taking a breather it were tired. And it was good to get people’s names and cheer them on. Stephen, Ben, Kirsty, Helen, Frank, Andy, Chris, Jennifer… Sandra who did the Loch Ness marathon last week, and loads more.

I crossed the line in just over 2:20 (I slowed at the end to let people overtake me)… and I even managed to get on telly a couple of times on BBC2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06gxzlr

At the start behind dougie vipond and around 26 minutes in behind the two judi girls. ;-)

I had a good wee walk home, cheering on some people who were still finishing and then had a tasty lasagne for dinner. Yum. (And some real Coke).

Great run, great scottish run. :-) well done to everyone who took part.

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SS6 Training Plan

I’m in for the Southside 6 this year again. I did it in 2013, and then fainted and hit my head the week before the 2014 event so I chose to pull out.

So this year, with the marathon still hopefully in my legs, here’s the plan:

It’s a varied 15.4 mile route through 6 Southside Glasgow parks, with a F@&£er of a finish (up hill, up stairs, up hill and uphill again).

I’ll do the following:

Mon: Speedwork run
Tue: Easy run
Wed: Strength
Thu: Tempo run (HR 165+)
Fri: Rest
Sat: Long run
Sun: Rest

I’m looking forward to it all. :-)

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Fit Girl’s LNMarathon Training & Training Plan

Some people were asking about Fit Girl’s training for the Loch Ness Marathon – so I got this together.

We started training for the Loch Ness Marathon in July, with a 12 week plan to get her up to the marathon distance.

Here’s the plan we got together for it – 3 runs / cardio session a week, priority on the long run at the weekend:

It was a shorter than normal lead up and she didn’t run all the time. Sometimes she did spin sessions as her cardio instead of the shorter runs (to support / strengthen her injured knee). The 12 week lead in was designed to not put too much pressure on her knee either – less is more. Fit Girl was a bit limited by her knee and she had to be careful.

You can train for a marathon on 3 runs a week – and in some cases 1 long run a week (as long as you’re active / doing other cardio on other days in the week – spinfit worked for Fit Girl – sometimes 45 mins – 1:30). She also did short strength sessions at the gym.

Here’s Fit Girl’s actual training she did in the run up to the 2015 Loch Ness Marathon:

She did 1 long run a week, and did a mixture of 2 other runs a week, or 2-3 hard spin / strength sessions a week (she did 4 runs over 18 miles):

Wk1 – Sun 27 Sep – 26.2M3:57 / 9:04 min miles

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions & a 5 miler)

Wk2 – Sun 20 Sep – 13.1M1:59 / 9:09 min miles (on her own)

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions)
Wk3 – Sun 13 Sep – 19.2M2:50 / 8:52 min miles (**GREAT RUN!)

(plus a 6 miler) (plus 3 spin / strength sessions)

Wk3 – Thu 3 Sep 20M3:07 / 9:25 min miles (*bad run, sore knee, lost on route!)

(plus 3 spin / strength sessions)

Wk4 – Fri 28 Aug – 11.5M1:43 / 9:00 min miles

(plus 2 spin / strength sessions)

Wk5 – Sat 22 Aug – 18M 2:50 / 9:26 min miles (on her own)

(plus a 4 & 5 miler)

Wk6 – Sun 16 Aug – 14M2:09 / 9:13 min miles

(plus a 5 miler)

Wk7 – Sun 8 Aug – 18.2M2:49 / 9:17 min miles

(plus a 4 & 5 miler)

Wk8 – Sat 1 Aug – 13.1M2:03 / 9:26 min miles

(plus a 4.4 & 6 miler)

Wk9 – Sat 25 Jul10.1M – 1:34 / 9:16 min miles

(plus a 5 & 6 miler)

Wk10 – Sat 18 Jul9.3M1:23 / 8:53 min miles

(plus a 5 & 6 miler)

Wk 11- Fri 10 Jul6.6M1:00 / 9:10 min miles

(plus a 4 & 6.2 miler)

A lot of hard work, and getting to know her fuelling, hydration and gear on the long runs. She’s possibly fed up with me by now I think (having been on all those long runs together)! ;-)

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Fit Girl – the dream

Yesterday I wrote about Fit Girl’s injury, and how (even after years of getting no where with it) she managed to find out what worked for her to help her run long without pain.

Once she knew what worked for her, she started to ask herself – if I can do this and run 10 miles, what else can I do?

Fit Girl has always been really dedicated in everything she does. She works hard, she’s always active, she never stops. She helps others, she looks out for others. And she’s also fortunate to be able to push herself physically.

Earlier this year, after a few years of being limited by her knee injury, she found out what worked for her to allow her to run long without her knee injury flaring up.

She came up with a goal, a dream that she wanted to run a half marathon, and she did it. She trained for it, and in March 2015, she ran her first half marathon in 1:52. She was well chuffed (so was I). http://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2015/03/08/fit-girls-first-half-marathon/

Then one day in April, just after the London 2015 marathon took place, she decided that it was her dream to finish a marathon.

She saw so many people that were able to do the marathon and she saw so many people who couldn’t do a marathon. So she decided that it was time she tried. If all those people could do it – what was stopping her from doing it?
Fit Girl wasn’t going to let her knee injury win this time. She’d learned what worked for her and her knee, and she decided it was about time she pushed herself to achieve her ultimate goal – to train for and run a marathon.

She built up steadily and trained to run a half marathon, and knew she could.

In April 2015, Fit Girl entered the Loch Ness Marathon 2015, (the one I’d already signed up for)… and she asked me for some help in designing a training plan she could stick to, to get her to where she wanted to be.

She was determined to make her dream come true – and so we went about it. :-) She got advice and support, she trained sensibly, learned what worked for her, and she did it. :-)

– – … – –

It’s as easy as that – want something enough, want to go get your dream? – go get it:

1. Have a good reason to change / improve / achieve.
2. Set a goal (or goals) you want to achieve.
3. Make a plan.
4. Make time for it / make it important.
5. Take action.
6. Get support from others (family / friends).
7. Marshall your resources (people, coaches, PTs, information, equipment, gear). 8. Review your goal and plans.

What goal would you like to achieve?

– – … – –

Look out for my next posts about her training plan, how her training went, the big day and what she’s up to after it. :-)

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Fit Girl – more about FG

In the last few months I’ve been posting about Fit Girl’s recent journey to her being able to train for and complete her first half marathon and her first marathon.

But those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, might remember that I’ve written about Fit Girl before.

It all started here, where I write about her injury – her IT band: http://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/2011/02/16/my-fit-freind/

And since then I’ve written about other challenges she’s faced: http://lornpearsontrains.co.uk/?s=Fit+Girl

Just as a bit of context before I start, ‘Fit Girl’ is my friend, who unlike me (who seems to share everything online – from the colour of my pee, the miles I’ve run and the strange breakfast concoctions I have)…

… my friend Fit Girl is a person who doesn’t like to share anything online (perhaps almost an unknown breed in this day and age?)

She likes to be in control of the information she shares with others, and who she shares it with. Hence the reason we came up with the nickname and I never write her actual name or post her picture.

So whilst you might know her, or you might get to meet her through me, I write about her generally, with not much specific detail, or photos of her. However her story is another story which you might relate to, so we wanted to share it with you.

Now I hope to have you a bit of insight into this motivated and dedicated person that Fit Girl is. She’s walked up the Devil’s Staircase ahead of me on day 4 of waking the West Highland Way – me wanting to cry or give up, and her keeping going, motivating me along.

She really is a star, and she’s one of the reasons I’m who I am today.

She keeps herself to herself, but she impresses me, and many others with her hard work and effort she puts into everything – she makes me look lazy – honestly! (My ice cream below, whilst she’s busy cutting the grass!!)

– – … – –

Anyway, here’s some history behind Fit Girl’s journey to where she is now. She’s always been active and fit. Her main exercise has usually been in the gym, strength training with some cardio (spin / running / rowing / cross trainer)… Health and fitness are important to her.

Right about the time I started exercising more, running more and writing this blog, (in 2008, when I aimed to do a 5k, then I aimed to run for 45 mins non stop …)… Fit Girl started running more too.

We both built our running up, from walk jog to running for 20 minutes non stop, waking for a few minutes, then running for 20 again. Then in October 2008, we both ran a 5k event together. And in 2009 we did the women’s 10k and I went onto do a triathlon.

Then in 2010, we continued with 10ks and I ended up building to run my first half marathon, the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon. But right about then Fit Girl was stopped in her tracks by a knee injury. I’d had the odd injury, so I knew how she felt, but my injuries tended to get better or go away after a few weeks or so.

This was an intermittent pain in her left knee, and she had no idea what it was. She could run 4 or 5 miles one day with no pain, then she’d run a mile and she’d get an excruciating pain in her left knee. It turned out to be IT band syndrome, and it went on and on and on – for years. :-(

She got advice, she went to an NHS physio for weeks, she went to a private physio, she took advice and did all of the exercises she was given to try. She stayed off running for 6 weeks at one point, and only swam. She had an MRI, knee straps and specialist look at her knee. All over the course of 3-4 years.

Nothing worked, nothing seemed to fix it. She learned about what the experts though it was – an IT band issue, but nothing anyone suggested ever helped her to be able to run pain free. She eventually just resigned herself to running short runs (up to 6 miles) often, and she thought she’d never be able to run more than that.

That was until she randomly found out what worked for her and her knee. Fit Girl joined a gym which had the very motivational spin sessions ‘my ride’ and specifically, the sessions she used, had a very motivational virtual American coach called Mike Michels, or Mikey as he calls himself in the videos.

She’d done Spinfit before, with a great instructor called Helen, and she loved it. But the virtual spin allowed Fit Girl to sons many sessions in a week as she wanted and it helped her to push her limits and get motivated by Mikey and his words, and coaching, along the way.

She found herself pushing herself more with much harder spin sessions with Mikey and with his motivational phrases during the sessions, she found that she was getting stronger and stronger.

She did at least 3 gym sessions a week, each with 45 mins to 1:30 of spin with Mikey, and some strength work. And she did one long run at the weekend. This seemed to work as she built up the strength in her glutes, and her legs. And on her long runs, she was able to run longer!

We tested the water with an 8 miler on week, then a 9 miler. And before we knew it she was running 10 miles with me.

You see, whilst all of his pain and injury was happening for Fit Girl – I kind of went off and left her behind. In 2010 I ran a few half marathons, and at the end of the year I ran a marathon distance up Loch Lomond. My first official marathon event in 2011, and onto ultra training in 2012 before settling back down to running half marathons and marathons in 2013 and 2014. Oops.

Anyway, now with her knee holding out, and her love of running, Fit Girl said she wanted to try to run her first half marathon. I wanted to help her, so we found what worked for her training wise and she continued withal using on 3 spin and strength sessions through the week, and just one long run at the weekend.

And it worked – she was able to run long once a week with me, and strengthen everything up with Mikey on the myride workouts.

Then she started to ask herself. If I can do this and run 10 miles, what else can I do?

– – … – –

Look out for my next posts about a bit more
about Fit Girl, her dream, her marathon plan, her marathon training, the big event day and her recovery and beyond.:-)

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Loch Ness Marathon 2015 Summary

On Sunday, Fit Girl completed the challenge of her lifetime – in running her first, and possibly last (?) marathon…

(…and I ran along side her as her mobile support team :-D ).

Fit Girl ran the Loch Ness marathon in 3:57:57, (in under her dream target time, sub 4), and she could hardly believe she’d done it. She never thought she’d be able to do it, but she did. (3:57:34 on my Garmin!)

(She’s so determined in everything she does, so I secretly knew she’d be able to do it).

(On her way to the start at 645am).

I knew it would be hard – Marathons are hard, but she stuck in and got it done. She learned how to overcome an annoying lingering knee injury that pestered her for years, and she did it. She really went and did it. :-)

Fit Girl ran 26.2 miles along Loch Ness – she got her medal, her tshirt and she earned her marathon legs. She really impressed me and made me really proud, tears to my eyes kinda stuff. She did it, we did it, together.

Over the next week or so, I’ll take my time out from training to (recover and) write down a bit more, about the following:

The Dream
The History
The Plan
The Training
The Big Marathon Day
The Recovery and Beyond

I hope you enjoy reading about her story – her journey. :-)

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