Calories for 1 March

So as you may know from my post the other day… in March I’m going to break the bad habit of having around 400-500 extra calories (mostly of sugar)… made up of a small can of red coke, a magnum ice cream and a small mars / Apollo bar.

It’s become a bad habit… and has probably led to my weight increasing month on month since about July 2020.

Lucky I’m active, as it’s probably being active that has prevented me from putting on lots of weight with what is probably a big rod overeating out of habit.

Now here’s the results of day one of training as I would normally, and eating mindfully.

The aim is to eat enough calories to fuel me, but get around 30% of my calories from protein – or about my weight in lbs… in grams of protein. And I managed to do it today.

In terms of activity, I was as active as I usually am on a Monday: – 45 minutes of strength,
– 30 mins spin (before work) and
– 38 mins of walking after work
And a sedentary day at work.

I track it all automatically though Garmin, and it shows that I had around 510 active calories.

And with a resting metabolic rate for my weight and sex of about 1,600 … that means I have burned 2,100 calories… (but only consumer 1,800).

I’m burning around 13,500 – 14,000 calories a week, but likely consuming more than that (being greedy!) to lead to weight maintenance or increase.

My average daily active calories over a week tends to be between 350-450 calories a day.

So what I’ve probably been doing is not eating enough throughout the day, and eating the calories back in the evening after dinner.

But not today. I had a good 400 calorie breakfast (protein yoghurt, berries and fruit and nut) and a 500 calorie lunch (scrambled eggs on toast, with a yoghurt)… then an apple and a protein bar for snacks.

Dinner is salmon with sweet potato fries and peas. But all of that just adds up to about 1,800 calories for the day… so a deficit of 300 calories (or a magnum and a small can of coke!)

All easily tracked in my fitness pal – I tend to eat similar things each day, with a different dinner, so it’s even easier to keep on top of it.

I’ll keep the deficit, and after dinner I’ll not have any ‘puddings’ or treats. I’ve also been making sure I’m well hydrated with water all day.

So that’s me… my first day in March not being greedy… it’s as simple as that. Thinking about what I fuel my body with, aiming for enough calories to fuel me, but not too much, and aiming for a 30% propitiation of protein in what I’ve eaten.

We will see what the outcome is. I’m away for my dinner!

This is how I tracked it all in March 2020 when I managed to lose about 10lbs in 2-3 months… so it should work again (as long as I stop myself being a greedy sugar monster!)

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