Old memories… and body warmer fun

Old photos are nice aren’t they? My friend recently posted this one… of my best Halloween costume ever… from about 2000… in Aberdeen, fake blood of course, I looked horrific. I think it was the first time ever that my Halloween outfit was scary.

When I was young I preferred nicer Halloween outfits, like this one – Indiana Jones, or a musician (my hat is down my back, and my whip doesn’t seem to be in the picture). Nice hair eh?

I think this was my outfit from the year before in 1999… I think I used acrylic paint mixed with moisturiser for the orange skin. Ooft. It was a laugh anyway.

One of the nicest things that came from the month or so clearing my Mum’s house after she passed away in 2015, was all the pictures we found. My Dad used to take lots of photos, and my Mum ended up with most of them.

They worked well together on some things, and her attention to detail and determination meant that the photos were catalogued and kept well in albums etc

The sad thing for me was that whilst I knew we had a big family and I had a good time up to about the age of 9… eating ice cream etc…

But because I was so young, I didn’t remember the fun times. The beach trips with family. The family holidays. The laughs, the happy family. The day trips and parties.

But look at the picture above… how happy was I? In my over sized body warmer. Ha.

Then there’s this picture. Taken over on the west coast some where, all of us in body warmers…which may have all eventually been handed down to me.

I always remember this one because it was in a family album, specially chosen. But then I came across these snaps too.

Boys being boys, the girls watching on, me holding my big sisters hand. I must have been maybe 1-2 or so, so it was maybe 1982 or so. Even my Dad has his body warmer on!

My parents would have been the age I am now… what a difference in our lives – I have 5 less kids for one!

I wonder what the 80s were like? Very different and simpler than today probably.

Then there’s this one… how do you heard 5 kids together to get a family photo? I wonder how many attempts it took. And I wonder what was going through my Mum and Dad’s head. Pure joy probably.

Here’s a slightly less fun picture, in size order again, but teenage boys. Looks like my Dad had figured out the auto shot by then too. This was around 1988, again before things went a bit odd. A nice family holiday touring Scotland.

I think this was taken on that holiday too. I wonder who took it… and what graveyard we’d been at (we visited a lot when we were young as my Mum was researching her family history). Me and my Dad, proud as punch.

Looks like body warmers weren’t cool by the 80s, so I leave you with this old stonker of a pic.

Part of me wants to go back to those days and speak to my parents and ask what was going on… or warn them of what would be to come… a crash which went on for years… but they probably did their best, or what they thought was the best.

I turned out ok in the end anyway… and now I’m thinking I could maybe get myself another body warmer. Lol.

I have quite a few for running in, and for every day too, so I probably don’t need another one. I’m glad they came back.

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