Wk7 into Wk8

Last weeks training went well, and was similar to the week before it, with 4 walks (6 miles), 3 runs (12.2 miles), 3 spin sessions, 3 strength, a yoga session and a rest day on Saturday. Nicely balanced between it all.

And I got some good sleeps too which is good. Finally it seems everything is seeming to settle down with an end in sight. Covid is making things continue to be boring, but we’re fit and healthy… able to and motivated to exercise. Boring is fine.

And we made ourselves get out a few walks through the week to get a break after working from home. We tend to be sticking to weals from home, and we’re not really getting bored of these views by the Clyde as they are pretty spectacular really.

There were lots of people out today, it’s mainly busy in the parks and smaller paths, but there’s plenty places we can go on walks and avoid people, mainly in residential areas.

We’ve been lucky not to catch or be knackered by covid by now, and we might as well stick with it until the vaccines are rolled out further / to our age groups.

Anyway, here’s my plan for training next week… and if the weather is nice, I might get the bike out one day, but we’ll see.

I got a few good blogs done this last week, something I’ve been missing, so I’ll try to do some more next week too.

My running has been going well, although I’m building it up slowly, listening to my body and taking it slowly.

Today I managed to run 5 miles with no hamstring pain, and even got to wear shorts and sunglasses so that was nice. I’m still working on my running gait. This was about my 5th run, in change my running style and it takes some concentrating, but seems to be working well.

I’ve been doing strength workout to hopefully compliment it too, including leg work and calf raises. So we will see. 12 miles in one week doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s better than nothing. That’s for sure. And it was nice being out running in the brisk Spring day today.

My hair is getting a bit long (it was meant to be cut 2 weeks ago…) but who cares, eh?

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