Wk3 into Wk4, mornings & TED talks

Last week was similar to the week before exercise wise… balanced out between strength, spin and running, with some more walks added in. 2 runs, 2 spins, 3 strength and a walk each day.

My sleep was much better too… I don’t think I got up in the night once. So that’s better – and I know what to do to make it work for me.

Here’s what I did:

Mon: 31 min Strength / 30 min Spin wi Sherica / 1.2M lunchtime walk
Tue: 3.1M Run (fine) / 2.4M walk & Physio
Wed: 45 min physio strength / 1.8M walk after work
Thu: 31 min Strength / 30 min Spin wi Kym/ 1.2M lunchtime walk
Fri: 3.7M / 33 min Run (fine) / 2.5M walk
Sat: 5.2M walks (x3) / Rest
Sun: 8.3M walk (x3) / Rest

I was a bit tired this weekend, so instead of training, I did a few walks with a friend or Fit Girl each day, watched a friends wedding in online, and FaceTimed my Dad and step mum on Saturday and had a good nap on Sunday.

Being in the gym or out running for about 715am works well, particularly on a Monday or Tuesday as I start work at 930am.

Exercising first thing really works for me… here’s how I do it:
1. Know how much sleep I want to get (8-9 hours) – set my bedtime for 9 or at latest 10… so if I wake at 6am, I get 8-9 hours sleep.
2. Set the alarm for 6am, coffee by 630, and an audiobook, TED talk or reading for a bit.
3. Out of bed / dressed for 7am
4. Out the door for 715am

Getting a good sleep time and routine is key to being able to get up, but having around 2 hours before work to get the exercise in, works for me.

If I have a really bad sleep, sometimes I’ll sleep on and do a lunchtime run etc, but I tend not do to much in the evening to enable me to wind down.

Or sometimes at this time of the years it’s very icy, so I get around that by planning a gym or spin workout, or walking / running in the day time, once it’s thawed a bit.

Doing it first thing ensures it gets done, but it also gives me a good level of achieve the first thing and sets me well up for the day.

The pictures and sunrises in the morning can be quite impressive too.

The other thing it does is set my body clock to wake up around 6 or 7 in the morning all week, so it can help to make the weekends productive too (up early / lots done).

I finished my audiobook this week – Shoot for the Moon by Richard Wiseman, it’s good, I’d recommend it. I’ll do a proper summary soon.

And I also watched a few good TED talks too…

Karen Eber: How your brain responds to stories — and why they’re crucial for leaders

Werner Reich: How the magic of kindness helped me survive the Holocaust

So here’s my plan for next week:

Mon: Strength / 45 min Spin
Tue: 3.1M Run / Physio strength
Wed: Strength / 30 min Spin
Thu: 3.6M Run
Fri: Strength / 30 min Spin
Sat: 4M Run
Sun: Rest / Walk

I’ve checked the weather and it looks to continue to be cold… especially in the mornings. So I’ll likely put off cycling outdoors in the morning for at least a week… maybe more.

Now I might go and learn a magic trick or two… 😉 (watch the TED talk above if you want to know what that’s all about).

What are you up to next week?

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