Foxy’s Garagym gear

I don’t think I ever told you this, but in 2014/15 when I was doing up the garagym…

I got some gear made with the logo that I’d made on it. I got myself the foam board and magnetic sign made, but I also got myself a branded long sleeve T-shirt made too.

I had made the logo in Microsoft Excel as my photoshop software had stopped working. I fiddled about a bit and inspired by the fox emoji 🦊, I managed to make this – and I rather like it.

And here’s the gym mascot who inspired the logo – Foxy (actually a doorstop). And since I got him I managed to get an orange Foxy for the gym too. 🤣

This week I decided I could do with another long sleeved top and a hoodie… so I logged back onto vista print where I got my first lot of gear. And spent some time chatting to a very helpful designer there.

She helped me get the best positioning of the logo… and then even gave me a £10 credit towards my order (I’d complimented her for being so good and helpful).

So here they are… they’re ordered and will arrive around the end of the month. Why not eh?

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