Wk29 into Wk30

Last weeks training was a good mix of training and rest. With two rest days when I needed them on Monday and Wednesday, I put extra effort in on the other days.

I ran about 23 miles, getting me up to 62 miles for July… and walked a few of times… about 6 miles. I was in the gym an unusual three times… which felt good too. A good wee average of about 11,000 steps a day (even with only 1600 steps on wed day when I hardly left the house).

Here’s what I did:

Wk29 – 13 July
Mon: Rest / Walk
Tue: 5M incl 4M effort run 7:33/7:13/6:54/6:56
Wed: Full Rest day
Thu: 7M Run / Spin & 15 mins strength
Fri: Spin & Squat Strength / 45 min walk / 5 min Time Trial 6:59 Sat: 9M Long Run (start of 25 press-ups x25 days?)
Sun: Gardening & 15 mins Deadlift strength (6 sets x 5 reps @66kg)

A good week, with some good balance between training and rest and fuelling my exercise. Our first meals out this weekend for months… I had a tasty rib eye steak and frites in Ca Va in Giffnock on Saturday. Then a nice goats cheese salad toastie on Sunday. A couple of flat whites out too.

I had my first haircut for 19 weeks today – it was kind of a relief – masks a plenty which was fine.

It’s nice and tidy and a wee bit longer than I’d usually get it. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh and I treated myself to a nice big ice cream today too. International ice cream day was today apparently.

Here’s my training plan for next week:

Wk30 – 20 July
Mon: Walk & Run 5M effort 🤮
Tue: Spin & Clean n Press Strength
Wed: Speed Run 7×1:1 min
Thu: 3M easy Run
Fri: Spin & KB or deadlift Strength
Sat: 8M Run
Sun: Rest

I’m also aiming to do 25 press ups a day for 25 days – Monday will be day 3… to raise awareness for PTSD, anxiety, depression and suicide… and I’m hoping to get in the gym most days and do some quick deadlifting. I have a plan for that, which I’ll share soon.

Tomorrow sees me being able to help a couple of important people in my life… with a bit of a present I planned since my birthday. I’ve received a lot of kindness in the last few months, and I thought I’d pass it on.

Hope you have a good week next week. 👍🏻

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