Wk40 into Wk41 and you surprises

Well, that was a quiet week training wise for me. After racing the half marathon I was a little sore for 3-4 days after it. Mainly my calves, but overall my legs. I listened to my body and took a rest week, running first after 5 days off, on the Saturday.

I ran 10k on Saturday morning with Debbie, and apart from that I walked my usual and did some stretching. I jogged a very short distance on Friday night, from my car to Asda front door and my legs felt fine, so I figured I’d be ok for the planned run on Saturday morning.

On Saturday, my legs weren’t 100%, but they’re getting there. So rest day on Sunday, and plenty sleep, walking and eating to recover.

A nice walk in Queen’s Park today and a walk in Bella Park yesterday. I’ve been doing about 6-8k steps a day without running.

My training for the last 4 weeks hasn’t been a little inconsistent now because of the holiday and my recovery week… and next week I plan to ease into some running and some gym work.

Now thinking about training for the next couple of weeks…

Mon: 5-6M run
Tue: Bodyweight Strength
Wed: 3-4M run
Thu: Bodyweight Strength
Fri: KB Strength
Sat: Rest or run
Sun: Run or rest

I’ll aim for 2-3 strength sessions and 2-3 runs a week.

Now, here’s a wee nice story. The other night I went to visit my good friend who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years. They have 2 daughters, 3 going on 4 and 6 going on 7. The last time I saw them girls they were about 1 and 4, so they’ve grown a bit.

They’re lovely kids – and a nice wee family. The older one drew my picture and we had a good we nice chatting and being entertained. Kids are great.

The younger one is a bit of a riot (in a nice way) and I saw some of that on Friday night – very entertaining and a reminder that it’s good to be yourself and have fun.

I decided I’d buy the younger one a monkey toy (as she’s a little monkey, but I don’t think I said that out loud) and I found out what animals the older daughter liked – sloths, penguins and leopards apparently.

I got the older daughter a sloth toy, wrapped them to and put them in a box on their front door today… then text their mum and told her to get them to check their front door step.

They’ve given the animals names … the monkey is called Strawberries and the Sloth is aptly named Lazy. Hopefully it made them smile a bit anyway.

I got the picture above, apparently Strawnerries was tired after his long journey to their house and needed a sleep. Ha.

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