How many half marathons?

As you might know, I’m running the Glasgow half marathon on Sunday. Someone (who doesn’t know me very well) asked me today if it was my first half marathon… I quietly said no, I’d done many before (including quite a few Glasgow Halfs)… but I couldn’t remember how many I’d done.

Garmin is clever in that you can do a search for activities and distances, so I searched on Running and 13.05 – 13.25 miles.

Since about 2010, it looks like I’ve run 37 half marathons, so Sundays will be my 38th. Nearly 500 miles of half marathons (484).

Events include, in no particular order:
The Chicago Half 2011
The Barrathon 2012
Inverness Half x2 2018,19
Balloch to Clydebank x3 2010,11,15
Great Scottish Run (Glw)x6 2010,11,12,15,17,18
Scottish Half Marathon 2018
Skye Half Marathon (PB)x2 2014,16
Kilmalcolm 2017
Alloa 2019
Mull of Kintyre 2013

And the rest are just training runs. The images here show them in order of time – fastest at the top (a time I know I’ll never get close to again – my PB days are over.)

My favourite half was probably the Chicago half… with the Skye half a contender, and the Barrathon too… to be honest, they’ve all been good (although I remember not liking the weather at Inverness this year). And I do prefer a looped route, rather than an out and back.

My times range from 1:38:08 (which was a whole 11 secs faster than my previous PB)… to 2:21 – which was meant to be pacing 2:20 for the Great Scottish Run in 2015.

My PB was the Skye Half Marathon in June 2014 – a great event and one I returned to two years later to run, and finished it 13 minutes slower! My avg HR in 2016 was 165, and in 2014 it was 169… I tend to have a strategy to aim for 165 on average and let it creep up towards the end.

Not sure what was happening in 2016… apart from maybe me not focussing on time any more as it had become less important to me. Or maybe I was flying in 2014, never to be repeated as running fast is hard!

The Barrathon in 2012 was memorable, not just because it’s a really well organised event, with a big massive hill near the end… but also because there were a lot of friends of mine running it. Including (randomly) my best friend, her brother and Dad, and a bunch of friends from Glasgow all running for fun. I think it was sort of before it became really well known too.

It was my first run I’d ever placed in too – 3rd senior female I think it was, and I got a glass for my efforts. It wasn’t an especially fast time (1:45) but the limited field who had travelled so far, maybe made my placing better than it had been before.

My most recent half marathon race was the Alloa Half in March this year. A good event (they all seem to be good lol)… a nice route and well organised… I did it in 1:48 and had a good run. I think I’ll be back to do it again.

The Great Scottish Run seems to be the one that gets my avg HR the highest – perhaps I get carried away – avg 172 for 1:45 in 2017 and 1:45 in 2010 (dressed as Super Girl)… 174 for 1:45 in 2018.

I’ve run it 6 times I think.. including one year where I did the 10k before it too…. In 2011, I ran the 10k in 49 mins, then ran back to George Square (0.9M) and then ran the half in 1:39:36!… 6 days before running the Chicago Half Marathon in 1:41. Ha… that was all good fun.

In the last few years, I’ve focussed more on not pushing myself and my heart rate up… rather than trying to beast it for a time. Running fast is hard, and I don’t tend to do it if I can help it. Although sometimes at events I like to see what pushing myself can achieve – effort + conditions = outcome.

I’m good with the fact that my PB days are behind me… and I’m good to just run and enjoy events. Or run with others to help them. :-). The run above and most of the ones below are runs with others, or pacing runs.

There we have it… 37.. and my 38th half marathon will be on Sunday.

I have no idea how I’ll do, but I plan to take it all in and enjoy it. Maybe I’ll push it (avg HR 165 ish +), maybe I won’t. We will see.

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1 Response to How many half marathons?

  1. rjsmum says:

    Wowsers that’s a lot of half’s ! Enjoyed your post about stats and enjoying events now – Glasgow will be my 6th official half this weekend & I feel under trained! Ps Inverness half weather this year was disgusting..

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