Runs this week, training status & oats

Just over 10k this morning for me… the first 4 miles were with Fit Girl, we got totally soaked in the first proper rain ☔️ heavy shower I can remember this year. Soaked through. 😂🙈

Then I had a quick change and ran 1 mile up to physio to get acupuncture for my neck. The pain has nearly all gone, but still a few wee twinges.

This will be my 3rd run of the week, and I’m planning an easy run on Friday morning, rest Saturday then the Glasgow half on Sunday. Followed by some more rest.

My Garmin 645 has this clever little function that tells me how my training is going… for nearly 2 weeks on holiday I was ‘detraining’ (no running), then I managed to get up to ‘maintaining’ and now my training is ‘productive’.

It’s a good way of tracking things and includes status like peaking and recovery.l to help you to know you’re on track with your training. And the detraining was good, hopefully just what my body needed.

Autumn is coming and this week I had my first bowl of overnight oats in the mornings after my runs:

Here’s the recipe:

40g rolled oats
30g blueberries
10g sultanas
10g flaked almonds
200mls milk (full fat)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
Dab of vanilla essence

456 cals
46g/22g/16g c/p/f
42%/14%/44% c/p/f

Put all in a tub or bowl the night before and cover. Then heat for 2-3 mins in the morning, stir half way thru.

(There would be less cals if used semi skimmed milk. And more protein could be added if fage Greek yoghurt put in 100mls and Just 100mls of milk.)

Good energy / recovery for after a run.

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