What holidays are for…

This holiday was all about a reset… a break… time out… after a very busy 15 months at work and the end of a project for me… it’s time to take a break. Let my brain have a rest and my body get some sleep and recovery.

As usual in my holidays that I like to take in March, it was a bit of heat and sun after a long cold Winter, but this time it was a chance to reflect on what has been and what might be coming up. It’ll all happen, and I want to not worry about it… just take it all as it comes.

We flew out to Faro in the Algarve on Thursday and had booked a nice air b n b type place. A nice two bedroom place about a 10 minute walk from the centre of Faro… with it’s own kitchen and living room, two bathrooms, air con, a nice garden and an open roof space. Perfect. There were three supermarkets nearby, each of varying standards. Good for water and food to snack on.

This holiday was a chance to do easy little runs first thing… explore the town and surrounding areas before the heat of the day came… or get some body movement / strength in.

On the first day I did a good 25 min bodyweight strength session on the roof in the sun, then was surprised by Fit Girl who was ready in her running gear, so we went a run, and kind of familiarised ourselves with the area a bit.

Then I alternated days with strength one day, then running… 2.5 miles the first day, then 4.4 miles, 4 miles and 3.7 miles. And plenty nice gentle walking… an average of 15,000 steps a day. About 32 miles walking and about 15 miles running.

Afternoons were spent either sun bathing in the garden, or going for the odd nap (nearly every day) when the sun felt like it got a bit too hot. It was 20-22’C most days, but if felt warmer in the garden. We went out a few nights for dinner, had a few lunches out…but tended to have breakfast in, and had a few meals in too.

We had music on mostly – Dido or Kygo… nice and relaxing…. it went nicely with the bird song, and drowned out the occasional dogs barking, stray cats meowing, pigeons cooing, or the sirens of a city. Pretty sunsets seen a couple of evenings in the the week, and I enjoyed the food I ate.

I probably had one too many pizzas for my liking, and not as many ice creams as I’d have liked, but all in all it was good. Some good coffees, a nice Portuguese cake or two, and a really good breakfast bowl at Chelsea Brunch & Coffee.

My sleep went from an average 6:30 per night when I was at work the week before the holiday to an average of to about 9:30 on average. I’ve woken at 2 or 3am a couple of times, and I know my brain is thinking about work…. even though I’m trying hard not too. I’m pretty sure I am allergic to work… but it has to be done, eh? Fresh start when I go back next week.

When I get back, I’ve planned to do a long ish run on Friday morning with my work Twinnie for her chat, then a rest day of Saturday with a good breakfast out… and a nice relaxing day. Before an early start for the Alloa Half Marathon on the Sunday. Amazing Audrey is running it too, so it’ll be good to catch up with her on the journey there and back.

Monday is my last day off, and I’ll aim to get a lie in and do some planning with my training and nutrition. Get in practice of eating similar things to fuel my workouts and make me feel good.

April will be aiming for three progressive strength sessions (M-W-F) and three runs a week (Tu-Th-Sa or Su) keeping my long runs up at about 8-12 miles and maybe getting some effective runs in too if I can muster the effort.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to enter the Roon the Toon 10k on the 9th June, for a race to aim for after Alloa.

This has been another good holiday, time out and a good break ahead of Spring and the clocks going forward on Sunday. Heat and sun makes such a big difference, but I doubt I could live in it all the time… best not complain though. It’s been just right.

And the above might be my favourite picture of the holiday. Lol. I think I might have enough crazy without any more.

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