Wk26 into wk27

Last week I did my first strength session in ages… months and months. I’d been wanting to get back into it for a while, and I’d do mostly bodyweight work, but I knew it would be sore so I was putting it off and off.

The Garagym has been kitted out and east since the start of June, and I recently added 2x8kg dumbbells and a Gym ball to it… but last Sunday (25 June) was the first day I did a workout in it.

It was a 25 min HIIT workout (below), followed by 9 minutes of what I call my Super 4s: 4 exercises, 4 circuits, 10 reps each – KB Swing 12kg, sledgehammer 8kg, KB high pull 12kg, Bent over Row 22kg

I felt ok after it that day, a bit of shaky legs, but apart from that ok. Then on Monday the DOMS kicked in.

And they were there on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Not good. Sore just about everything – and just for 34 minutes of effort. I always find that strength doesn’t mix well with running, and this week was no exception.

I really struggled on my run on Wednesday and took ibuprofen before other runs to help with the pain (not ideal!)

I was planning on finishing my 100 miles running for June, but my legs were hell of a sore. I did manage my 100 miles, but only just, with some extra effort on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Here’s what I did last week:

Mon: 7M easy run PM
Tue: Rest
Wed: 9.1M easy run PM
Thu: 8.9M easy run AM
Fri: 1M time trial (7:14 min mile)
Sat: Rest
Sun: HIIT 25 mins #2 + 9 min finisher

3 and a bit runs (27 miles), 2 rest days and 1 strength session. My sleep hasn’t been great (I may be allergic to my work I think), so I need to get a grip of that.

I made a bit of a math failure on Thursday 29th, which was quite funny really. On Wednesday I had 19 miles and 3 days to do the June 100 miles. I managed to motivate myself to do 9.1 miles on Wednesday after work through Pollok park and Bella park.

Then my math failed me and I took 9.1 away from 19 and got 8.9 (not 9.9)… So I did 8.9 miles on Thursday morning and came home to see 99 miles on my Garmin dashboard – ahhhhhh.

Sitting there in my running gear, all sweaty and I had an appointment to be at in 50 minutes, so there was no way I could do the extra mile then. And I was meeting a friend straight after work, so the remaining mile would have to wait until the Friday morning.

I did it at 730am on Friday morning – fast horrible mile – 7:14 min mile. Running fast is horrible, but we know that already, right? (This is me after it).

So that’s my 6th 100 mile month in a row.

Can I keep it going for 12? I’m tempted to say 6 months is enough, but as Lindsay who started me off on this in January said – ‘You said I’d do it for 12 months’, so I’d better try eh?

Although she did say she’d run 3 times a week in July if I continued with this, and we shook on it, so she’d better be up for that too. Lol

The answer to doing it is to keep on top of your mileage through the month and try not to let it slip too far behind, so that you’re not chasing your tail towards the end of the month packing in lots of miles. And always do a long run (or more) a week.

I was going to run about 13 miles on Saturday, but I needed sleep and my feet were sore so I decided to take a rest day instead. So I’ll get 8 miles in on Monday and 9 (6 + 3) in on Tuesday to get ahead of target at the start of July.

Half way through the year and 600 miles done. 🙂 I’m loving this annual mileage graph on Garmin.

I’m chuffed with how much I did last week, only one strength session due to my DOMS but hopefully I’ll be a bit better this week with muscle soreness if my body can get used to it.

Here’s my plan for next week:

Mon AM: 8M easy PM: Strength / HIIT
Tue AM: 6M easy PM: Coaching (3M)
Wed: KB Strength
Thu AM: Coaching 3.1M
Fri: HIIT & Super 4s Strength
Sat: Rest
Sun: 14M

It’s 29% of the way through the month on Sunday 9th July, so if I do all the runs above I’ll be 34.1 miles into the month, and ahead of my 100 mile target. 💯 mile 🎯

Let’s see if I can not be so sore this week coming and get in 3 strength sessions and 5 runs (including 2 coaching sessions).

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