Wk17 into Wk18

Last week I laid some lofty plans… to run 5 days out of 7, to do easy runs, long runs and intervals … with 2 rest days. To build my training to work towards a 10k run in the 4th June – the Women’s 10k.

I had a feeling I wouldn’t do the intervals, or the threshold run – and I was right. Running fast isn’t for me, but I will do it – I hope.

I always get out off from doing speedwork, but I’m going to try to challenge myself and use my Garmin to help me with it.

Last week I did however end up meeting my 100 mile a month target, by doing the following runs / rest days:

Mon: 6.3M
Tue: Rest
Wed: Rest
Thu: 10M
Fri: Rest
Sat: Rest
Sun: 8.9M

So I still had my eyes on that goal, but I was less focussed on my specific training for my 10k and aiming to increase my fitness / speed.

I had long and busy days at work, catching up after being on leave, and I’m still chasing my tail there to some extent. Hopefully it’ll ease off soon – but possibly not so I need to get a balance.

I had some good rest days, particularly on Saturday and Monday this week when I was off work. And I also did some other activity on Sunday – painting the Garagym which has left me a little bit tender – using muscles I’m not used to using.

It’ll take at least a week to dry, so I get a rest from it for a bit.

Here was my plan for the next 2 weeks, running wise:

This week I’m planning the following, a bit of a change from above, just mixing the days up a bit:

Mon: Rest
Tue: 6M easy (done)
Wed: 47 min intervals (10, (4×2:1),3,(4×2:1),5
Thu: 10M
Fri: 50 min intervals (10, 2M, 10, 2M, 10)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 50 min easy

I’m aiming to be up and out for 630am on Wednesday, intervals along the Clyde to Glasgow Green and back I hope. I got out of bed ok today, so hopefully the same will be said for Wednesday.

See this nice sunset we saw the other night, lovely. 🙂

Another busy week this week at work and I’m meeting a few people, coaching and lunch, so I’ll be kept busy in other ways too.

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