100 miles in April

Today was my last day to meet my monthly challenge of 100 miles this month, and I did it. 🙂 8.9 miles up through the West End, through the city along to Glasgow Green and home.

As I was running past the Hydro, these amazing lovely Sundays were there in the East. They remind me of my good friend Norma who isn’t with us anymore, but they certainly did make me smile.

Up through the ‘smartie tube’, along past Kelvingrove museum (where I pointed out to a lady where her dog had poo’d and she’d missed it lol), then up Byres road (jeezo that’s uphill!!!) it was all nice and comfy running though.

Up a little more past where the old BBC is and I went down along the Kelvin, ending up heading East. I did a wee run around the water fountain in Kelvingrove park, then out of the park (past the poo lady again), and over the flyover of the M8.

Then past the Glasgow Art School and along the pedestrian bit of sauchihall street and down Buchanan and Argyll streets. I ran along to glasgow green where the kilt walk was just kicking off. And I randomly saw Jack Kennedy’s mum of the ‘Brightest Star’ charity. http://www.brighteststar.co.uk

I forgot her name (it’s Arlene!) so wasn’t going to say hello, but o stopped and turned around and went back to her, gave her a hug and told her how good I thought her charity was. I could have told her that I raised money for her charity in 2014 when I ran the Belfast marathon, but I forgot.

She was about to cheer on her walkers anyway. I think she appreciated the hug.

My annual graph for this year is starting to look good…;-) (4 months in a row x 100 miles). 

Anyway, that’s me. Another 100 miles in the bag for the month. 🙂 less runs this month, but I still got it done with plenty to spare (2 rest days before today).

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