Getting there with recovery

This week hasn’t been the most fun week I’ve ever had … and yes, I know it’s self inflicted, but I’ve been sore and in anti inflammatories all week.

It seems the marathon on Sunday really took it out of me. So much so I think I feel a bit of a cold starting. Boooo. :-/

I had a three day week at work, and it was only by Thursday I felt I could handle going down the stairs instead of taking the lift. It was odd waiting for and using the loft every day, not something I’d usually choose to do.

In the main part my arches on my feet are sore, and my right calf and my left quad … and everything else including being tired and hungry. And all in all just a bit emotional too, but trying not to let it get through.

On Monday I still felt high, but on Tuesday and Wednesday I just felt swollen and in pain really – a bit like I’d been in a car accident. (Touch wood). And now my throat / back of my nose is agitated / sore, which probably means a cold is on its way.

I’ve taken some time out though, and I’ve got long sleeps in – they should help my recovery. And eating plenty. I plan to take around 2 weeks off training, maybe even longer if I still feel like this.

I’ve been doing a few short walks, but all in all I’ve been rather kind to myself.

One thing I’ve noticed is my weight, or more specifically my water weight / body composition I think. After the marathon it shot up to the heaviest I’ve been years, I’d been around 133lbs for a while, and it went up to 139lbs.

But weight isn’t everything, and it’s when you look at the body fat % / other % it gets interesting.

Where body fat % is body fat, and lbm is all other body weight including bone, muscle, water.

Mon 22 Aug: 132.1lbs / 13.6% body fat
17.8lbs fat / 114.9lbs lbm

Mon 25 Sep: 136.7lbs / 11.1% body fat
15.2lbs fat / 121.5lbs lbm

Thu 29 Sep: 139.1lbs / 13.6% body fat
18.9lbs fat / 120.2lbs lbm

It seems to me that my body is holding water to help me recover from the battering I gave it on Sunday, and that’s where the extra weight has come from. Clever body.

I’ve decided to buy the Withings Cardio scales, so if anyone wants to buy a set of used Withings wifi Body fat scales (that give you graphs like below) let me know lorn 🙂

I’m away up to spend some time with family this weekend, a long weekend off work. Then I’ll be in Edinburgh with work on Tuesday.

I have some health and fitness plans for when I’m back on my feet, but just now I’m just going to do my best to recover.

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