Run Stop Run

A few months ago I had the chance to be one of the Pacers for the Great Scottish Run again, and I accepted it.

Then my brother asked me if I would go up to Wick and look after my Niece and nephews for the same weekend, and I knew I would rather spend the time with my niece and nephews. And I’m glad I did. 🙂

I got up to Wick on Friday after spending Thursday night and done of Friday with a good friend in Inverness. After the marathon last Sunday, my feet and legs were sore, even up to the following Saturday.

I’d planned around 1-2 weeks rest from running or getting back into training, but it turns out I’m sorer than I thought I would be.

My arches of my feet were sore for a few days, my calves like concrete blocks, my hamstrings sore. So I felt fine taking at least a week off. And I spent the time with family and friends instead. 🙂

I tried a wee run (in my every day clothes / boots) on Friday and managed 6 steps before I pulled up with my calf in pain. And on Saturday I felt some sniffles / a cold coming on. Marathons are bad for you lol.

Anyway, the weather was lovely and we went out to John o groats for ice cream. And went out to see the stars at night too. Millions of them out at Noss Head. I miss the stars in Glasgow. 😦

I took some cold and flu pills, and the sniffles weren’t all that bad. I’m definitely ‘run down’ as well as being a bit sore. 

On Saturday we saw this lovely big rainbow too, when my two nephews and I were out in the car too. And we played Xbox games – Forza – my new favourite game, driving and smashing cars up lol. A weekend to remember, laughing and having family fun. 

I hadn’t been back home (in Wick) since November last year, and even longer before that, so it was nice to be up on such a clear sunny weekend.

We went a wee walk along to ‘the Ducks’ on Sunday morning, and I reminisced with them about how many of the houses weren’t there when I grew up 20 years + ago. I might be getting old. 🙂

I remember the rocks I used to climb all over as a kid, I didn’t hours down there. Houses and Places I used to visit.

A nice bit for me was down at the north baths on Sunday with the kids, the water still as anything, with some of my favourite people ever. 😀 special times with special kids.

Then I watched Callum Hawkins win the Great Scottish Run, and saw a few people I knew, on telly, Paul Clawson and Lesley Mcdonald. It felt a bit strange not being a part of it this year, but it was good to be up here.

Then this evening, I was settling down after a good Sunday, and my old school friend Grant messaged me. Grant is now the depute rector of the local high school.

Grant messaged me a few months ago and asked me what I thought of him doing 10k every day in September. I said I thought it’d be tough and he better watch he didn’t injure himself (with out rest days). He was doing it to raise money for a playground in Staxigoe.

And on Friday the 30th, he did his 30th 10k run in September!! A great achievement, with lots of press coverage in the local paper, and over £4000 raised for charity. Run Grant Run and that he certainly did. I and a lot of other people I know are well impressed with his achievement, I don’t think I would have even tried it, never min achieved it like he did. Well done Grant!

Now he seemed to be on a roll, as he took a rest day on the 1st October, and asked me if I fancied a run at 8pm on the 2nd…. it was dark by then, and I don’t usually run at night time, but hey ho I thought. Why not.

A lovely run under the stars and a good chat with Grant to catch up with how he got on. I had a feeling my right calf might be a bit of a problem, but I thought I’d test it out anyway.

With my slight cold, and the up hills, it was a little tough at times, but I slowly got into it. My right leg is well and truly gubbed, probably injured, so sore I had to limp at points, so I’ll need to take some proper time off running. Another week at least, maybe even 2. We’ll see. 

It’s not the end of the world, and I have memories, a medal and tshirt for it. :-/ it’s probably time for a change in direction (from running) anyway right?

I ran almost 7k in just over 43 minutes, under the stars, with my good friend Grant. Good chat, ticking along, hardly able to breathe up the hills, and sore and injured old body. 

It’s really pretty up here, but I’m back home tomorrow. Get rid of my slight cold and maybe get some walking, and more rest and recovery in next week.
I’ll get back to running when I’m ready. Time for some time out instead

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