1 hour distance trial

Last week at lunchtime, I did a run which ended up being an hour. It felt good. I covered 7.15 miles in an hour, it was a beautiful clear day and I loved it – a great way to break up my day.

My avg HR was 154, nice and easy, and I pushed it a little at the end to leak at 174. I decided it would be a good idea to do weekly hour time trials, just to push it a little and push my fitness up a bit too.

This morning, at 6am, with the wind blowing a hoolie, and after me not being able to sleep until about 1am – it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

But I’d told everyone on my Facebook page that I was going – so I did. I didn’t manage it out for 630am, but I did make it out.

There were a few things that could have stopped me:
1. I couldn’t sleep so got up and eventually got to sleep at 1am (6 ish hours sleep). 2. Alarm went off at 610 and I snoozed it.
3. FG left all the lights off and shut he door (expecting me to lie in). 4. My workout wasn’t preloaded on my Garmin so I had to load it on.

All good though, I got out at 6:52am and I was back an hour later. It was really windy but I figured I could try and use it to my advantage – and run fast intervals with it at my back when I could. 🙂

The aim of a distance trial is about like stone trial, only that a time trial has a set distance, and you try to beat your time. I prefer distance trials, where you run for a set time, and try to beat your distance.

Last week, I just ran steady 1 hour, so my aim was to beat 7.15 miles.

– I warmed up for 10 minutes,
– Then ran fast for 1 minute
– Recovered (jogging) for 1 minute
– And recovered or finished off the run, with 10 minutes running.

I messed up intervals 6-8 by mistake, but after that I got into the rhythm.

I had Eminem screaming in my ears and I ran up to and almost around Maxwell park. The wind was a right f€$ker, but it woke me up for sure.

After all that, I did manage to run further in an hour… just by 0.01 miles! Oops. I’m blaming the wind and the mess up of the intervals at the start.

It was a good run, but I still think running fast is hard and horrible. 😉 (hopefully I’ll see some fitness benefits from it).

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1 Response to 1 hour distance trial

  1. Monica R. Woodford says:

    Your comment of the wind on this day you ran is quite humorous, reminds me of the heat in Phoenix, AZ. Many thanks for your inspiration & insight, Monica R. Woodford

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