Fall leaves – leaves fall

I like this time of year, it’s a good temperature and running through the streets and parks, with the low sun, or early sunrises and sunsets can be almost magical. Running through and kicking leaves as you go.

But the leaves that fall mean there’s an extra job around the garden. We did the front garden bit up and now it means it’s another bit we need to maintain and pick leaves up from.

Lots of leaves, to… no leaves.

But there are plenty more on the trees, waiting to fall.

Here’s the back garden… I tidied all the leaves away this morning, then came back three hours later – to this!

All tidied up now again, with a rake and sone bending. A good all over workout – I think I was out in the fresh air in the garden for about an hour today – picking up leaves!

We’ve now got a whole wheelie bin full of leaves!

I think I’ll leave it until more drop until I do it again – there are still plenty more to come.

Ps: We got out first flowers come out!

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