Wk10 into Wk11

Last week was a bit of a big week for me, for a few reasons… but physically I was a bit tired after giving blood on Thursday, so I took some time to rest and recover.

I started off the week strongly with training, then just took it as it came. But I did 3 runs, 2 strength sessions, 1 yoga session, 1 spin session and a few walks.

I got some good sleeps in for recovery too..and a good nap on Saturday too. What else is there to do? Not a lot – eat, run, eat, walk etc.

Here’s the training I did:

As I posted, on Friday my run was quite hard. My heart rate was way higher than it is normally, a clear side effect of giving blood the day before. But I had a good rest day on Saturday, including that big nap… and a nice wee walk to waken up again.

The run this morning was fine… 5k, easy enough, with my heart rate back to normal. So that’s good. My vision was blurry for a couple of days, and I knew I needed rest. Should be back to normal soon.

My garmin has a good measure in it – body battery, which shows when you’re burnt out or recovered… it’s clear from it that Wednesday took it out of me, and Thursday and this weekend enabled me to recover.

I had a few treats delivered last week (and thank dog it’s pay day tomorrow!)… my new custom metcons, I’ll try them out properly in the gym tomorrow:

My new wee second hand nikon s7000 camera to take on runs with me…

And finally my new Rohan jacket to keep me warm … it’s very comfy. And very warm!

I’ve been continuing to track my calories … mainly to stop myself being greedy and it’s been a good week, although I could have eaten more protein.

My calories were similar to last week, about 1400 a day in total, taking into account what I ate vs hat a burned. -200 deficit each day.

Only 26% protein though. So I’ll try and eat more protein (less sugar) next week.

Like I posted on my Facebook page, here’s what I’ve done and here’s the result…

Next week I plan to do the following training, building it back up to do more in the week again:

My runs are going ok, but there’s still a low level of pain in my right leg – maybe a 2/10. It’s making runs less enjoyable, but I’ll stick with it and see what happens. Some rehab work on it tomorrow in the gym I think.

I’m a year working from home now, and I must admit I’ve settled in well with it. It’s good having the gym on our doorstep anytime, and it’s good not having any commute too. I wonder how long working from home will be normal? Who knows.

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