Reminder to take it easy

Yesterday as I was giving blood I decided a good rest day with plenty of fluids was in order… and an early night to recover too.

Then when Debbie messaged me and asked me for a run, and I was going to move my run day to Friday morning instead, it’s seemed like a good opportunity for some company in the run.

I thought I’d also try out my new camera for runs – a good second hand nikon s7000. Bought from eBay, it’s 16MP and 161g, about 9cm x 6cm x 2.7cm. Handy and good quality, and easy to download pictures via WiFi too.

All of the photos on this blog were taken by it and I think they’re much better quality than the ones taken on my little Canon Ivy Rec which will soon become redundant! If you know any kids who are into photography and would like it, let me know.

I had a good sleep with just half an hour of broken sleep but felt fine for the run in the morning. We decided to do a different route from mine, up to Queens Park and back… but after we started I sort of regretted that decision and wished we’d stayed on the flat at the Clyde.

We’ve been running together for a few years now, Debbie and I. We’re both good company and matched similarly for fitness / pace, although she’s about 5 years younger than me, over a stone lighter, and she simply finds it easier to run faster than me. So sometimes she gets carried away and I have to slow her down / reign her back … those are my excuses anyway. Ha.

Today’s run ended up being really hard for me. Probably down to having given blood yesterday, but also as we were likely running faster than I normally would uphill, and after giving blood. About a mile or so in, I asked to slow down, and then walk. Then checked my heart rate and it was 165. Very high compared to usual.

But we were ok. I kept being conscious of how hard it was and slowing her down, and eventually we wales four times to ease myself off.

We finished slower than normal, but I’m glad we took the walk breaks. My avg HR was much higher than normal at 157 ❤️ , max 168. 🤮

When I finished my garmin said – new threshold pace… and it felt like that. HR 162, pace 7:47. 🤮

One good part of it though was my legs were fine, and running on my toes was fine too. I’ll not do any cardio tomorrow, maybe a strength and / or yoga workout tomorrow. Then I’ll try a solo run (or run with Fit Girl) on Sunday and see how I am.

Now I have that horrible burning feeling in my throat and lungs… like I’ve worked too hard or run a race. Recovery and plenty fluids and food again today for me.

All of this is a reminder that I have one less pint of blood in me and I need to let my body have a good rest. So maybe that’ll happen, full rest instead.

Ps. My hair is a riot… but it’s going to grow more before it gets any better, so I’m stuck with it.

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