Wk18 into Wk19 & 20

Two weeks ago (Wc 29 April) I didn’t get into the Garagym to do any strength sessions but I did run 23.5 miles over 4 runs I was away at the end of the week, so had some travel time and Thursday to Sunday away from home.

Running in Inverness was nice… nice and scenic and even the hills didn’t put me off. I didn’t mean to do 10k on Sunday, but was enjoying it and it ended up being 10k on Sunday, a run that was almost exactly the same as the day before (30 secs faster).

Running in random and unexpected hailstorms was fun, as was finding new trails and breathing in the fresh Highland air.

Here’s what I did… (and I have to admit that I missed the gym):

Mon: 4.3M
Tue: 5M Run = 70M for April
Wed: Rest
Thu: Travel / Inverness / Rest
Fri: Rest / 3M Walk
Sat: 10k Run
Sun: 10k Run / Travel

And with a busy and challenging time at work, last week I took the foot off the gas a bit with my training. Sometimes this happens when you just need to focus on other bits of your life. And it so happened work took over a bit, and I felt like I needed a wee break from training.

This was all ahead of some time off that ok getting, so I’ll get my training back up and running during my time off. Here’s what I did / am doing this last week:

Wk19 – wc 6 May
Mon: Rest
Tue: 4M coaching
Wed: Quick Strength / movement
Thu: Rest & lie in
Fri: Run wi DMc
Sat: Rest / Run wi Fit Girl
Sun: Squat Strength 5

Sleep hasn’t been ideal, waking at 2 a couple of mornings but if I’m lying for more than 30 mins I get up and do something to take my mind off it. No point in getting annoyed.

My nutrition has been ok, but not quite as focused since I’ve not been training as much, but to be honest I need the headspace for other things and the odd bit of chocolate has been good.

I’m not depriving myself of chocolate, rather trying to eat certain things with more protein which has been keeping me fuller for longer and also somehow making me not crave chocolate / mars bars as much. That being said I enjoyed the easter egg or two, and probably burned them of running.

I’m eating what I want including this breakfast, and I’ll see what the outcome of that and less training is soon.

Now I go into some weeks of holidays, so I instead of having a weekly plan I’ll try to alternate running with strength training, and aim for 75 miles running in May. All ahead of the 10k I’m doing at the start of June.

Wk20 – wc 13 May
Mon: 4M Run
Tue: Full Body Strength
Wed: off / rest
Thu: 6M incl 4M tempo
Fri: Full body strength
Sat: off travel away
Sun: 5M Run

Life is all about getting a balance – for me that’s between work, training, sleep, eating, socialising / family time, spending time with the mrs. I’m looking forward to a wee break from work so I’ll be able to spend more time on what is maybe the more important things in life – mostly people and making memories.

I had a really nice time with my friends (and their babies) last weekend and whilst I know I need to sort some things out at work, I know that it’s really important to keep talking with friends and keep those ties active outside of work too.

I reconnected with a few people from my childhood who I haven’t seen for a while and it was so nice to catch up and be and for me to hopefully help male a difference for them too. I’ll maybe make some plans to go visiting some close friends in the next few months, remember what’s really important.

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