Training Plans

For good individual specific training plans for running go to the Runner’s World Smart Coach page.

Below are some of my own training plans / documents:

Run Stronger, Get Faster Training Plans
(1 for 5k – half marathon distance, another for up to marathon distance).
Example runs:
Run Stronger, Get Faster: 35 mins: 6 x 2:2 Effective Run
35 mins speedwork: 10, 10 x 1:1, 5

10k & Half Marathon

Getting Started 10k Training Plan
5 week, 10k and half marathon training plans

Half Marathon Training Plan August 2011

July – August Training Plan

3 week training plan for 10k

10k and half marathon training plan

Progressive Training Runs for the Half Marathon
7 week Half Marathon Training Plan
8 week 10k Training Plan (for Beginners and Intermediates: with Heart Rate Zones)


12 week Marathon Training Plan (sneak preview)
14 week Lochaber marathon plan

5 weeks to go to Lochaber Marathon

December Training Plan
Winter Marathon Training Plan


Ultra Challenge ? (10 week plan to run 50 miles)
40 mile ultramarathon training plan (8 weeks)

Wk1 Training for 40 mile ultramarathon

Speedwork & Pacing

12 week Speedwork Plan
Paces for my Running

Beginners / Postnatal

20 week getting started plan
Getting back into shape after having a baby!

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