This page contains a link to my various Training Plans along with a link to a page which holds the detail of my long run training and long bike rides I’ve done:

Training Plans
Long Distance Training

And here are some blog posts I’ve done in relation to Training:

Negative Splits 🙂
Progressive Training Runs for the Half Marathon
Are you trying to run faster?
Marathon Pacing Strategy…
10k race strategy
Pace band for the 10k sorted
Things I’ve learned from running the marathon…
Rituals & preparations for long runs / races
Running Long
Thinking about running an ultramarathon?
Suitably pleased with that long run….
Specificity of Training 
Top Ten Ways to Avoid Over Training
Run Workouts

2 Responses to Train

  1. Sean Allan says:

    Awesome blog you’ve got going, very motivating. Keep it up. Good luck with your traing and goals for this years

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