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Two Week Food Test – Day 1

Hungry.  That’s what I was this morning.  Day 1 of this Two Week Food Test and I feel like I’m having to eat more regularly to keep myself from feeling hungry. This is not a diet where I am trying … Continue reading

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Training Plan Wk2

Training in week 1 didn’t go exactly to plan… a little more rest than planned, and a little less strength work… but I was still sort of on holiday, so I took week 1 as an easy week.  🙂 Here’s … Continue reading

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Two Week Food Test… 4 days to go…

I posted about this a few weeks ago…and I must admit, I’m a little nervous about the next few weeks… I’m changing my diet to try the Two Week Test.  This is where I reduce or eliminate my well loved … Continue reading

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Week Number Calculator

I get a lot of people coming to my blog after they’ve searched on ‘how many weeks into 2011 are we?‘ … and I did this post earlier in the year to explain it: Popular Search Engine Terms #2 Here are … Continue reading

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Wk43 – Training Plan

After a good rest over the weekend: Friday: Rest day Saturday: 12 mile walk Sunday: Took my niece swimming and taught swimming for 4 hours. Monday morning: Lie in, swim later. I’m planning on the following training this week: Monday … Continue reading

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Almost at 10,000 hits!

Well, my blog has almost received 10,000 hits…!  It should get to 10,000 hits on Wednesday I think. The hit counter really started going up in May when my blog got 2,410 hits, then in June it got 2,475 and … Continue reading

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July – August Training Plan

In the last post I said I would be including runs again into my training.  In the last 3 weeks since I injured my IT band on my 31 mile run, I’ve only really been doing short runs up to … Continue reading

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