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Didn’t manage to get out of bed this morning!

The plan this morning was to get up for an 8 mile run… for some readon, (darkness,

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Rest and Recovery time :-)

I. Have. Blurry. Vision.  Gubbed.  That’s what I’m thinking.  I’m thinking I’m gubbed. (Yes, I probably should be wearing my contacts or my glasses, but I’m not… so there). My vision is odd.  It’s ok most of the time, then I … Continue reading

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Wk40 – Training Plan

This week, my first week of building my running mileage up… didn’t start off too well.  After Sunday night, 3.5 hours in the pool, I was knackered.  All of Monday, all I could think about was my bed.  And after … Continue reading

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IT band rehab workout

In my quest for getting my IT band back to normal… I’ve come up with the following workout to help strengthen my legs and hopefully get me back running soon. For more informatin on IT band friction Syndrome (ITBFS) go … Continue reading

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9 days to go… taper

Well seeing I’m tapering this week… today year end… 31st March… I was at work for… 12.5 hours. Arg.  Finishing something off that’s needed for tomorrow. I might run tomorrow morning, I’ll see how I’m feeling. But I have 8 … Continue reading

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Wk9 – 7.2M Speed with every even mile faster

After a long day at work on Wednesday (I didn’t go swimming at night as I had planned…work seemed to get in the way)…in the back of my mind I wasn’t really fancying a 7 mile speed session this morning… … Continue reading

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Marathon hangover…

So… 24 hours have passed… I had a bit of a restless night… a little dehydrated and my hips were sore as anything – I couldn’t get comfy to sleep.   I’m walking like a cowboy too. lol. I think … Continue reading

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