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Barrathon Pace Calculator

Following on from my Barrathon Half Marathon Training Plan, I’ve also done a pace calculator which works out mile splits for you once you enter your target time. It takes into consideration where the hills are and intends that you … Continue reading

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Avoiding Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

So… after my first two marathons I ran… I was in pain.  My legs were dying… sore calves, hamstrings, quads.  I thought it’s just what happens.  I thought, you’ve pushed your body to the limits and now you’re paying for … Continue reading

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Marathon Pacing Strategy…

I’ve learned a lot about pacing myself since I did the marathon distance up Loch Lomond in November 2010.  During that run, I stayed around the 8 minute mile pace until about mile 20…where my legs started to feel bad … Continue reading

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Wk11 – It all starts again

After my high on Sunday of beating my PB for the Balloch to Clydebank half marathon, I’ve found myself pretty tired and in need of sleep.  😀 After the run, I came home, showered, had lunch, then a nap, then … Continue reading

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