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Even More Crazy Intense Circuits

I’ve created a new circuits challenge following on from my Crazy Intense Circuits and inspired by my use of a body pump barbell in my last circutis class, I thought I’d create a new circuits workout where you do 1 minute of work, for 25 exercises. It’s … Continue reading

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Wk40 – Circuits wi Gill

I thought I would struggle to get up this morning considering what happened last night… but I was ok.  The alarm went off at 6:02, then at 6:10, then my iphone went off at 6:12 and I got up at … Continue reading

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Wk2 – 4.34M Run and Gym Circuits

The snow didn’t come last night.  >:-/  So I could have done my hill runs this morning, but I’m glad I didn’t as I had a nice lie in after spinfit. 🙂  It should be a bit warmer tomorrow anyway. … Continue reading

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