Since I gave up drinking in May 2009, I seem to have more pennies available…and they’ve been going towards holidays!  😀

Here are some of the posts I’ve done about my holidays:

Chicago – September 2011

It worked! I got into the Chicago Half Marathon!
Full outfit for Chicago half marathon (& GSR)
Chicago Half Marathon – done!
There’s a ‘Garmin’ store in Chicago!!
And so, the adventure begins…

Portugal – May 2011

Saturday – long run then Portugal!!
Swimming and Diving on holiday 🙂
Holiday in Portugal!
I’m back from Portugal!

San Francisco – September 2010

Back from a 3 week holiday to San Francisco…

Lanzarote – May 2010

Holidays…walk, cycle, gym, swim, run!
Friday 21st May – cycle to Kilsyth




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