Smarter Science of Slim

I first came across the Smarter Science of Slim when Gordon McCrorie, founder of Kaizen Active posted on Facebook that he’d bought the book (in April 2012). You can read more about what I think of it here: The Smarter Science of Slim

I think, the author Jonathan Bailor has a lot of things right about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body and how to eat right and exercise smart to be the best you can be.

He focuses less on calories, dieting or eat less exercise more, and focuses more on eating the right foods to make your body be in the best shape it can be.  He talks about ‘unclogging’ your body by eating cleanly and exercising smartly. He proves why conventional wisdom is sometimes incorrect and suggests how we can move forward to lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Not only does he have a book, but he also has an abundance of (free and £££) media for you to consume… here they are:

The book on Amazon: The Smarter Science of Slim: What the actual experts have proven about weight loss, health and fitness.   You can get the Kindle Version for around £6, or the book for around £22.  I got the book as I like real books, but the Kindle Version is a great option.

An online PDF short version of the book: 7 days of SANEity guide to what you to eat including recipes and an overview of what you should be eating to be in the best shape of your life.   Basically, you should be cutting out starchy veg (potatoes, pasta, chips, baked goods), sweet refined foods, and eating non starchy veg, food which is high in protein, fibre and water.  This booklet gives you shopping lists and recipes for a week of healthy SANE eating and is a good starter to eating smart.  🙂

The Smarter Science of Slim website:  A website full of resources and you can sign up to his newsletter on it too. 🙂

and Facebook page: Smarter Science of Slim on Facebook

Podcasts: There are 8 episodes of the podcast so far, and they just confirm and repeat what is in the book.  I think it’s really good.  If you enter ‘Smarter Science of Slim’ into the iTunes store, you’ll get all of the podcasts, plus an hour long interview too which is a good listen.  This podcast is also good: Cut the Fat Podcast: an Interview with Jonathan Bailor. (If you want to hear the best bit listen between 35 mins – 55 mins).

Finally, here are some of the posts I’ve done about the Smarter Science of Slim:

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