Glasgow Marathon 2013

GLASGOW Marathon

I ended up doing my own Glasgow Marathon on 21st September 2013:


This page will hold information about my Glasgow Marathon 2013.

I aim to train for  (my made up route based on the 1982) the Glasgow Marathon in the first 12 weeks of the year, and I will run the 26.2 miles on Saturday 30th March 2013.

My training will involve runs of between 3-4 times a week with a long run at the weekend and I’ll compliment my runs with strength training.

I liked the Glasgow Marathon Facebook page, a group which is trying to get the Glasgow Marathon to return after it was changed to a half marathon in the early 80s.

I thought what better way to make a point than to train for and run the marathon, and perhaps a few other people might want to run some or all of it too.


Glasgow Marathon April 2013
12 week Marathon Training Plan (sneak preview)
Glasgow Marathon Facebook Page

Training Runs:

Route: My Glasgow Marathon Route page holds information about the 26.2 mile route, and will also hold routes to shorter training run routes.

Glasgow Marathon Route 2013

1982 route:

1983 Glasgow Marathon Coverage

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