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Why run?

Running can help you feel great, lose weight, look good, achieve goals, boost your confidence and give you energy. Apart from making you look and feel fantastic, running can massively improve your health.  Studies have shown that 80% of adults … Continue reading

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Wk30 – Run day: 2 very different runs

Tonight the plan was, after work, run to Bella (possibly in the rain which was forecast)… do some speedwork and get to Bella for 18:15 in time for Spinfit to see if there were any spare Spin bikes. There ended … Continue reading

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Wk29 – 15.35M sort of by mistake

As you know from my last post… I planned to get up early (5:30am, to be out the door for 5:45am) this morning.  I did it.  I dragged myself out of bed and got out the door and started my … Continue reading

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12 mile route

12 miles… should take me around 1:35 – 1:45 mins… here’s a route for it… 12M southside 11.9 miles / 19.1511936 km Created 07.14.13 by Lorn If I can get up early enough tomorrow (5:30am, out for 5:45am) I’ll be … Continue reading

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Is it all in your head?…

Is it all in your head?  :  the need to be fuelled up for runs and exercise? The reason I ask is that I did an hour and a half moderate run this morning before work… on an empty stomach.  I … Continue reading

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Q: Beginners: Further or Faster?

Here’s a question from a reader who’s just started running a few months ago…  (his aim in starting running was to mix things up a bit and run a 10k – and perhaps a marathon once, if he liked running.  … Continue reading

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Role Models

Do you have a role model?  Have you ever had a role model? Someone you look up to – someone you admire or who inspires you to become a different or better person?  From the parent who worked hard and … Continue reading

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