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Protein / Caffeine Shake for fast

Today I’m fasting for 24 hours again… and I made a protein shake, minus the banana, and with an iced coffee in place of some of the milk.  It’s all that I’ll have today… one at breakfast time and one … Continue reading

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Fast, Eat, Fast (don’t gorge!), Rest

I’ve noticed with my fasting that I have more more care free attitude to what and how much in eating when I’m not fasting. I’ve read that gorging can be a side effect of fasting, and I’ve noticed that since … Continue reading

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How to: Intermittent Fast

I’ve been intermittent fasting now since August 2012 and am pleased to say I’ve successfully made it an everyday (or weekly) part of my lifestyle. So much so, a few people have asked for my advice on how to get … Continue reading

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Take Care of Yourself: Part 2: Eat Well

In my second part of my Take Care of Yourself series, today I’m looking at how to Eat Well. Remember this all stems from something a very wise and lovely lady once said to me… ‘Take care of yourself: Eat … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting 2:5

I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting (IF) one day a week for around 10 weeks now… (see here for the benefits of IF and here for more information on Fasting.) Before you read on… if you’re interested in how to start … Continue reading

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More about Intermittent Fasting

Today I chose to do my Intermittent Fasting (IF) for this week… I stopped eating at 8pm on Monday night and will eat again on Tuesday at around 2pm (18 hour fast).  I’m doing this one day a week and … Continue reading

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Intermittent Fasting Week 3

This week I’m wondering where I can fit in my intermittent fasting day… I’ve been doing it in the afternoon through to the evening (not eating from 2pm until 8am the next day)… but this week I’m going to try … Continue reading

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and strMy first 6:18 1/6 Friday fasting :-)

1 day fasting / 6 days eating 6 hours eating : 18 hours fasting Here’s what I’m planning for my 1 fasting / rest day this week: Eat… 6 hour window 800 choconana, peanut butter and lime protein shake & … Continue reading

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My attempt to: Eat, Fast and Live Longer

Here goes… after the Horizon programme: Eat, Fast and Live Longer the other night, I’ve decided I’m going to give ‘intermittent fasting’ a try. ( here is a good review of the programme ). I’ve set up a page on … Continue reading

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