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Garmin 610… what you can do with it. :-)

garmin610 A friend of mine has just been fortunate enough to buy herself a Garmin 610 – welcome to the club!  🙂 I love my Garmin 610 and since getting my first Garmin (405) in 2008 I’ve got to grips … Continue reading

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My Women’s 10k Pacing Results

Well… I paced at the Women’s 10k yesterday and had the job o trying to run as steady a pace as possible and finishing in 50 minutes. Here’s the link to my Garmin details: Women’s 10k 2012, Pace Maker 50 … Continue reading

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Going Bananas?

The expression ‘Going Bananas’… comes from the effects bananas have on the brain (see below how).  Whatever you do, don’t put bananas in the fridge as the skin will go black! Bananas provide good energy and plenty more… below details … Continue reading

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A change in direction for me

Here goes… I’m going to change direction a little bit and thought I’d write down a few of the reasons for this change and let you know what I’m thinking. Here were my plans for the training for the Highland … Continue reading

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The possibilities are ‘Limitless’ :-D

Help, I think I may have (another) problem!! And I can’t decide if it’s a bad problem or a good problem! Limitless Have you ever seen the film ‘Limitless‘ wtih Bradley Cooper in it? (from 2011) If not, here’s a … Continue reading

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My Garmin Training Effect Analysis

Since I got my Garmin 610, I’ve become interested in the Garmin Training Effect.  And I get a lot of people coming to my blog after searching on it.  You can read more about what it is here. I wanted to … Continue reading

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1,000 days off the booze!

Today is the 1,000th consecutive day that I’ve been off alcohol! (2 and 3/4 years) It has now become very easy to keep alcohol out of my life, and although I don’t think that everyone should cut out alcohol, I’m pleased that I’ve managed … Continue reading

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Blurry vision is back

When I finished running for 3 hours on Saturday, I immediately noticed my vision appeared to be as if there was a film over my eyes. Not only was my vision blurry, but it was also cloudy. I’d been working … Continue reading

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25,000 hits on my blog!

Today my blog reached 25,000 hits since I started it up in September 2010. 😀 Here are the most popular posts: Forearm strain   4,751 Home page   3,619 Iliotibial band friction syndrome   849 Garmin Training Effect   638 Using … Continue reading

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My Nike Plus Run Down for 2011

Here is my Nike Plus Run Down for 2011… I wouldn’t have thought I ran most on a Wednesday of all days…. but perhaps I did. 4 times a week on average. :-D. And here’s the comparison to 2010. A … Continue reading

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