Wk4 & 5 into Wk6

The last two weeks have been good training wise. I was flexible to have rest days when I felt I needed them and when some things were more important than training (Wednesday this week, Saturday last week)…

Last week I had a great weekend away visiting my Dad, and took the opportunity to meet and run with the lovely bots from Ellon, Jen, Glynis and Fiona.

We ran about 7 mile and ended up in a dog cafe, where Fiona treated us to cake and coffee (she doesn’t like getting her photo taken, so she turns her back on the camera for every photo 😂). They’re ace.

I’m getting into a good routine with my exercise, and working from home in my new, not so new now job. It really is a great job and great team, with opportunities for me to make a difference.

The last two weeks I’ve delivered a few things there which really made me proud. It’s great to be doing good work again. And I’m still enjoying swimming coaching and helping others with their swimming.

I’ve been continuing to work on my own swimming, with three swims a week. Today was the first time the crossbody kick felt rhythmic and natural, so that’s good. I’m getting food results in speed and how it feels. Next step is to improve my breathing and arm entry.

Here’s my plan for next week:

I’m also doing some swim coaching on Sunday evening.. a favour for someone, to hopefully help improve their swimming. And on Friday I have a day off work, to go visit my friend and her four year old and maybe make some bracelets them.

I’ve been getting a bit of a sore right ankle when I run…maybe the cold, maybe an old injury… and the weather is rubbish next week, so I’m likely going to soon instead of a run. It’s nothing show stopping but it doesn’t feel right.

If I can get up early enough on Wednesday I’ll do 30 min strength, then 30 min spin.

Winter is starting to grate me, but I see the mornings and evenings are getting lighter, and I’m looking forward to the weather improving a bit soon into Spring hopefully.

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