Wk26 into Wk27

Last week was a good week training wise… the only thing I didn’t do was spin or cycling, but I got a good mix of everything else in.

Here’s what I did:

2 runs – which went fine
4 physio sessions, 1 yoga and 1 foam rolling session
2 good swims
1 strength and about 14 miles walking

The runs on Monday and Wednesday were fine. My leg is getting there with all the physio and cross training. My next run is tomorrow so we will see how I get on – aiming for 5k with no pain again.

I saw the physio on Wednesday and I got some new exercises, and had swimming confirmed as being good for what I’m after. The plan is to stick with what I’ve been doing and solidify my 5k steady running.

I did only one strength session last week, but it was a good one. 30 mins apple fitness strength with Kyle; then a 15 min circuit.

Here’s what I did for the 15 min circuit… easy peasy, heavyish weights.

Then on Wednesday morning I moved my run forward to that day to try it out before physio that day. Fit Girl ran with me, and I was going to run ok Friday too, but the physio said keep it to two runs a week, so that’s what I’m doing – slowly slowly catchy monkey!

Thursday was my swim day, at the Gorbals again… I think I had the lane to myself… for most of it.

I did this session:

I’m getting a swimmers high for sure after my swims – very like the runners high, but my hair gets in a mess after a swim. 😂 that’s twice this week I was swimming and I’ll aim to do it 1-2 times.

The Gorbals is good, the set up and pool and staff, but Tollcross and its 50m lanes is on another level.

I swam just over 2km this morning… and had a sis rego shake afterwards (I did that on Thursday too). Here’s what I did in the pool today:

I have a pair of fins arriving tomorrow, and Tollcross is the only place you can wear them, so I’m booked in next Sunday morning for a session there. I’ll aim to do about 2,500m, as opposed to my usual 2,000m.

The weather has been good this week, so some mornings I’ve been out the front in the sun eating my breakfast and reading before work. Thats been nice.

Work has continued to be good, and I got a massive monitor delivered on Friday, so I’ll use that next week. I’ll get used to the set up soon.

In the warm weather I’ve been enjoying an ice cream a day roughly… why not, eh?

On Saturday we had a good day out and walked about 6 miles in total. Up conic hill and around, and lunch out before the heavens opened.

I’m loving this weather… hopefully the hot and humid rainy days won’t hang around too long. I absolutely LOVE wearing shorts.

On Saturday night I had the fun of going to get my second vaccine – a Pfizer one again. Luckily i felt ok on Sunday.. a bit of a sore arm, but nothing to complain about. I had some paracetamol and water in case anything flared up, but I felt fine to swim on Sunday.

Here’s my plan for next week, which is very similar to last week:

We went a walk this afternoon between the showers, and I took my new camera. Here’s some of the shots which turned out ok.

We saw a seal over the other side of the water from here… but he was too far away for a good shot (even with the zoom).

I’m looking forward to my run tomorrow, and getting more swims in next week… and I’ll be sure to get a spin/cycle and all of my 5 physio sessions in too.

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