Me and my cameras

Me and cameras go back a long way… from when I was about 8 or 9, my Dad bought me my first little compact camera… he always loved his gadgets and cameras… and that’s been passed down to me. I’ve passed some on, yet I’m sure I’ll always have a bit of a thing for them too.

Here’s my Dad in Cyprus in the early 80s with his big probably Sony video camera and VHS recorder. I wonder if this picture of me was taken that same holiday?

I remember crying a lot when my first compact camera broke… and my Dad said it was ok, he could get me a new one.

(See him with his camera below too – who was taking the picture? Probably one of my brothers with his camera perhaps?!)

I was a lucky girl… as when I was a teenager my Dad then got me a DSLR, a Nikon F50. He got my sister another type of DSLR too then.

And in 1998 or so, I bought myself my first (and one of the first) digital cameras – a Fuji film MX-700 camera.

I took my first selfies on that camera (years before that was even a word), and it helped me see my progress / recovery after my car accident when I was 19.

See more here: (beware of some horrible pictures though!).

Before iPhones came to be more used, I used to have a couple of compact cameras which transferred pictures by WiFi, so that was cool (and now a requirement) – a Panasonic one, and a Samsung one.

We used them on lots of holidays abroad for snaps, instead of our phones. Both of which I’ve passed onto my nieces.

Since then I’ve had a few cameras, but tend to use the amazing iPhone 11 Pro camera for most of my pictures now… it takes some stunners!

I now use my iPhone 11 Pro for most photos, that is, unless I’m out on a run or some activity where I wouldn’t take my phone… (in case I smash it!)…

I dabbled with a tiny muvi one for a bit years ago, but the file transfer and picture quality wasn’t great. And you couldn’t see what you were taking so it was very trial and error.

Then I came across this…

My favourite camera for running with was the Nikon key mission 80 … but unfortunately the battery died on it after a year or two. It’s so light – just 75g, and small, a front facing 12mp camera and a selfie / rear facing 8mp camera, and wireless file transfer.

More about it here:

And here’s a sunrise I caught on a run one morning in Stonehaven with it.

It’s a perfect little camera for running with, but it’s discontinued. Boooooo. I’ll try and get it fixed by Nikon if I can.

Then I had a bit of a trial with Canon Ivy rec, but again the lack of digital screen to see why you’re taking meant the pictures don’t come out too great, and the file transfer is a bit fiddly.

If you want my one, for your kid or whatever, let me know I have the box and cables etc, and it’s as new. (It’ll need a micro sd card though.) it’s sitting in the loft not doing much!

After that, I did a lot of research and got a good second hand Nikon S7000. Small and light, with wireless nikon transfer, and 20mp with a good zoom too. It works well, and the picture quality is good.

And it’s only 161g, so not too heavy either, so good for on a run. Maybe a little ok the big side, especially compared to the perfect Nikon keymission 80. 😦 as it was second hand, I don’t mind if I drop it, although it’s in good knick so far.

… apart from that now the battery has become exhausted on that now too. Different to the key mission 80, the batter is separate, so I can get a new battery and it should be fine.

Then comes along what is probably camera number 12 or so. 😂

I was looking for a camera for use in or around water (and on my activities where I don’t use my phone… so not my iPhone in case I break it ) … and maybe one I can take on runs and cycles too if I want. So a robust, waterproof, small and light camera.

I had a look at many… the Nikon W300, the Olympus tough one, and even the Nikon let mission 170. But I don’t really want or need an action camera (hence not looking at the GoPros either). And yes, I tried a GoPro 5 out once, but didn’t like it so went on to sell it.

Then I came across this – the Fuji Film XP140 …

– a 16mp tough camera, that’s just a little bigger and heavier than the Nikon s7000. It’s about 11cm wide, 2.7cm deep, and 7cm high, and 208g.

At about £150 rrp it comes in a lot cheaper than some of the other models I looked at, and it does what I need. It comes in three different colours, and I’m not picky … I’m agate true best price, ideally new rather than second hand.

I’ve been looking and watching prices online, and I managed to get a great deal on Curry’s / eBay… just £87 for a brand new camera, which has a slightly damaged box, but otherwise it’s brand new.

Here’s the first picture I took with it. 😂

The file transfer is quick and easy, it has a good strap and it seems like a good wee camera. We will see how I get on with it.

It might be too big for on runs… but it’ll be good for swims… I’ll try it out for runs / cycles / hikes, and see how I get on. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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