Running and rehab progress

Finally! I’ve done a run or two where the pain in my hamstring / leg isn’t there! This morning was a nice easy 5k around the Clyde (again), and it seems that all of the cross training and physio exercises are working.

I have my third physio session today, so that will be good to report back. This has been since the end of May, so about 4-5 weeks of focusing on rehab and building my leg back up to running.

The plan is to spend the next two months continuing what I’ve been doing, and hopefully get back to running without any niggle whatsoever. Fingers crossed.

I expect I’ll be able to build the number of runs up to 3 a week, but I’ll be careful to listen to my body and not to overdo it.

So that’s 10 runs in June, just under 30 miles. I’ve had to be very patient and listen to my body, limiting myself to two runs a week as I know my leg has needed the break from running.

It has been a little frustrating, but it’s probably the only way forward if I want to keep running. Either that or I give up running or chop it off. I don’t want to do either of them just yet.

So currently my training week consists of:

2-3 runs (under 3.5 miles)
5 physio sessions (not on run days)
1-2 cycles
2 strength
1-2 swims
0-1 rest days
And some walking

A bit like this:

Here’s today’s run, with Fit Girl first thing:

I’ve sort of been surprised at my natural pace when I’m running on my own, about the 8:15 – 8:45 min mile pace… but saying that, I hadn’t been paying much attention to it when I’m running. My heart rate is the key thing and it’s usually around 150, or a bit higher.

Today’s run was a we but slower and I tucked along at 140 heart rate, and didn’t go above 150, so that’s good.

I’ll see what the physio says later today, but I have a feeling I just need to continue what I’m doing, maybe with some new exercises.

June, July, August – then hopefully I’ll be back running 3 times a week, we will see. It’s been a long time since my leg has worked properly (since about July 2020!)

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